Spade is considered the King of the card when it comes to the card design. This black-coloured card has gained popularity in the field of tattoo design. The spade tattoo design resembles the heart shape differentiated with a stem seen below the spade design. Tattoos with the spade concept can be made in different types, which talk beauty through different colours and designs.

Cool Spade Tattoo Designs and Ideas:

To get a brief idea of the types and designs, this article Top 9 Spade Tattoo would help people who are fascinated to get a spade design imprinted onto the skin.

1. 3-D Black Aces Spade Tattoo Design:

This 3D image tattoo design is a highly in-demand tattoo design which, when combined with Ace black spades tattoo design is a treat given to yourself by having them to your arm like a leg tattoo design.

2. Black Spade Skull Tattoo Design:

Skull tattoo design has always been crazed by youngsters, especially by boys and young men. People who have rock bands like to wear such shady designs. To give a change from the usual skull design, try combing the Skull design with the Spade design.

3. Spade with Star Design Tattoo:

This unique tattoo design is best suited for both girls and boys as an arm or wrist tattoo design. The spade outline is made using black, and the centre star design is filled with black.

4. Red and Green Spade Tattoo Design:

This contrast-coloured spade tattoo design is different from the usual tattoo design. The spade design is inked, which is then surrounded by an adjoining ring. The centre of the spade is designed with a green leaf design followed around the ring.

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5. Fire Spade Color Tattoo Design:

Fire tattoo design is a usual tattoo design that has been popular among all age groups. To make it different, a spade design is inked around the arm or neck to which the flame design is inked. The flame is inked using red colour.

6. Small Plain Spade Tattoo Design:

This simple small spade tattoo design can be suggested for people who like small tattoos around their fingers. This tattoo design camouflages as a ring around the finger, which is another positive factor for girls.

7. Inverted Spade Skull and Bone Tattoo Design:

A tattoo with a spade design is usually drawn with a heart or a leaf pattern which is an upward-pointed joint with a stem below the spade design. To give it a change, this spade design is given a different outlook by drawing the spade design in an inverted manner.

8. Artistic King of Spade Tattoo Design:

For people who like to draw artistic and natural designs, this type of artistic design combined with a king spade design is a mind-blowing combination. The spade design is drawn around the arm or leg, then highlighted with the king’s face.

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9. Queen of Spades Tattoo Design:

Queen of Spade tattoo design is suggested for boys who want to dedicate their tattoo design to their beloved ones and mention that she artistically is their queen. To save time, designers draw a spade design with a crown on top of the pointed spade design instead of drawing a queen face.


Keep in mind, guys, to reach your girl’s heart romantically and artistically through tattoo design; with that in mind, select a queen of spade design tattoo or a simple spade tattoo design. Girls who like to change from the monotonous flower design tattoo select the spade design tattoo and showcase it as a fashion statement.

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