The almighty sun is the source of life and light on this life bound planet and concocting inspiration from that very source, a lot of concepts have been formulated about using sun as an ink. A sun has always reflected royalty. Even in the scorching rays of heat one simply cannot resist but admire the majestic king of heat, the sun. Tattoo being the recent hype of the new generation has taken all over. There is no stopping from “it” exploiting every source of art form.

It all started with the sun being deemed a god by many of the previous tribes in existence, some of the prominent ones being Inca or Aztec. The sun fitting the true sense and meaning of the term god can be explained and elucidated in nothing more than just pictures. For a grand gesture, for a strong personification, nothing speaks better than a bright sun shining right back at you. Maybe, this is why ‘sun’ tattoos have gained so much popularity in recent years. The best way to portrait royalty and elegance backed up by strength and power has never been packed better than the warm glow of the golden sun.

Best Sun Tattoos For Men And Women With Meanings:

You have to know about these below 14 best sun tattoo designs for men and women with meanings and images which never goes trend off.

1. Phoenix In Building:

Phoenix is a tale of mystique and mystery where the mythology speaks of a handsome bird in burning color who dies by bursting into an enraging flame and subsequently gives birth to itself from the very ashes of its prior body. In this picture the sun is linked to the bursting flames as the phoenix with its wings spread is seen flying towards the flaming sun. the silhouette of the bird is yet another accompaniment to this sun tattoo design. the use of colors add a brilliant touch to the look.

2. Collage With The Moon Sun Tattoo:

Sun tattoo designs also range in this set where one can compliment the sun by adding other celestial bodies to it much like this tattoo art that infuses the sun and the crescent moon together. The sun looks serene while the moon looks tranquil, possibly a bit upset. The rays of the sun depicted here however are brilliant and intricately done. Even though this picture is strictly in a single hue, to add spice to this look one can easily add color and hue to this look.

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3. Sun Clock Tattoo:

The intricate shading prominent on the face of the solemn sun looks mellow and prolific as the chiseled face of the sun with his eyes closed reveals the rays emitting from him, the sharp drill like flames looking absolutely in sync with the picture. There are two types of rays depicted in here, some needle point-shaped and some drill like. What makes this picture a bit abstract is the use of numerical encircling the sun probably telling a tale of the sun god and the olden days when time would be depicted through him.

4. Classic Work Of Sun Tattoo Designs:

Aztec is an ancient tribe, the mighty sun playing an important part in their religious cultures. the sun painted or inked here looks absolutely enraged as the Aztec painted sun sports within himself certain definitions and patterns. The tattoo drawn here is in shades of wrought iron or baked mud that seems to be fried enough to sport cracks and fissures within itself. This is definitely one of the best sun tattoo designs for men.

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5. Fun Sun Tattoo Designs:

Here’s a fun filled tattoo idea for a majestic element. One of the greatest light giving source of this earth can be full of power and elegance but at times even the heat king lets it loose and this is why this sun tattoo concept is different and fun than others. while in others the sun is portrayed masked in power and all serious, here the sun seems fun and frolic. The light yellow color also exuberates the same.

6. Heavily Ornamented:

Sun tattoos can be made quite decorative much like the design depicted here that brings out the prominent shades of ornamental beauty. The chakra in itself has the ornaments clearly showing as the rays of the sun shine brilliantly. Eyes closed and freckles on his cheek this sun tattoo goes all out with the flames, the decorative aspect doing its proper judgment to the creative aspect in this inked art.

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7. Bright Arms Sun Tattoos For Girls:

The sun is the brightest and the biggest star of all time and to portray this a beautiful scenery has been etched across her forearm where the underneath is covered with barbed wire look alike and the sun is kept on the very top shining brightly. The sun here is comical as it oozes purple rays which mix itself within the mass of warm yellow glow.

8. Bottom Sun Tattoo Design:

Who could ever think something this beautiful can be made out of a simple ankle knot. However, this is a classic simple tattoo done without any complications and even though it may look simple it still holds the same authority like before. This is one of the best small sun tattoo designs for women.

9. Aztec Tattoo Of Sun For Men:

As a lover of Aztec art, the sun in the following tattoo art is made with precision where it has been given a face, a view, an opinion which makes it warmer not only by temperature but also by connectivity. The solemn face of the sun helps us to unite with itself more easily than the others.

10. The Half Part Sun Model:

A unique tattoo is always more alluring than the original concept and if that uniqueness comes wrapped in a package of this semi-half heart warming bare back sun, one is simple left speechless. The circle within the rays shows a outer border lined patterned sun with half the rays showcased on to its right side. Each strand of ray further segregates itself from the other through various designs.

11. Burning Red Sun Tattoos:

Sun reflects power and what better way to depict that than a fiery red sun glowing warm and strong. This upper back tattoo is one of the various forms of sun tattoo art where even though the basic design is kept near to simplicity, the color in the art speaks a thousand words. The sun rays however towards the end blacken creating a comparison of the moon within.

12. The Warm Glaze Arm Tattoo Design:

One can also get a sun tattoo through a tattoo band across the biceps, much like this person. Here the main focus is the sun and yet there are supplementary patterns formed underneath to bring out the essence of elegance. The sun peeking from the above is then portrayed basking in its elegant self.

13. Tribal Sun Art For Guys:

This is a form of tribal sun tattoo design form where the sun is made supporting tribal art instincts. This goes for a good shoulder or bare back tattoo and if adorned with the right colors this can turn into an alluring piece of art work. This is the perfect sun tattoo designs for men on arm.

14. Swishing Sun Neck Tattoo:

This is a majestic sun tattoo with swishing patterns drawn on it. A sun has always been a source of light and power and hence, the sun in this forearm tattoo can be seen glowing bright. The skillful shading in different parts has successfully made the tattoo highlights seem like it is oozing warmth glow. One may even add a hint of color to this to bring out the concept. It is one of the best sun tattoo designs for girls.

These painted drawings inked and listed in this article speak in the true sense of adding variation to the beautiful sun tattoos.

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