Italy has everything: food, art, historical symbols, wealth and poignant history. Many people tend to represent their love for the country in a tattoo. Whether it is an easily recognizable Italian flag, famous quotes or any symbol representing Italian heritage, you have come to the right place. This article presents you with some unique and popular Italian tattoo designs. Before choosing a tattoo that fits your personality, you can go through it. Read on!

Top 15 Italian Tattoo Designs:

We have presented images of some of the best Italian tattoo designs. You can make the tattoo more personalized by adding an element of your choice.

1. Simple Italian Word Tattoos:

Although simple, this Italian tattoo design implies, “You will always be in my heart.” This tattoo might be associated with a person close to the wearer. It might look the best on the calf, any part of the leg or the arm. You can either go for black ink or add a splash of colours to the pattern to make it more beautiful and artistic if the design is engraved on the visible part of your body.

2. Italian Cross Tattoo:

This Italian cross tattoo is exceptional and looks beautiful when done in medium to large sizes. The cross is done in black ink with shades of white covered with a cloth going through the cross, which is in the Italian flag colour. This tattoo looks exceptional when engraved on the upper back, waist and chest, and it also would look the best when inked in medium to large sizes.

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3. Italian Heritage Tattoos:

This Italian tattoo represents the country’s heritage, which can be a beautiful representation of the wearer. Whether modern or traditional or a blend of both, this tattoo can be a beautiful culmination, the arm can be the perfect place to get the tattoo engraved with the eyeballs with Italian flag colours. Using different shades of colours brings a realistic look to the tattoo.

4. Follow Your Heart’ Italian Tattoo:

This is yet another Italian tattoo design with words that mean “Follow your heart.”This Italian tattoo is a perfect option for people who are romantic at heart. This powerful quote is a way to remind yourself to follow your heart when you are conflicted in any situation. Although the letters look beautiful in black ink, you can add colours or a different font per your choice. This tattoo looks exceptional on the arm and back of the neck.

5. Italian Horn Tattoo Ideas:

This is an Italian tribal tattoo, an Italian horn woven into Italian culture and belief, called cornetto or cornicello. It is believed that this horn wards off the evil eye and welcome good fortune into their lives, which can be ideal for a tattoo. This horn tattoo also has a hand symbol above the horn, which looks like a tongue. In addition, the use of complementary colours makes the tattoo look realistic.

6. Beautiful Italian-Inspired Tattoos:

This leaf tattoo can be an excellent option if you want inspiration to get an Italian flag tattoo. These types of tattoos are popular among people living far away from their home country with Italian heritage. The leaf is done in green with a stash wrapped around it with the Italian flag colours. This tattoo looks exceptional when engraved on the elbow, calf or back of the neck.

7. Italian Flower Tattoo:

Suppose you are looking for an Italian tattoo design with a feminine touch. In that case, these floral patterns can be a perfect choice. The Italian word La Bella Mia means ‘my beauty. It represents the beauty of the flowers or the person the wearer associates with. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the waist or the back, where there is ample space to get it engraved.

8. Italian Rooster Tattoo:

VOLARE is an Italian word that means to fly, which can be an excellent way to represent your love of being free. The use of a colourful chicken indicates the famous Italian song from the movie ‘VOLARE.’ It also means I will fly in Spanish. The use of multiple colours makes the tattoo look realistic and beautiful. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the back or chest because it needs ample space.

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9. Italian Crown Tattoo:

This is yet another Italian flag tattoo with a regal finish with a beautiful gold crown. Italian princess is written inside the heart, meaning women of all ages usually prefer this tattoo. This tattoo looks exceptional when engraved in small to medium sizes, and the chest, arm, or back can be the perfect places to get them done.

10. Meaningful Italian Tattoo Designs:

Suppose you are looking for meaningful Italian tattoos. In that case, this one which says to let your inner self shine through, can be an excellent option. This tattoo uses bold cursive letters, making it a treat for the onlooker and the wearer. You can also use different fonts to make it more unique and personal. The best place to get this tattoo can be on the waist, the calf or the arm.

11. Italian Eagle Tattoo Design:

Eagle represents dominance, power, patriotism and freedom. This tattoo has an eagle with one wing with the American flag and another with the Italian flag, making the tattoo look like a friendly gesture between the two countries and their people. The use of natural colours makes the tattoo look realistic and beautiful. The shoulder or the chest are the perfect places to engrave the tattoo.

12. Regal Italian Tattoo Sleeve:

If you want a regal finish to your tattoo, this Italian lion tattoo can be a perfect solution. The expression on the lion’s face is pretty sombre and stoic, with the animal looking into the shining sun from the clouds. The entire look of the design is achieved from the shades of black and grey, which finally give it a realistic look.

13. Cursive Italian-Style Tattoo Designs:

This dainty Italian tattoo is a perfect option for people who love simple yet stylish designs for their body art. The font is engraved on the ribs, which has a combination of cursive letters entangled with a strand of leaves. Although the tattoo looks beautiful in simple black, you can also add colours of your choice, making it more personal. This tattoo looks the best when done in medium size.

14. Curvy Italian Writing Tattoo:

This curvy Italian tattoo design is done in a bold pattern on the upper part of the arm, with decorations all around. You can get this tattoo in black ink if you want a mysterious look or add colours if you want the design to have a poppy look. This tattoo is suitable for people of all ages, irrespective of gender.

15. Italian Skull Tattoo:

Suppose you are into creepy tattoos and want to combine them with your love for everything Italian. In that case, this skull tattoo can be a perfect solution. A skull tattoo also represents rebellion, the afterlife and death, which are integral to our lives. In addition, the skull has cracks, making the tattoo look realistic. Finally, the shoulder can be the perfect place to get this tattoo because you can either show it off or cover it as you need.


Suppose you are a fan of everything Italian or want to honour your Italian heritage. In that case, the Italian tattoo designs presented in this article offer unique solutions. So, before you get a permanent tattoo on your body, go through the tattoos thoroughly and make a choice. Also, don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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