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Top 15 Anchor Tattoo Designs And Meanings

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Anchors are one of the classic cliches for tattoos, one of the old school traditional art designs where an anchor can stand for more than one meaning. In many of the tattoos, the anchor stands for inner strength or power and for some it stands for a strong base which might refer to a friend or a family member being an anchor or he himself being an anchor to someone. Taking the base meaning for the anchor, anchors are used to dock ships and keep them in place and in the same way, the anchor tattoo designs are built to dock your inner strength and locking them down within you. There are many variations, old school and modern designs to anchor tattoos and inculcating both, here is a fine example for anchor tattoos given below.



Best Anchor Tattoo Designs With Pictures:

Here are the top 15 anchor tattoo designs and meanings that you may like to sport.

1. Flowers And Ropes:


The first to the list of anchor tattoos include a rope squirmed across the entire length of the anchor, the anchor as usual facing downwards, breathing importance to the tattoo. The rope entangled around the anchor has flowers attached to it portraying sweetness to your journey.

2. The Wheel And The Anchor:

The wheel and the anchor Tattoo

Along with the anchor, this tattoo also contains the steering wheel of the ship or boat, depicting how the wheel is an eminent part of the journey, reaching us to our destination as the rope tangled anchor on the front simply maintains consistency by keeping our feet on the ground. It is one of the best anchor tattoo designs.

3. Danger A Head:

Danger ahead Tattoo

This time the tattoo anchor came adorned with not ropes and flowers but heavy metal chains and skeleton skulls. While the flowers ensured a smooth journey, this deadly vibe to the tattoo often brings out your nature or personality, someone who doesn’t fear the unknown and is ready to venture out tallying all risks.

4. One Of The Many Charms:

One of the many charms Tattoo

The best thing about a charm bracelet is getting to carry all your favorite items compacted in one single bracelet chain. Here in this tattoo we see a beautiful charm anklet with three of the most important signs, a heart portraying love, a cross depicting faith and an anchor to keep your weight balanced. It is one of the popular anchor tattoo designs for girls.

5. Through The Waters:

Through the waters Tattoo

If you are still looking for a good anchor tattoo, here is yet another one where we see the anchor in motion, a sketching that shows the anchor going full force into the water, splattering the water around as it goes. The subtle cross at the stem of the anchor can also be a depiction of faith.

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6. To The Beloveds:

To the beloveds Tattoo

This tattoo has a sign for every believe that one should idealize. The sign of infinity at the very start asks you to keep going on, even at the mouth of failure while the sturdy wooden anchor has not only the words family etched on it but also a heart sign with a dash of floral entwined on the side.

7. A Splash Of Sea Life:

A splash of sea life Tattoo

For all the marine buffs, here is an anchor tattoo that would leave you gob smacked with enchantment. The mighty anchor in the tattoo is being embraced by one of the exotic underwater animals. The octopus with its entanglement of tentacles looks mighty fine as it clings on to the anchor.

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8. Concocted Of Flowers:

Concocted of flowers Tattoo

Here is a feminine touch to your anchor tattoo where the entire length of your tattoo will be adorned by vines and floral patterns as the anchor faces down ready to settle down. These tattoos also look beautiful in black shades, but mostly get it colored to give it a different look. it looks best on the waist, back and arms. This is one of the best anchor tattoo designs for women.

9. The Pirates Inn:

The pirates inn Tattoo

A classic reference to the pirates at bay of the olden times story books. Pirates have always been a rampant part of sea voyages and this is why in this anchor tattoo we have a skeletal frame of a pirate head wearing its signature bandana style along with swords and spears.

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10. Memorable Anchor Tattoo:


These kinds of anchor tattoo designs are carried out by the people who have lost their loved ones and want to dedicate a tattoo to them. This kind of dedication is also widely carried out by those who are related to the ocean, or have lost someone because of it. The tattoo carries an anchor, with a ribbon wrapped carrying the name of the loved one, as well as the date when he is been lost. This tattoo is widely carried on the wrist, back and leg.

11. Disney Themed Anchor Tattoo:


The anchor tattoos are also widely being used by the lovers of Disney Cartoons. This tattoo carries an anchor with the famous Walt Disney Cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. The face of Mickey is so beautifully fixed in the anchor as well as various colors used make it more attractive. This tattoo also shows the adventure of Mickey with the sea or ocean. This kind of tattoo is highly carried on the legs, back or arms. Below the Mickey Mouse is a small wrap for mentioning name. This kind of tattoo is widely carried out by the teens. It is one of the best anchor tattoo designs for men.

12. Anchor With Bubbles And Stars:


This anchor tattoo images are getting trendier among the people of America. This colorful tattoo includes an anchor wrapped in a rope tangled in water and surrounded by balls and stars. These kinds of tattoos are widely carried out by the sailors, navy men etc. This tattoo symbolizes stability, love and hope. This tattoo gives a marvelous look on the foot, while some also carry it on the wrist, back and neck.

13. Devil Angel Bird Anchor Tattoo:


This is a marvelous piece of art. These anchor tattoos for guys are mostly carried out by the people who want to show that they are not afraid of any evil things around, as well as also wants to show their good part along with it. The two swallow birds in the tattoo represent the devil and the angel. This tattoo is widely carried out on the back, arms, ribs and legs. This tattoo also symbolizes power to fight against evil.

14. Simple Neck Anchor Tattoo:


These anchor designs are getting popular among many youngsters around the world. The meaning of anchor tattoo can be known easily with such simple tattoos. These kinds of tattoos symbolize safety, stability, protected love, etc. This tattoo can be carried out with dark black ink as well as with various colors. Here the gray shade gives the anchor tattoo a marvelous look. The rope wrapped is also given beautiful shadings to give it an attractive look. Such tattoos are carried out on the neck which can also be made invisible very easily.

15. Feathery Anchor Tattoo:


This kind of girly anchor tattoo is now also carried out by men, mostly in America. This anchor tattoo meaning includes the symbolism of two objects, the anchor and the feather. The feather here indicates bravery, courage, freedom and travel, while the anchor indicates love and stability. This kind of tattoo is widely carried out on the wrist, arms, legs, back and on the neck. But some girls also prefer getting this tattoo inked on their belly or lower back and waist. This tattoo can also be made using various colors to give it an attractive look.

The anchor tattoos are now becoming a style icon with beautiful meaning along with different objects along with them. They give cute and sweet look when inked on the neck, wrist and behind the ears. Such tattoos are highly popular among the people engaged in navy and sailors or who are inspired by pirates. These tattoos are now becoming the choice of many tattoo lovers around the world.

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