Tattoos are not just body art but a way of self-expression. Especially in the modern era, where humans are treated as commodities and items are valued, the question of changing human values is often discussed and expressed through art. There is no better way to let people understand your ideologies than getting a tattoo on your body. Barcode tattoos often represent socialist values like being priceless or unique. These tattoos are made in vertical lines with alphabets or number codes on either side of the lines. The best part about barcode tattoos is that they can be scanned in actual barcode machines, where the numbers reveal secret messages. In this article, we shall explore some simplistic yet stunning Barcode tattoo pics with detailed information about these designs.

Barcode Tattoo Meaning and Their Popularity:

Barcode tattoos are in vogue this season, for many believe they offer an intellectual aspect to the wearer. They are simple yet bold. Sleek yet stylish. Barcode tattoos are etched in response to the fact that money can buy everything in the modern era, including people. Humans are new commodities, and every relation has a price. However, some people get it done to keep their messages encrypted. A special inking process enables them to be scanned using barcode machines.

Barcode Tattoo Ideas With Pictures:

Some of the most popular and best barcode tattoo design ideas and their meanings for both men and women have been given in the following lines.

1. Barcode Tattoo on Neck:

Neck barcode tattoos are some of the most common areas of barcode tattoos. They can be basic without any wording, just like any other original barcode tattoo and can be the word at the back of the neck. These tattoos are in high demand these days and are worn by many. This is done in a cute, smaller-sized design that marks people’s itemisation. This particular design marks the speciality of the item purchases, which can be made eternal using the tattoo.

  • Best For: This tattoo is a souvenir of an object close to their heart. Whether a book or a gift from your loved one, this barcode eternalises the moment.
  • Preferable Ink: Jet black ink.
  • Where: Preferred places are the neck’s back, shoulder and even sides.
  • Size: Small and medium-sized barcode tattoos work well.
  • Skin Tone: Medium skin tone to a fair tone.

2. Birth Date Tattoo Designs:

Barcodes have different innovative styles and designs. Some of the best ones are the Birth Date Barcode Tattoos. This includes the birth dates of individuals, their lovers, parents or someone who plays a significant role in their lives. For example, one could do 1-08-1991 or 2-05-1988. Any combination can be used as this could signify the importance of a person and their role in another’s life.

  • Best For: For someone who likes to mark the birthdate of either themselves or their loved ones.
  • Preferable Ink: Black ink with light and dark lines.
  • Where: This is usually done on the back of the neck and shoulder.
  • Size: Medium to large-sized tattoos are preferable.
  • Skin Tone: Dusky to fair skin tone.

3. Rainbow Barcode Tattoo Design:

Rainbow Barcode Tattoos are indeed a unique tattoo design. They consist of several colours, especially the ones of the rainbow. Generally, barcode tattoos are black lines, but now you can go ahead and flaunt rainbow-coloured tattoos. You can also write a special word under that which describes you. It consists of several colours, especially the ones of the rainbow. They look colourful, trendy, innovative and stylish. However, the colours can get blurred over a few years and may look like a dark patch.

  • Best For: This is designed especially for people who love colours and wish to celebrate them on their bodies. The combination of a barcode and rainbow colour theme is a unique idea.
  • Preferable Ink: Multi-colours.
  • Where: You can get this tattoo on the arms, biceps and neck.
  • Size: Medium to large-sized tattoos are preferable.
  • Skin Tone: Definitely for fair-skinned people.

4. Describing Barcode Tattoos on Wrist:

Just like its name, describing barcode tattoos represent a particular person or a product in one word. It is a way of identifying oneself and has recently been adopted by many people. These inscriptions are in bold letters and in clear font and celebrate humanity. You can also add any word of your choice, like SMILE, LOVE, etc., to reveal the word you can connect with.

  • Best For Word barcodes generally are associated with a single word that best describes a person. It could be love, laugh or even a basic word like Human!
  • Preferable Ink: Black is the most suitable coloured ink.
  • Where: Work well on arms, wrist and neck.
  • Size: Medium to large-sized tattoos are preferable.
  • Skin Tone: Dusky to fair-skinned people.

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5. Removable Barcode Number Tattoos:

These tattoos are made with medically approved decal paper, and each tattoo lasts for a day. To remove this, you need to peel it off only. The barcodes are designed to use Code 128 style encryption so that the temporary tattoos can be easily scanned. Each pack consists of six tattoos, available in all sizes according to your choice. This barcode can be pasted on any part of the body, but it works best on the skin area free of body hair.

