When we think of Lord Krishna, the first things that come to mind are love, compassion, and a lot of mischiefs. Many people have his artwork on display in their homes, while others express their devotion by getting a Krishna tattoo or multiple tattoos on various parts of their bodies. Also, you can get a picture of Lord Krishna as a tattoo, but things that remind you of him, like Krishna’s flute tattoo or the Mor pankh tattoo, are great alternatives.

Lord Krishna is adored by both male and female devotees. Men are more likely to get Krishna tattoos that represent strength, such as the Sudarshan chakra tattoo or Krishna’s face tattoo. Women, on the other hand, usually get their symbols inked, such as a peacock feather. The peacock feather worn by Lord Krishna is symbolic of both beauty and knowledge. So, if you want to get a Lord Krishna tattoo to show your love and devotion to the Supreme God, look through the designs below and choose one to proceed with.

Lord Shri Krishna Tattoo Designs 2023:

Here are 10+ Best Lord Krishna tattoo designs and symbols to choose from to show your devotion to the supreme God.

1. Little Krishna Tattoo:

If you are the type of person who adores adorable things of any kind, then this Lord Krishna tattoo design is perfect for you. Lord Krishna was both adorable and stunning when he was young. Lord Krishna is affectionately addressed by his devotees as Makhan Chor, which means “someone who steals butter” in Hindi. This black and white tattoo of Baby Krishna features shading in some areas, as well as perfect detailing that makes the Krishna tattoo look incredible. It shows him stealing Makhan (butter) from an earthen pot.

2. Krishna Face Tattoo:

You don’t have to get the full picture of Lord Krishna inked. You can just get the face of Lord Krishna done intricately and in a beautiful manner. Although bright and watercolour effects look best on Krishna tattoos, concrete and bold colors can also be achieved. The goal is to make your Shri Krishna tattoo as creative and appealing as possible. You can go with a black and white Lord Krishna face with a colored tilak and mor pankh (a peacock feather). Adding colors will add some contrast to the Krishna tattoo and give it a much greater appeal. You can get this Krishna tattoo inked either on your shoulder or forearm.

3. Krishna Flute Tattoo:

In Hindi, a flute is called a bansuri, and we have grown up seeing many television shows in which Lord Krishna is shown playing the flute. His music is so divine that we feel a spiritual connection to him. A bansuri tattoo is a great way to feel the same connection with Lord Krishna. This bansuri tattoo design works well as an arm, wrist, or back-of-the-hand tattoo, and it also looks great on the neck. The flute tattoo features a peacock feather, a symbol of both wisdom and beauty, and is both simple and elegant.

4. Krishna Name Tattoo:

If you are a Krishna devotee, then getting a Krishna name tattoo is one of the best ways to honour him. Krishna-name tattoos can make a strong statement about your love and affection for Sri Krishna. Our forearms are well-known body parts for getting a name tattoo. The collarbone is another popular location for a name tattoo. There are various fonts used in name tattoos. A lot of people prefer getting a tattoo in Devanagari because of its cultural significance. Some, on the other hand, go with cursive lettering to show more creativity. The name tattoo can feature the Krishna mor pankh and flute as well.

5. Sudarshan Chakra Tattoo:

The Sudarshan Chakra is a special weapon used by the Hindu god Vishnu or Krishna. The Sudarshan Chakra literally means “one with auspicious vision” and is capable of annihilating anything in its path. It is considered a symbol of power, strength, and anger and is a great option for a tattoo. The upper arm is usually the preferred location to get a Sudarshan Chakra tattoo. Some people also get it inked at the back of the neck. Most people get their Sudarshan Chara tattooed with bold black outlines and shaded with black ink. However, colourful tattoos have also gained popularity recently.

6. Radha Krishna Tattoo:

Radha Krishna is well-known as the god and goddess of love, safety, and empathy. People frequently get Radha Krishna tattoos to commemorate their everlasting love. Radha Krishna tattoos are also ideal for couples who want their love to last as long as Radha and Lord Krishna’s. You could also try writing your loved one’s name beside or beneath the tattoo. The arm is the preferred place for a Radha Krishna tattoo, as it provides enough space to incorporate appealing components such as glasswork and jewellery details. Line art tattoos shaded Radha Krishna tattoos, and portrait-themed or colored tattoos are some of the designs to choose from.

7. Krishna Mor Pankh Tattoo:

Lord Krishna has a very attractive appearance, and he is always seen wearing a beautiful peacock feather on his head. It is believed that the flute music made the peacocks happy and improved their dancing. Therefore, as a token of their appreciation, the peacocks gave him their feathers, which he gladly pinned to his hair. When it comes to the Krishna mor pankh tattoo design, you can put it on your arm, wrist, back of your hand, or neck. There are a variety of designs available for the mor pankh tattoo, and it is suitable for both men and women. It will appear angelic and will undoubtedly catch the attention of onlookers.

8. Black and White Krishna Tattoo:

Black work and black and white Lord Krishna tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years. There are numerous reasons why these trends have thrived, with many people drawn to the clean yet edgy simplicity of an all-black design. Krishna tattoo designs in black and white have been very popular among both men and women. These black and white Krishna tattoo designs are usually larger in size and therefore are inked on the arm, chest, and shoulder. Some black and white tattoos have shading, while others are just black and white.

9. Bhagavad Gita Tattoo:

You can select some quotes or signs from the Bhagavad Gita that reflect your life philosophy. You can get either a complete shlok as a tattoo or just choose one or two significant words from it. The inspirational words can be inked on your wrist. It is not only fashionable but also very meaningful, and it will serve as a constant reminder. Shlokas are mostly inked at the back, shoulder, or forearm. A lot of Indian and foreign celebrities have Bhagavad Gita tattoos inked on their bodies.

10. Krishna Mehndi Tattoo:

Tattoos are permanent body art, and a lot of people hesitate to get them for the very same reason. A permanent Krishna tattoo, once done, remains on your body forever. Thus, all the decisions regarding getting inked should be taken after considering a lot of factors. Krishna mehndi tattoos are temporary tattoos that fade after a few days. Krishna mehndi tattoos are very popular among women, especially during Janmashtami or as part of their bridal mehndi. When getting a mehndi tattoo, you have a wide range of options. Krishna’s face, name, flute tattoo, and mor pankh mehndi tattoo are some of the examples to choose from.


You can express your devotion to the divine God with these Lord Krishna tattoo designs. You can put them anywhere on your body; for example, a Krishna tattoo on your neck will look amazing and eye-catching. A Krishna tattoo on your body will also remind you that God is with you through thick and thin and that nothing bad will happen to you. Also, while you can obtain a contemporary portrait of the Lord, things that represent him, such as his flute or peacock feathers, are excellent substitutes. The Lord Krishna tattoos we choose to get should be chosen after great consideration, as they remain on your body forever.

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