A weird tattoo is basically an ugly-looking tattoo. The sad part is that they are permanent on the body, and removing them is tough. A tattoo on your face is probably the worst place to inscribe since it spoils its beautiful structure and gives it a very hideous and unappealing look. A weird tattoo only generates disgust, anger, hatred and a very repulsive feeling among its viewers. But we obviously wouldn’t want you to make that mistake. Hence, we have created a list of weird tattoo designs that were not just a huge failure but also caused great regret and inconvenience to those who wore them. We have brought a massive gathering of pictures of tattoo disappointments. Looking at them can, without a doubt, spare you from such goofs.

15 Best Weird Tattoo Designs:

1. Ogre Face Weird Tattoos:

The ogre face tattoo is one the weirdest ones seen till now. They give you a monstrous appearance and make you look very similar to a vicious demon-like creature. The yellow eyes and the green colour add to their ugliness and are sure to scare the person sitting next to you.

2. Eyes At The Back Of The Head Weird Tattoo:

A normal person would never want a tattoo that shows the image of a pair of eyes, that too at the back of their head. It is insane and sometimes makes us question why someone would want eyes at the back when they already have two in front. This is a horrible design.

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3. Skeleton Baby Weird Tattoo Designs:

Another weird tattoo design is the skeleton baby tattoo. They look ridiculous and absolutely horrific. It is definitely not a sane idea to ink something like this, as it evokes a feeling of annoyance. I am sure the proprietors of such said tattoos figured it was an incredible thought at the time. It was a period when they were plastered as a monkey, without any companions or relatives around to talk them out of their delicate-headed arrangement before it got imprinted on their bodies for all endlessness.

4. Ugly Tribute Weird Tattoos:

The worst idea to pay tribute to someone is by inscribing a tattoo with the shape of a kidney or a liver with the person’s name written on the skin surrounding it. It looks more like an offence and less of a tribute. This is the classic example of bad judgement accompanied by a lack of intelligence.  The kidney and liver are some of the most crucial parts of a body, and it’s certainly not a matter of a joke to play with them.

5. Hideous Skull Weird Tattoo Designs:

The final tattoo design you would ever want to replicate is the skull tattoo which is inscribed on your outer ear. It looks weird, unattractive, and doesn’t reflect anything positive or meaningful. It is a horrible idea and doesn’t give you any individuality.

6. Pigs Anatomy Weird Tattoos:

To be honest, a pig’s anatomy is not the most beautiful thing in the world. Getting a tattoo that shows the image of a pig is a senseless idea in the first place. On top of that, the naming of its different areas that are usually written on a menu in the butcher’s shop makes it all the more idiotic.

7. Sibling Weird Tattoo Designs:

A tattoo design that completely went wrong is the sibling weird tattoo. It shows the image of two siblings holding hands, with a part of their bodies stuck to each other. Their heart sticking out was entwined in a very complex manner. This really gave the tattoo a very weird and ugly look.

8. Random Weird Tattoos:

Some tattoos are meaningless. They have no structure or significance and are probably the weirdest designs man has ever witnessed. A tattoo that shows the image of random creatures such as dinosaurs, cockroaches, objects such as the Santa Claus hat or colourful stale grapes are really scary in appearance. These designs should never be considered an option.

9. Skeleton Weird Tattoo Designs:

We all know our body is supported by bones. There is nothing new about it. Some people like to make a joke out of themselves by being too obvious. A skeleton tattoo running on your back is the best example. Such kinds of tattoos are so weird and unexplainable that it is embarrassing and difficult to tolerate them even for a second.

10. Sun Glass Weird Tattoos:

How baffling it is the point at which you need to seek wherever on that splendid sunny day for your shades; however, this person demonstrates to us he can’t be tried to look by getting them inked specifically all over! Sunglass tattoos must be another design explanation, yet recall the focal points excluded from this weird tattoo design.

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11. Drained Out Weird Tattoo Designs:

The weird tattoo pictures include the observing low battery symbol that flashes crosswise over portable workstations when eager for force help. Even though the outline is moderate and direct, it would get the consideration of the people passing by.  The configuration could be forever linked to those hoping to make an all the more enduring impression.

12. Eye Weird Tattoos:

One weird place for tattoos in various jails is getting the whites of your eyes inked. This sounds exceptionally excruciating, yet numerous jail detainees are doing it nowadays. They let somebody who knows how to tattoo stick a needle in their eye with their shade, making their eyes’ whites resemble a surprising shading. The look is the window to the spirit. Shouldn’t something be said about inking an eye on a piece of the body? It’s a completely insane thought as it makes an unpleasant impact that individuals around you might be terrified of. It does make a 3D impact that makes you cool and one of a kind.

13. Tongue Weird Tattoo Designs:

Even though this sounds like another excruciating approach to communication it, beyond any doubt, sounds like a delicious one. These weird places for tattoos aren’t only craftsmanship on your tongue; they also come in various flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, and even garlic. Covering a standout amongst the most fragile and adaptable parts of the body tongue, this tattoo style is set to proceed long. Indeed, even in their initial days, tongue tattoos are drawing in great activity since it is not seen by individuals yet. Their innovative examples and styles are the wellspring of awe for the general population.

14. Dreadful Face Weird Tattoos:

A few people pick such unusual and terrible plans that make them look nothing else except dumb. You must check whether your tattoo plan bodes well. Tattoos are our lifetime friends, so it is not astute to pick something non-sense that makes you resemble a dolt for your entire life..Such a messy tattoo montage is very disgusting, and nobody would affirm the look of the face. This is a classic example of weird body tattoos which no one would like to get crafted on their front.

15 . Classic Tattoo Fails:

One critical thing to ensure is whether the craftsman can draw the wanted outline or not. One should consider the past work of the expert craftsman who will make your tattoo. This is because the craftsman’s ability and aptitudes can either embellish your tattoo or cause a bungle. Remember that you will need to convey the botch with you for your entire life.


As there is no extension for relapse at the later stage, don’t scramble for a tattoo without deciding on the essential homework. Tattoos are finished with a thought process to add to your excellence and not make you look like a terrible bit of craftsmanship, so their determination should be completed with total certainty and planning.

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