There is no life on Earth without Sun, is there? So many ancient cultures worshipped Sun, which is considered a powerful symbol today. The Sun represents rebirth, light, and strength, drawing people to get tattoos. These Sun tattoos have an aesthetic look, are gender-neutral, and can range from simple to complex per your preference.

Depending on your preference, there are many options when getting a sun tattoo. We have curated the list of sun tattoos you can look at before choosing the right one in this article.

15 Best Sun Tattoo Designs:

Sun tattoo designs are rife with symbolism. It sustains humanity and Earth; many people draw connections while getting tattoos. However, there is no limit to the placement of a sun tattoo, and you can make variations per your preference.

1. Colorful Sun Face Tattoo Design:

This is one of the best sun tattoo designs depicting its fundamental rays. But you can make the design come to life with features like eyes, nose, and mouth. Therefore, the interpretation of this tattoo can be unique to oneself, depending on their perspective. That said, this tattoo gives a feminine vibe and is preferred by women.

2. Sun And Moon Tattoo Design:

Sun and moon tattoo design is yet another popular choice for people who would love to represent the one’s poles opposite personality everybody has. The sun tattoo on the hand is all black, whereas the crescent moon is plain and contrasting. The tattoo looks exceptional as it is, and it doesn’t need the usage of colours.

3. Beautiful Sun Tattoo:

Colours are not always necessary to create a fantastic tattoo. For example, this sun symbol tattoo has sunrays in curvy lines instead of generic straight lines. Adding an OM symbol in the central area of the Sun creates a spiritual finish to the entire tattoo. This tattoo design looks exceptional for any gender and works best on the biceps, arms, or neck.

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4. Childish Sun Tattoo Design:

This simple sun tattoo design is an excellent option for people who want to represent their fun side through a tattoo. If you look closely, a cute little smiley is converted into the Sun by adding curvy rays. In multiple colours, the words “BE YOUR OWN SUN” add to the design’s childish charm.

5. Geometric Sun Tattoo Design:

Geometric patterns are yet another popular pattern type in the body art realm. This cute sun tattoo is formed by lines drawn side by side, resembling the rising Sun. The placement of the Sun also helps with the look of the design. You can show off this modern and stylish sun tattoo design elegantly.

6. Sun, Moon, And Stars Tattoo Design:

The depiction of the Sun, moon, and stars is a perfect tattoo design if you are inspired by rich symbolism artwork. The interpretation of this particular tattoo depends on our preference, but the most popular one is related to the family. The stars can be children, with the Sun being the male and the Moon being the female. This tattoo can be a celebration of familial relations. It looks perfect for reminding you why you chose to get it.

7. Tribal Sun Tattoo Design On The Bicep:

Although a simple design, this unique sun tattoo represents a distinct style. The balance between the Sun and life is associated with this tattoo beautifully. The concept of the Sun’s necessity for the Earth’s existence is explored in this tattoo. Fertility and light are the standard representation for Sun, though Sun means something different to each culture.

8. Cool Moon And Sun Tattoos:

This is yet another sun tattoo idea that beautifully and elegantly represents the two opposite sides, the good and the bad. Though the Sun and moon look pretty simple, you can recreate them by experimenting with colours, giving them an authentic look. But leaving it plain or colourful is your choice.

9. Feminine Sun Tattoo With Stars:

This is one of the best sun tattoo designs for spiritual people. Adding facial features to the Sun beautifully gives the design a realistic look. Furthermore, the shading part around the tattoo looks natural and elegant. The phrase “My sun and stars” is used in the popular show Game Of Thrones and reminds one of the importance of the Sun and stars in one’s life.

10. Unique Sun Symbol Tattoo Design:

This tiny sun tattoo is a way to represent the fun and childish side of your nature in a tattoo form. Here is a simple equation: when the clouds and Sun come together, it creates a rainbow loved by everyone. This tattoo might look pretty simple, but it has a lot of depth in a fun-loving way. It also indicates optimism and happiness, making it a stand-out design.

11. Rainbow And Sun Tattoo:

This design can be ideal if you want a non-permanent tattoo for yourself or your kids. Multiple colours make this rainbow fun and bring more profound joy to kids and adults. In addition, this tattoo design looks the best when engraved on the wrist, back of the neck, or arm.

12. Rising Sun Tattoo:

Sun is considered the source of power and light by many people. Yet, simultaneously, the lines under the Sun represent waves that symbolize the highs and lows of life. This impactful tattoo is a perfect combination of both these elements. Taking one day at a time is the message you can infer from this tattoo, and remind yourself to incorporate the same into your routine.

13. Gorgeous Sun Tattoo Design:

This small sun tattoo design is perfect if you want to represent your laid-back personality. Instead of going for complicated patterns, this design has a sun, done in an orange outline and left alone. Adding a crane inside a triangle adds to the beauty of the design. Adding colours to the bird can bring a bit of life to the otherwise simple tattoo.

14. Attractive Sun And Moon Tattoo:

A sun and moon tattoo is a beautiful representation of the balance between two extreme poles and is rich in symbolism. This tattoo is visually impressive and helps the wearer make a powerful statement. Whether life and death, good and bad omens, feminine and masculine, this tattoo can represent them all gorgeously. You can create variations in this tattoo by adding elements or leaving it as it is.

15. Bright Sun Rays Tattoo Design:

This red sun tattoo usually has a spiritual element similar to the lord gazing upon us. The entire tattoo is red, which includes the outlines and shading in the centre—adding facial features like eyes, and nose brings the tattoo back to life. Depending on their interpretation, the warmth and energy exude positive vibes to the wearer and the onlooker.


Whether miniature or extensive designs, Sun tattoos can be an excellent option. You can get a simple sun tattoo or use additional elements, such as the moon linked with the Sun. We hope you liked the list of Sun tattoos we presented in this article. Don’t forget to let us know if you found them helpful!

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