Among tattoo lovers also a trend is followed and it keep son changing according to time. Newly there is a craze among them to design a tattoo which seems as if the skin on any part have been ripped and the design have been outlined looking a spectacular and mind blowing look to the wearer. Tattooing this type of ripped skin tattoo is big task but at end result is marvellous leaving people spell bound by looking at the image. It lends a realistic appearance to the image appear that something has being depicted underneath your skin.

Best Ripped Skin Tattoo Ideas, Designs and Images:

Let’s have a look at top 9 different type of ripped skin tattoo design.

1. Spectacular Ripped Skin Tattoo Design:

If you are tattoo freak person, then you are aware that outlining an image on the ribs is very painful person, but the love and passion for inking lends the courage to depict this colour image. This tattoo ripped skin looks fabulous and seems the skin has been ripped the colours adds more admiring look to the design as well to the person persona also.

2. Eye Widening Ripped Flesh Tattoo Design:

Here comes a compelling tattoo design which gives an optical illusion at the first glance. It seems that on the chest a bright eye has been sketched, a masterpiece art work lending a fantastic look to the women.

3. Scary Ripped Skin Tattoo Design:

The ripped skin tattoos lends a realistic look to the person and the array of colours add more humour to it. The tattoo designs speak about the attitude of the person also; here the ghost image is laid displaying that the person believes in spirits and the fantasy world.

4. Impressive Ripped Open Tattoos Design:

This is a marvellous piece of design, laid on the side part of the body and it seems that sharp paws have scratched the skin and it has started bleeding. The tattoo gives a unique and awesome look to the person and displays his bold attitude also.

5. Ripped Skin Flag Tattoo Design:

What could be more better way to depict your love and affection towards the country than designing the country flag in your sleeves?  The tattoo looks as if the skin is ripped and the flag is sketched showing that the person is so passionate and patriotic towards its motherland and can go through any pain and sacrifice also.

6. Heart Touching Ripped Open Skin Tattoos Design:

The ripped skin tattoos reflects the correlation and various parts of the body and its function, here the heart of a human is styled on the chest of the person. The image displays its functioning and seems the heart itself is peeing out of the body.

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7. Mechanical Ripping Skin Tattoo Design:

Here in this image a mechanical part is designed is on the legs of the wearers, looks as if the skin has been ripped and the machine is working out there. This is a classic ripped skin tattoo design depicted in gorgeous way and lending and mind blowing look to the wearer .

8. 3D Ripped Skin Tattoo Design:

This is a striking and conventional type of design lending a beauteous look to the person. It appears that the skin has been ripped and lending a 3D or lively looks to the image and an indispensable appearance to the wearer.

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9. Marvellous Ripped Skin Tattoo Design:

This is an artistic piece of design outlined on the sleeves of the person dilating a bold statement about its persona. It appears in the image as if through the broken or ripped skin blood is gushing out and lending a macho look to the person.

The ripped skin tattoo look fantastic it they are depicted in a right way and the array of colours add more sensational and sparkling look to the image. These tattoos are available in many sizes and can be depicted on any part of the body. But generally it’s laid on chest, shoulders, hands and legs so that it gives you an extravaganza look and adds more charming look to your persona.

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