  • Best For: If you want to flaunt a barcode tattoo for only a while, nothing can beat these removal tattoos. You are right in believing that life is uncertain, and you might want to change your decision in future!
  • Preferable Ink: These tattoos come only in black ink.
  • Where: Work well on arms, wrist, neck and even shoulders.
  • Size: They come in small, medium and large sizes.
  • Skin Tone: Medium to fair-skinned people.

6. Unique Zip Code Barcode Tattoo at Neck:

Zipcode Barcode Tattoos are unique and can be any particular number that is special to a person. Most men and women have chosen this style, which appeals to them very uniquely and even symbolizes their personality or something interesting about that person. Zipcode Barcode tattoos are gaining popularity as they stand to be unique. This style is currently in high demand in the market. It also marks the birthplace of the person, which they wish to carry off on their bodies proudly.

  • Best For: This is ideal for people who are proud of their roots and honour the place they were born in. This tattoo also is in remembrance of the place, which gave them everlasting memories.
  • Preferable Ink: Jet black ink.
  • Where: This tattoo is usually done on the back of the neck and shoulder.
  • Size: Medium to large-sized tattoos are preferable.
  • Skin Tone: Dusky to fair skin toned.

7. Love Displaying Barcode Tattoos:

These barcode tattoos are for love-struck couples. It looks stylish and appealing as the barcode describes the anniversary date with the name of its loved ones. The barcode is displayed above the date, and now you can express your love easily to your loved one with the help of barcode tattoos. These tattoos come with all the details, including the name, message, birthday, proposal day or even the anniversary date.

  • Best For: If you love someone and wish to eternalise your relationship, there is no better way than to get this awesome tattoo.
  • Preferable Ink: Black is the best suitable colour ink.
  • Where: They are usually done on the wrist, back or neck.
  • Size: They come in Medium and Large sizes.
  • Skin Tone: Fair-skinned people.

8. Tricky Barcode Tattoo on Palm of Hand:

A barcode designed on the palm is said to be tricky and very distinct as you can hide or display it to others at any time you wish with minimal effort involved. Moreover, palm tattoos are tricky, so they should only be designed by a skilled person. You can even choose the colours and the numbers as per your wish or choice and get them displayed on your palm. These tattoos are extremely painful, as they are done on the sensitive skin of your palms.

  • Best For: These tattoos are generally done on people who like to give others a peek-a-boo moment of their designs.
  • Preferable Ink: Multiple shades of the same colour ink.
  • Where: They are done on palms.
  • Size: They are done in Medium and Large sizes.
  • Skin Tone: Preferably people with light-coloured palms.

9. Mark of the Beast Barcode Tattoos:

Check out the image of the girl with the barcode tattoo. Mark of the Beast is a trendy and cool barcode tattoo. This symbolizes the devil taken from the bible in the book of Revelations. People have chosen to incorporate this on their heads with “666” written under it. This stands as the mark of the beast, a statement of evil. Mark of the Beast barcode tattoos was made on soldiers who were captured and forced to get tattoos on their bodies, either on the right hand or forehead.

  • Best For: This tattoo is generally done by people who prefer Satanic worship over God. This is also an excellent design for the millennial generation who like to add a bit of evil touch.
  • Preferable Ink: Black ink in light and dark shades.
  • Where: Mark of the beast tattoo is done preferably on the forehead.
  • Size: Small and medium-sized barcode tattoos work well.
  • Skin Tone: Medium skin tone to a fair tone.

10. Attractive Barcode Tattoos:

These tattoos can be designed on any part of the body, and the presence of colours makes this barcode tattoo look very beautiful. It even displays the admiration of the person for the corporate culture. The colourful barcode tattoo gives a cool and practical look and is an excellent way to express yourself. These tattoos are a way of telling people that Barcodes need not be all about stripes and numbers! You can make them colourful and attractive!

  • Best For: Wish to declare your love and loyalty to someone? Nothing can beat these barcode tattoo designs, which have messages and taglines etched bright and bold!
  • Preferable Ink: Opt for multi-coloured ink for messages and black for barcodes.
  • Where: They are usually done on the back of your neck or shoulders.
  • Size: Medium and Large sizes are generally preferred.
  • Skin Tone: Fair-toned people.

11. Musical Barcode Tattoos:

Musical barcode tattoos are gaining popularity as they symbolise the person’s love for the music. It is very common for youngsters to design different music tones or instruments on their wrists, palms, or necks so that others know that this person is in love with music. They also come with their favourite songs or album codes on the skin.

