Lip tattoos are a trendy way to add permanent colour to your lips. From simple designs like hearts and stars to more intricate patterns like floral designs and portraits, lip tattoo designs can enhance your look and cover up scars or discolouration. However, they require a skilled tattoo artist and can be more painful and high-maintenance compared to other types of tattoos.

Lip Tattoos With Images:

Some of the top lip tattoos are described in brief.

1. Sex-Appealing Lip Tattoo:

Red tattoo lips in this kind of form are applied especially to appeal to sex. There are people who want to hide their personal feelings; then they can apply this lips tattoo design on their back or any other area like the shoulder if they do not want to expose. Even pride in their passion for sex can also apply to their neck, wrist, etc.

2. Fashion Lip Tattoo:

This is mostly fashion-oriented. It depicts a red cheetah lip tattoo. Animal print lovers can go with this kind of tattoo. Any animal skin format can be picked up to get a fashionable lip tattoo.

3. Lip Tattoo With a Skull:

Skull with crossed bones is a universal symbol of death. When associated with a lip tattoo, it symbolizes danger. This type of tattoo is mainly seen on the labels of poisonous substances.

4. Lip Tattoo With a Message:

Lip tattoos may also mean a commitment to a person for love, lip of your wife or girlfriend. This can be in the form of a lips tattoo with a message. Any emotional or sexual one-liner can be.

5. Creative Style Lip Tattoo:

Amazing creative ideas can be given to lip tattoos. These are mostly applied on and around the lips to give a portrait of any animal or some cartoon face. These are mostly done for fun purposes. You can personalize this lips tattoo design as per your choice too.

6. Lip Gloss Tattoo:

Lip gloss tattoos are temporary tattoos mainly used for commercial purposes by actresses, models, etc. Anyone who is so much interested to highlight their lips can go for any of the available lip tattoo gloss shades. It is easy to apply and peel off.

7. Inner Lip Tattoo:

Lip liner tattoos are permanent lip tattoos. It is a minor cosmetic surgery. It lasts longer than a temporary lip liner but is more expensive. As shown, when it is injected, it immediately leaves a liner and then slowly spreads to the entire lip, making even an odd lip look lovely and attractive.

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8. Lip Tint Tattoo:

Lip tint tattoos are temporary lip tattoos. It is applied as a normal lip gloss. It stays for 12 hours. Then it can be removed as a peel from the lips. It makes a dull lip look shiner within no time. Simple yet looks cool on your first try.

9. Lip Inner Tattoo:

A crazy inside lip tattoo with any of your favourite images or even a private picture can be drawn. It is so inked that it won’t harm your health. These are very creative and exceptional. If you are tattoo addicted, then try this design for sure.


There are unlimited ideas and patterns for lip tattoos. Even a simple red lips tattoo gives a style statement. However, lip colour tattoos can be of any shade, like orange, black etc.  Permanent lip tattoos are mostly for commercial use and are expensive too. Get some different lip tattoos, but before applying, try some temporary designs or patterns; never go with heavy tattoo designs; try some light shades as per your lip skin and structure.

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