Did you know Pagan tattoo designs can cut a wide swath across the worldwide religion’s belief systems? Yes! There are several pagan themes which can include animal and natural worship, theories of the zodiac, religions like Wicca or worshipping the sun and moon. Furthermore, you can incorporate totems like the moon, symbols, runes and pentacles, and dual symbolism luke horned god and triple goddess in the pagan tattoo designs.

Pagan tattoo designs can incorporate the ideas and themes associated with mainstream religion before their establishment. However, it is often linked to practices like the occult, witchcraft and satanism. This article showcases a wide range of pagan tattoo ideas that can inspire you to get your next tattoo. Read on!

15 Pagan Tattoo Designs in 2023:

If you want a pagan tattoo design engraved onto your body, you have come to the right place. We have presented the list of the best pagan tattoo design ideas that give you an insight into how they look and if you are sure about it.

1. Pagan Tattoo Ideas:

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Totem poles are not a foreign concept in pagan tattoo designs; this picture is a perfect example. These types of tattoos usually contain poles, posts, pillars or carved figures and symbols, creating a bold-looking tattoo. If you are fascinated by totems, you can get this tattoo engraved onto your body art, which looks elegant and makes you stand out. Using black ink in a combination of bold, thick, and thin lines creates a perfect tattoo for everyone, irrespective of gender.

2. Pagan Hand Tattoos:

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This is a bold and beautiful Viking pagan tattoo that is spread across the arm of the wearer, creating a bold look. This tattoo is none other than the circular alchemical symbol resembling the sun, which is also called the Helm of Awe. There are a total of 8 tridents which form the sun’s rays. Sometimes, people also use a ring of runic symbols and snakes to draw this Helm of Awe design, considered a protective symbol.

3. Pagan Tattoo Designs On The Arm:

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Suppose you are looking for a unique yet popular protective symbol for your body art. In that case, this pentagram tattoo design can be an ideal choice. Though a pentagram symbol’s meaning has varied wildly, it has been a popular option in occult or Magic throughout history. Additionally, where ever you get this tattoo engraved, it can also be a symbol of the devil, humanity, perfection and protection, to name a few. The arm can be a perfect place to get this tattoo because, if necessary, you can cover it up.

4. Unique Pagan Symbols Tattoos:

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If you are looking for a personalized pagan tattoo to add to your body art collection, then this one can work wonders. This tattoo is a perfect sigil representation of a mother and daughter. The left sigil is for the mother, and the one on the right is for the daughter. The sigils self-empower the mother and daughter while healing them from infidelity. The symbols on each of their arms will always remind them of one another where ever they are. You can always create your sigils to make the tattoos more personal and customized.

5. Extensive Pagan Witch Tattoos:

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Suppose you want to incorporate an extensive pagan tattoo onto your body and looking for design options. In that case, this tree lady with mum and Scorpio constellation can be a perfect choice. The intricate detailing in this tattoo design looks attractive and visually appealing to the onlooker and the wearer. One of the easily recognizable constellations is the scorpion which represents the scorpion sent by the goddess Artemis as per Greek mythology, which was sent to kill the hunter Orion.

6. Small Pagan Tattoos:

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This five-pointed star tattoo is typically encircled and serves as a symbol of the Wiccan faith. The star’s five points represent the earth, water, air, fire and spirit. The circle around the star represents the everlasting and everchanging circle of nature and life. The pentagram represents protection for the wearer. The outer circle also represents the ideas of infinity and eternity as an unbroken line. If you observe closely, this pentagram is pointing up as per the Wiccans because the star pointing downwards is a sigil of Baphomet in Satanism. Therefore, how you present the star is essential, which changes the meaning.

7. Pagan Phomet Tattoo Design:

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This is an attractive BabyPhomet, a deity worshipped by the Knights Templar. However, the pattern has been incorporated into the Western esoteric and occult traditions. The five-pointed star on the baby BabyPhomet represents the five elements in nature that protect the wearer. Additionally, the entire tattoo uses thick lines on the border with shading here and there, adding a realistic look while not forgetting the whimsical element.

8. Pagan Tattoo Symbols:

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Suppose you are looking for a way to incorporate your name without anyone understanding and having a mysterious element to it. In that case, this pagan tattoo with runes can be an ideal choice. This picture is a beautiful depiction of the wearer’s surname spelt in runes giving the name a traditional and unique look. Depending on the size and pattern of the tattoo, you can get it done anywhere on the arm.

9. Pagan Tattoos For Men And Women:

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This is a cute natural pentagram which is a pagan tattoo. However, unlike the previous one, with only a pentagram, this design has botanical elements. The pentagram is made with bamboo or some stick. This tattoo looks extremely beautiful and exceptional on anyone, irrespective of gender. If you are one of those people who want the protection but want the tattoo to be a typical one, you can go with this intricate this.

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10. Floral Pentagram Pagan Tattoo Design:

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This is yet another pentagram pagan tattoo with floral patterns beautifying the design, giving the pentagram a fresh lease of life. The centre of this tattoo is a typical five-pointed star drawn in double lines. Additionally, the pentagram is covered with leafy vines shaped like a circle. Unlike the previous tattoo designs, this pattern is made in colours giving it a unique and fresh look. If you want a colourful pentagram tattoo, this one is perfect.

11. Viking Pagan Tattoos:

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Vikings are known for their boisterous and bold looks. You can observe the same features seen in their tattoos or attire, and this detailed pagan tattoo design perfectly represents the Viking culture gorgeously. This intricate design has Nordic themes and elements beautifully woven together, starting from the chest area and going through the sleeve. Using bold lines with black shading creates a visually-appealing pagan tattoo design that men mostly prefer.

12. Pagan Protection Tattoos:

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If you are looking for a protective pagan tattoo to include in your body art, then this pattern is a perfect choice. The Ankh is a powerful protection symbol which is referred to as the ‘key of life’. Many people believe that the Ankh brings good luck, and good fortune and is a symbol of immortality. You can find Egyptian Gods carrying this symbol in the Holy scriptures. This symbol symbolizes the feminine and masculine energy when the symbol combines a horizontal and vertical bar, each in addition to showcasing the rising sun with a loop.

13. Celtic Pagan Tattoos:

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This is a Celtic pagan tattoo mostly made up of Celtic knots where the looped knots don’t have any start or finish, infinitely symbolizing life’s eternity. This tattoo looks exceptionally intense and can look perfect on the neck or the upper back because of the details. The figure is in the centre, with two horns representing a figure close to the wearer’s heart. The Celtic knots surround the constitution, and there is also an element in the central area of the figure that looks like a heart.

14. Pagan Witch Tattoos:

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This is another unique pagan tattoo design where a naked woman sprouts from the earth surrounded by flowers, shrubbery and other ferns. Again, the long hair, stretched hands, and blindfolded figure look apt to represent pagan culture. The woman is praying to the different phases of the moon present right above the hand-stretched woman. The stretched hands of the woman indicate the energy flow showing pagan perfection.

15. Pagan Tattoos For Women:

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In a way, dragons are considered Pagan gods, and many cultures worship them with reverence because they are considered the luckiest and the most powerful creatures. However, the different power dynamic is associated with other dragons, so choose the one that suits your personality best. The wearer has gotten a dragon tattoo on the stomach, which allows you to cover up on social occasions.


You can observe pagan themes and paganism in the body art realm whether you notice it. However, the term pagan was used in a derogatory sense to describe people who worshipped old goddesses and gods. However, there is an increase in interest in pagan tattoo ideas among young adults. Therefore, go through the various tattoo ideas presented in this article and choose one accordingly. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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