These days, Cherub tattoo designs are considered the favourite designs among men and women. The cute chubby babies’ angles carrying arrows and bows in their tiny hands are meant and have been believed to be the protectors of heaven. It is thought that in the Bible, these cherub angels also protect the innocent people who have left us or have died and are with God in heaven.

The meaning behind having made a cherub tattoo on your body can be accepted as having complete faith in some superpower or some heavenly body that takes care of the most loving that is to your heart.

Best and Cute Cherub Tattoos:

Let’s find here with mentioned cherub tattoo designs that will give you happiness.

1. Cherub Angel Tattoo on Back:

A beautiful cherub angel tattoo looks superb on the backside of a human body. Women prefer largely to make a cherub tattoo on their back, either on the sides of the top of the back waist part. A beautiful cherub lady angel with wings and a fairy wand accompanied by flowers and jewellery looks adorable and quite notifying, adoring your back.

2. Colorful Baby Cherub Angel Tattoo:

Young girls often choose cute, adorable images for making a tattoo on their hands, back or shoulders. Unevenly they also choose to make tattoos on their back, neck, waist or feet for a different look. Cute baby cherub tattoos are one of their favourite images to make them look more pretty. A colourful baby cherub with wings playing with a dove is one of the most stunning tattoos.

3. Baby Cherub Angels in Pair:

Men generally have tattoos with an image showing male etiquette and pictures with masculine feelings. But some men also prefer the lovely angel cherub tattoos that show boys and girls falling in love with each other. A cute baby couple of cherub angels looks pretty much attractive on lover boys.

4. Small Baby Cherub on Waist:

Women symbolise love, peace, and happiness, and their prettiness makes them lovelier. Some women love having baby cherub tattoos that adore their well-groomed waists. The baby angel cherub tattoo picture with an angelic ring above the head looks eye-catching when made on the back waist leaning on his hands.

5. Cupid Cherub Tattoo:

Cupid cherub tattoos are the most common and primarily loved tattoo designs women and men opt to put on their bodies. The most pretty style can be a cherub cupid girl with the bow and arrow shooting the love heart looks terrific on foot with colourful ink.

6. Cute Angel Cherub on Foot:

Holy designs of cherub angel tattoos are primarily preferred by men and women who have deep faith in the superpowers. Angelic cherub tattoos look beautiful on foot with a superpower feeling from heaven features.

7. Peaceful Cherub Tattoo:

A traditional cherub tattoo spreading the power and feeling of peacefulness can be worn on the hands. The power of the symbol makes peace everywhere it belongs. The image itself extends the meaning of peace that it resembles.

8. Cute Cherub with Violin Tattoo:

A small cherub tattoo can be made on the back shoulder, looking cute enough, spreading the music of love, peace and faith. The beautiful tiny cherub child angel playing the violin looks fantastic.

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9. Winged Flying Cupid Cherub on Shoulder:

A colourful flying cherub tattoo bowing with the arrow of love beautifies your body part with the most adoring features. The cuteness flows out of the design of the cherub image itself. Women and men can fall off for the beautiful flying cherub cupid tattoo.


Some people have such a tattoo always to remind their loved ones that they have gone forever to the lord. These days, parents have tattoos of two child cherubs, giving the names of the children they love.

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