Tattoos have been termed as depicting the wearer’s interest in that field and images. Some people like to design gentle designs and some which lends them a wow factor, for them witch tattoo designs is the right choice as it displays their interest in darker and fantasy world. Witch tattoos have being designed since decades as it’s depicted the bad and evil force and generally which is styled in an ugly, scary old women with a broomstick and hats on her. Witch tattoo hold many deep symbolism meaning behind every design.

Best Witch Tattoos For Men And Women:

Let’s have a look at top 9 different type of witch tattoos gallery.

1. Unique Witch Tattoo Design:

Theses tattoo witches are always associated as evil and dark forces and performing some sort of magic. But this image depicts the cute and hilarious aspect if a witch with red hairs and purple dress seated on a broomstick. This type of tattoo witch image emphasis that wearer love humorous kind of images which at a glance can bring smile on other face.

2. Artistic Witch Hand Tattoo Design:

In ancient mythology it is believed that this sign protects the wearer from evil eyes and is a sort of witch’s blessing. In the witch art tattoo image the thumb is pointed towards the sky and the first and second fingers cross at tip sign of blessing.

3. Evil Witch Face Tattoo Design:

This is a marvellous piece of artwork and the harmonious use of colours lends a majestic look to the image. Here it seems that a witch is having an eye on the house and the horns add scarier look to the witch.

4. Green Ink Witch Tattoo Design:

Some tattoo lovers adores depicting a witch tattoo flash design which almost covers a part of their body so that it lends them a charming look. Here the most daunting and frightening look of a witch has been inked with green and the long hooked nose and big green eyes add scarier look to the image.

5. Lovely Witch Tattoo Design:

This is an striking tattoo design on the ankle of the wearer styling a witch going back to her destination as sun is about to rise as now  black magic  will not be active.  This is a marvellous tattoo design and the colours enhance the look by many folds.

6. Marvellous Witch Tattoo Design:

This is a starling tattoo design in which the essential elements of a witch is outlined her broomstick and hat in a beautiful manner giving a sensational look to the wearer persona. The subtle colours and the placement of hat on the tip of broomstick with a small cute bow lend a beauteous look to the design.

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7. Incredible Witch Tattoo Design:

This is a distinct looking witch tattoo design sketched with black and grey ink and the artist has laid more emphasis on the witch eyes as if she is staring being seated on her broomstick. The bats flying around her makes the design more haunted.

8. Flying Witch Tattoo Design:

This is a small and soothing witch tattoos symbols design sketched on the wrist on the wearer where the witch is seated on her broomstick with her pointed hat on her head and flying towards in search of her prey. The small stars add more enhanced look to the wearer’s imagination.

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9. Traditional Witch Tattoo Design:

Witch tattoos have been designed by people since decades a still it fascinates many who love to depict fantasy and dark side of life. In the design witch is styled with orange hairs and the black pointed hats adds more magnifying look to the design.

Witch tattoos is being designed by both men and women and it be laid on any part of the body as per the depicter choice. A witch tattoo can be outlined in many styles, pattern and sizes and you can sketch the way with appeals to your heat and eyes and add more extra looks to your personal.

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