  • Best For: There is no better way to declare your love for music than these simple and elegant music barcode tattoos.
  • Preferable Ink: Black is the best colour, while you can also add a pop of coloured ink.
  • Where: They are done on the back of your neck or shoulders.
  • Size: Medium and Large sizes are preferred.
  • Skin Tone: Fair-toned people.

12. Let Barcode Tattoos Grow:

You would love this barcode tattoo as it is very different from other tattoos as the line eventually grows into the grass. The line curves at the end. It is open, and the barcode lines are seen rising and curling into the shrub, which is quite appealing to the eyes. If you want, you can add some small flowers or butterflies, making them more attractive. You can even get it designed with different ink to look more beautiful.

  • Best For: This is generally for people who wish to see organic growth in their life. They are always hopeful and positive about seeing a good life change.
  • Preferable Ink: Black is the best colour in light and dark shades.
  • Where: The neck and upper back are the best places.
  • Size: Large sizes are preferred for these tattoos.
  • Skin Tone: Medium to Fair toned people.

13. UPC Barcode Tattoos on Frons:

UPC Barcode Tattoos are tattoos that consist of all types of items, apart from movie CD’s or books. They have about 12 digits, giving the product a sharp and different look. These kinds of barcode tattoo designs can be scanned within stores and identified with any product available in the store. This particular barcode tattoo is certainly for the bold, as it is placed right on the forehead. The message “So not right” has a pinch of sarcasm.

  • Best For: This is best for people who like to play it bold and are not afraid to make risky decisions.
  • Preferable Ink: Black is the best colour.
  • Where: Best done on arms, but you can use it on the neck or forehead.
  • Size: A medium-sized tattoo works well.
  • Skin Tone: This is best suitable for wheatish to fair-skinned people.

14. Code 3 of 9 Barcode Tattoo Design on Neck:

Some think that barcode tattoos define their personality and give them an entirely new look. Therefore they always chose to put their name or short quotes or messages instead of numbers. Usually, in black, many people have used different colours to look different and stand out as compared to the rest. However, this tattoo cannot be scanned in regular stores.

  • Best For: Suitable for folks who like to write secret messages using barcode symbols.
  • Preferable Ink: They are best done in black.
  • Where: The back of the neck or any visible place is ideal.
  • Size: A large-sized tattoo works well, but you can choose a medium-sized design.
  • Skin Tone: This tattoo is best for people with medium skin tone to fair tones.

15. ISBN Barcode Tattoo:

ISBN Barcode Tattoos or International Standard Book Number Tattoos are barcodes used to identify products with copyright. They consist of 13 digits, can be scanned by any machine and usually consists of books and movie CD’s. These tattoos are specially done for people who believe that they are unique and wish to set themselves apart from others. Novelty, creativity and individuality are the specialities of this simply brilliant tattoo.

  • Best For: People who love to flaunt their individuality can do it in no better way than this tattoo design.
  • Preferable Ink: Is there a better colour for the barcode than black?!
  • Get this done on your upper back to show people how unique you are!
  • Size: If you want to make a bold and loud statement about your individuality, go for a larger-sized band.
  • Skin Tone: This looks stunning on people with dusky to fair skin.

More Tattoo Designs:

Additional Tips:

Before finalising the decision about Barcode tattoo designs, you need to be aware of these tips to make your design look better for a long:

  • An expert tattoo artist must always do barcode designs.
  • These lines must be clearly demarcated to capture the right codes; they are only a group of stripes.
  • Barcodes must be done with quality ink to ensure longer life.
  • You should also understand that the QR scannable tattoos last only till the design is visible.
  • After a few years, the lines can get blurry with changes in skin elasticity, making them hard to read.


Barcode tattoos truly reflect modernistic views. If you strongly believe in the ideology that humans are nothing but moving by-products of the capitalistic world, Barcode tattoos best capture your thoughts. We hope this article helped you understand that these tattoo designs, although simple, display a fair share of creativity and technology. With numerous ways to encrypt your message, Barcode tattoos offer the best privacy you have always wanted. So go ahead and get your tattoo with a secret message to the world!

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Barcode tattoos are often associated with hitman, assassins and secret agents. It is important to fully understand the code before getting it etched on the body. Also, an incorrectly done barcode may send wrong signals to people, leading to unwanted trouble or misinterpretations about your job or character. The reader takes complete responsibility for analyzing and consulting an expert before selecting any of the designs mentioned above for a body tattoo.

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