Arrows are a common sight in many places, but did you know there is a special place for arrows in the body art world? Yes! Depending on the placement and number of arrows, the symbolic meaning of an arrow changes. For instance, a bundle of arrows tattoo represents strength, whereas a single arrow represents protection against evil forces. On the other hand, double arrows represent both adversity and camaraderie.

The symbolic meaning of an Arrow tattoo can also change concerning personal beliefs or life experiences.

20 Exceptional Arrow Tattoo Designs:

Let us go through this article for the variety of Arrow tattoo designs you can look into before choosing one.

1. Minimalist Arrow Tattoo Design:

This is one of the best arrow tattoos that works well for people who love simple and minimalistic designs. The sleek and bold lines are an eye-catching pattern that looks excellent for people of all ages, irrespective of gender. An arrow can indicate how your life is going depending upon the individual’s perception.

2. Simple Arrow Tattoo Design with A Name:

This arrow tattoo can be an ideal choice if you want to incorporate a person’s name or place close to your heart. The center part of the arrow is replaced with a word giving the simple tattoo a personal touch. The backend of the arrow is done similarly to a feather with shading in black. You can also experiment with colours if you wish.

3. Intricate Arrow Forearm Tattoo:

The placement of any tattoo plays a vital role in how the design looks and feels for the wearer and the onlooker. Unlike the other common arrow tattoos, this pattern has thin lines across the design, making it unique and standing out beautifully. If you want the attention to detail to look great, get this design engraved in medium or large size.

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4. Simple Arrow Tattoo With A Heart:

Arrow tattoos don’t have to belong and occupy too much space; this is a perfect example of such tattoos. The cute little hand-drawn arrow has a little heart in the center, giving the design a personal touch. The speciality of this design is that anyone can get this done anywhere, irrespective of gender.

5. Arrow Tattoo With A Compass:

This is yet another unique tattoo arrow idea where the directions of a compass represent past, present, future, and infinite possibilities. This tattoo helps them navigate the journey before them and symbolizes their true north’s guidance. This detailed tattoo looks beautiful on anyone, irrespective of gender.

6. Arrow Tattoo On Wrist With A Heart:

This Arrow tattoo design is an excellent option for people who are into realistic and straightforward techniques for their body art. The simple arrow is beautified with a heart at the top and two overlapping diamonds in the center. Last but not least, two tiny dots are added on either side of the tattoo design.

7. Family Black Arrow Tattoo:

Family is an integral part of all our lives, and representing the same in a tattoo can be a terrific way to acknowledge them. In contrast to the previous tattoos, this one has a design similar to leaves, unlike a feather. In addition, the word family is engraved in the center part of the tattoo in cursive font. You can experiment with different fonts if you wish.

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8. Different Arrow Tattoo Meanings:

Colours are not always necessary to create striking body art. This Arrow tattoo on the backside of the arm is a perfect example for people who are into detail-oriented patterns. If you look closely, this tattoo beautifully incorporates the elements of nature in the central area. Though you can leave the details in black ink, you can also experiment with colours.

9. Elegant Arrow Tattoo Ideas:

Sleek tattoos are all the rage among young adults because they blend in beautifully without looking tacky. These designs are perfect for people getting into the tattoo world for the first time and who don’t want too much. Irrespective of gender, this design looks good on anyone.

10. Realistic Arrow Tattoo:

The best things sometimes come in small packages; this arrow tattoo is a perfect example. Though the lines used are bold, the strokes across the design in a combination of black and white make it even more unique. In addition, the two metallic dots at the backside of the arrow might indicate the speed at which the arrow is moving in that particular direction.

11. Meaningful Three Arrows Tattoo:

The three arrow tattoo meaning might be somewhat personal because it represents three copies of our kid’s 21st chromosome. However, the outward-pointing arrows represent how we celebrate, advocate, and love our child as we move onward and upward with our lives.

12. Girly Arrow Tattoos On The Back:

Geometric tattoo patterns have been a part of many decades. They add a unique touch to traditional tattoo designs. For example, the wearer has gotten an arrow tattoo whose whole body is formed with a phrase. It describes the person who values herself, making it all the more special. In addition, there is a triangular shape in the center of the design. It is filled with colours, making for a visually appealing format.

13. Traditional Arrow Tattoo:

Ancient warriors often used arrows, and the feather and arrows go together gorgeously. The arrow symbolizes direction, and a feather is associated with wisdom, honour, and strength on its own. An arrow with a feather has a tremendous symbolic meaning when combined. Adding the phrase stay strong reminds the wearer to remain strong through the tough times in life. If you look closely, a small arm is present near the feather part of the arrow.

14. Arrow Tattoo With A Little Clock:

A clock tattoo symbolizes the importance of living life to the fullest and in the moment. The addition of a clock in the central area of the arrow tattoo adds to the beauty of the design even further. Unlike the simple arrow designs, this one has additional elements that make it stand out. Since this pattern has a lot of detailing, the best place to get it engraved is the forearm or calf.

15. Watercolor Arrow Tattoo:

Watercolours have carved a niche in the tattoo and body art world because of their unique finish and added elegance. However, this Arrow tattoo uses pretty much black ink throughout the pattern. Still, the use of different coloured lines at one end of the design brings out the gorgeous look of the tattoo. This tattoo looks the best when done in small or medium size.

16. Double Arrow Tattoo Meaning:

This is yet another arrow tattoo design for men and women that signify direction minimally. The design is pretty simple and can be a perfect tattoo idea for first-timers for a tattoo. The words written on three sides of the tattoo might be significant to the wearer. It is a personal choice to write the initials of your loved ones.

17. Rustic Arrow Tattoos For Guys:

If you are into rustic yet straightforward designs for your tattoo, this arrow design can be an ideal choice. Instead, the lines across the tattoo are here and there, making it a unique pattern. You can either get the tattoo in complete black or experiment with colors if you want a change of pace. The best places for these tattoos are the forearm, calf, or neck.

18. Faith And Fear Tiny Arrow Tattoo:

You must have come across a semicolon tattoo either because of celebrities or the things it relates to. This Semicolon Arrow Tattoo is a perfect way to incorporate all those associations beautifully. The semicolon is in the arrow’s center with the words faith and fears written on either side of the pattern. This might mean one can overcome their fears by keeping faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

19. Impressive Hand Arrow Tattoo:

This arrow tattoo is an excellent option for people who are just entering the tattoo realm without the process being too overwhelming. The use of thin lines makes engraving easier without taking too much time. The wrist, arm, the calf can be excellent places to get this tattoo irrespective of gender.

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20. Semicolon Arrow Arm Tattoo:

This is yet another Semicolon Arrow Tattoo that has a lot of deeper meaning among people with mental issues. The semicolon tattoo indicates that the struggles on faces do not last forever and there is always hope for positive life changes. It is also a symbol of strength and solidarity for those struggling with mental health issues and suicide prevention.


We hope this article has given you an insight into a wide range of Arrow tattoo designs. Please go through them and choose the tattoo that suits your personality and style. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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