Tattoos, a refined form of body art, had achieved their roots in ancient times when different countries had their ideology, concept, and method of execution. Western folks started experimenting with other subjects of love and care as a concept for tattoo art. The eastern countries believed in portraying their enriched culture onto their body to remind them of their rich roots. Different cultures had their own, and straight from the ancient Korean minds, here are many ideas you might choose from when opting for Korean tattoo art.

Best Korean Tattoo Ideas:

Below are the 10 best Korean tattoo designs for men and women as follows.

1. The Exotic Flora Korean Tattoos For Women:

Korea is known for its tattoos, be they male-centric or female-oriented. Here is a classic example of how a female can keep her ink attractive yet straightforward with floral lines, twigs and branches with a soft quote at the side. The flowers are pale pink and shades of black, making them look mesmerizing.

2. Pouncing Art:

For the brave hearts who believe in strength and selfless courage, here is a fine ink of a mighty Korean tiger ready to pounce, which you can opt for when portraying braveness and courage. The tiger in its crouched position looks menacing with his jaws open, giving you a sneak peek inside the sharpened dentures.

3. Shoulder Strap Korean Tattoos For Women:

Even though this is primarily suitable for girls, boys can often opt for this design or type. The tattoo is centred around authentic Korean proverbs, folk wisdom and quotes, which are etched on either side of the shoulders, making their way to the collarbone, while the centre houses a line of floral art. It is one of the best Korean tattoo designs for women.

4. The Classic Dragon Korean Tattoos For Men:

Dragons are a dominant part of Korean culture, where the best part of their mythology belongs to the tales of dragons. Here is a classic example of how you can relive the authentic Korean experience with this intricately detailed Korean dragon tattoo. Starting from the arm, the dragon crawls to the chest.

5. Korean Tribal Tattoo:

Every culture has its own relevant tribal and fold tale, and inspired by the one here is a Korean tribal tattoo form. Usually, the tribal arts are detailed and require a lot of space, so the ideal place to put this ink would be your bareback. The tattoo portrays a lady with her sword drawn and mounted on a creature which we can guess would probably be a deity fighting evil.

6. The Feminine Side Tattoo:

Often the cultures are portrayed and worshipped through elements that bind that culture together. This can be anything from an everyday used item to folklore. Here the classic hand fan and delicate Korean flowers have been made the content for this feminine central tattoo idea.

7. Warrior At Alert Korean Tattoo:

This tattoo is made in shades of copper red with solid black as a background colour where the knight heavily dressed is a traditional Korean warrior attired in the cultural garb with his sword by his side preparing for war. The power of the ink can be felt through the use of black as an undertone.

8. Gangnam Style:

This is a comical tattoo with intact humour portraying one of the rising pop stars, Psy, who hails from Korea. This tattoo can be made to remind the hilarious song that made its rounds on the top charts. It can even be a tribute to the equally hilarious pop star who is still a hit worldwide. This is one of the best Korean tattoo design for men.

9. Korean Back Tattoo:

10. Korean Wrist Tattoo Design:

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