Tattoos are fantastic to have on your body, but a space tattoo is very enigmatic to have. There are so many space bodies that one can have as a tattoo. Depending on your interest in space, you can have a variety of space tattoos; they might be small space tattoo designs to big ones.

Simple and Cool Space-Related Tattoos:

Let’s see some ideas for space-related tattoos for men and women.

1. Galaxy Space Tattoo for Shoulder:

If you love having a universe on your body and wish to have it on your arm, then this is the best tattoo to get. It is a bisexual tattoo. It is a symbol of strength and courage. These tattoos can be broad or smaller. Galaxy tattoos are great to have if you are a space tattoo lover.

2. Personification of The Sun:

The Sun symbolizes strength and power, giving a reason to have a sun tattoo. It can be made on any part of your body and of any size. The impact of the sun may light you up and give you all the strength you need.

3. Designer Space Tattoo for Sleeve:

It is the most incredible space sleeve tattoo for men. Those who love space and space liked things can have this tattoo on their sleeves. It is a modern mix of the universe, making it unique. It makes it more common for youth to have cool space tattoos like this on their body.

4. Modern Pattern Galaxy Tattoo:

This is the modern type of tattoo in which the original tattoo is slightly twisted. It blends contemporary art with ancient one, which is another good reason to have this as a tattoo.

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5. Dark Space Tattoo:

This universe space tattoo sleeve is very interesting as it has opposites, the earth and the sun! This can be twisted to get a blend of fire and life. It also looks good on your arm. It is perfect for the one who wishes to have both of them in a tattoo. This makes an ideal combination of the universe. These space-themed tattoos are so much in fashion that anyone can not have one of these.

6. Simple Regular Space Tattoo:

Simple space tattoos include small objects like the sun, moon, stars or the universe. It looks simple and small. It is considered a basic tattoo and not bizarre, making it easy to handle with your body.

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7. Solar System Space Tattoo:

This is a simple space tattoo for people who love space and the solar system it is a perfect tattoo. It can be made in different forms; you can have a small solar system and a big one, depending on your choice.

8. Eclipse Pattern Space Tattoo:

Another phenomenon of the universe is the eclipse. People are obsessed with the eclipse. If you are an eclipse lover, this tattoo will be unique. It shows all the phases of the eclipse and is a fantastic tattoo to have.

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9. Asteroids in Space Tattoo:

Asteroid tattoos may seem extreme to have on the body, but they are not. These can be the famous comets as well. It signifies power and grabs attention as well. These space tattoos usually look good on the arm, so if you wish to have a space tattoo think of having comets or asteroids.


Space tattoos are fantastic to have and look amazing on your body. With so many types and designs of space tattoos, you can make whichever you want to have. Try some simple tattoos with any design, and get newly personalized space tattoos to impress dear ones.

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