German artist Albrecht Durer first designed the praying hand’s tattoo. He discovered this art by getting inspired by his brother. Later it becomes very famous all over as a tattoo.

People apply for praying hands tattoos for various reasons and situations. These tattoos can sometimes be depicted in the memory of some dear ones, sometimes with due respect to someone, even for religious devotion. At the point when two hands meet up, it is an image of a calm physical body. At the end of the day, by keeping hands together, you are hushing your brain and physical body simultaneously for outright peace and reflection. It is an approach to respecting and recalling a lost relative or companion.

Stylish and Cute Praying Hands Tattoo Designs:

Some of the most liked praying hands tattoo designs are described in brief.

1. Devotional Praying Hands:

Here is a Prayer hand tattoo for men. The cross mark in the prayer hand tattoo depicts the Lord Jesus. This tattoo can be depicted to any personal god or to whom you believe.

2. Praying Hands Tattoo With Roses:

This tattoo is mainly associated with Catholicism. It portrays two praying hands with roses as Catholics follow it. This is much into devotional and religious purposes.

3. Praying Hands Tattoos With a Dove:

Doves are a symbol of peace. Praying hands tattoos with one or a couple of doves are very famous and are primarily believed in Christianity as they have many stories in the Bible associated with the dove.

4. Praying Hands With Message Tattoo:

This is also a type of religious tattoo. These are mainly associated with a thought or lines from sacred books. This tattoo on the body encourages going on the right path. This is the main motto behind applying the tattoo.

5. Jesus Praying Hands Tattoo:

Here is an extensive portraying Angel Jesus’s praying hands. These kinds of tattoos are mostly liked by men and are taken on the shoulders and back. It is a religious-dedicating tattoo. Perfect tattoo artists specially designed this one; in this design, emotions need to cover overall while tattooing.

6. Praying Tattoos With Lines:

These are very simple and small tattoos, only with the outline of the praying hands. They are mainly for girls. Anyone interested in this famous praying hand tattoo only for fashion and style can opt for this.

7. Thanks Giving Praying Hands Tattoo:

Praying hands, according to Chinese culture, are for Thanksgiving. In this way, thanksgiving hands can be depicted to anyone you admire the most. This tattoo shows your innocent feelings for anyone.

8. Colorful Praying Hands Tattoo:

Here is the colourful tattoo of praying hands to make it look more attractive and fashionable. A praying hand tattoo painted with different colours may give a realistic appearance. Those who like to try colourful and meaningful tattoos need to go with this style.

9. Praying Hands Tattoo With Rosary Beads:

Praying with rosary beads is considered the staircase to heaven from the depth of the heart. These are sacred beads irrespective of caste and creed. This one comes with a little darker shade and gives proper attention too.


The famous hands praying tattoo can be fashionable, devotional and even expressible. They are always a sign of silence, prayer and dignity. Any age can adorn these. If you remember someone, you can use a standard design with some quotes; you will get good relaxation while tattooing such designs.

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