Hip tattoos are very popular these days. You can try out various formats of side body designs. These are very artistic. These are also quite girly and make the viewer go crazy when seen in a bikini. This part of the body allows small tattoo designs to be worn on, but if you wish to have a big tattoo, you can carry the tattoo lengthwise on the lower back. These tattoo designs include flowers, fairies, roses, birds, butterflies etc. Even a simple tattoo becomes sexy when inked on the hips.

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The hips can also be a private tattoo carrier for getting a tattoo inked for someone special. This kind of tattoo generally is carried for fashion purposes.

Cool & Sexy Hip Tattoo Designs for Girls:

Below are the top 13 hip tattoo designs that you should try out.

1. Fish Hip Tattoo:

This is a fish scale side or hip tattoo. These are very popular these days, and you can do almost any form of design for the hips. This fish scale tattoo symbolizes love, freedom, honesty etc. This kind of tattoo is also carried by women who are Pisces by Zodiac sign.

2. Rose Tattoo Pattern:

This is done with roses at the side of the hips. You can try out these girly formats quickly. A professional artist can do these, and these also can be done with various shades and hues. This is the most popular tattoo design for women as it directly relates to seducing. Rose is a symbol of love and affection. Hence, this tattoo is widely carried out by lady lovers. It is one of the best hip tattoo designs for women.

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3. Spinal Bones Design:

This is a hip tattoo design that you can do on the back. This is like the spinal bones at the back, with the bones also done very detailedly. This is done in a daring format, and you will be able to get these done by a professional artist. This is also which can be sport by almost any person. You can try this out from a good parlour and also get guidance as to whether this is suitable for you or not.

4. Henna Motif:

This is a sided designer hip tattoo. You can try these tattoo designs, which look like henna and have motif works but are done with permanent inks. These are pretty girly and also stylish to the sport. The Mehandi designs highly inspire these kinds of tattoos. They give a fantastic look in dark and grey shades. This is one of the perfect hip tattoo designs for girls.

5. Dark Colored:

This is a decorative rose tattoo design. This is done on the side of the hip bone, and you can also get something like this done on yourself easily. This is done in dark-coloured ink, which makes this look quite artistic. You can also try getting similar fashions done on the side of the body. This is one of the sexy hip tattoos for girls.

6. Floral Tattoos:

This is a floral hip design that has been extended on the side of the body. You can do something colourful like this. You can also do other birds and other associated patterns to this. You can also do writing or create more styles for this. You should talk to your pattern artist, and he can create a custom design for you. However, this is a large-scale design so you should also be comfortable sporting this and then get this permanently inked. This has roses and also tulips. You can also get similar flowers done or add other types of orchids or leaves to this.

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7. Orchid Pattern:

This is an orchid pattern that has been done in a pencil format with some flowers and twigs. You can try out similar styles, and you can also add more colours to this. However, this will be an extended pattern that goes to the upper back portion of the side of the body. You can also add birds or other associated patterns to this.

8. Hourglass Tattoo:

This is an hourglass tattoo that has been done with roses on the hips. These are very girl-type, and you can easily sport this. You can do this type of design with other types of floral prints. These are quite artistic to look at. They give a 3D effect when inked professionally. The different colours used make it more attractive and seductive.

9. Dove Hip Tattoo:

The girls of the college highly carry out this simple hip tattoo design. This hip tattoo is made out of a small dove bird which symbolizes love and peace. According to the Bible, this kind of tattoo is also highly inked by Christians; the dove is a holy bird. Hence, the women who love are faithful and hopeful by nature get this tattoo inked on their hips. This is one of the cute hip tattoo designs for girls.

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10. Butterfly Hip Tattoo Design:

A butterfly can attract anyone’s attention very quickly. This kind of girl hip tattoo helps to express love, affection and attraction towards someone special. The butterflies are a symbol of purity and gentleness. This tattoo inked on the hip also means that girls are fragile similar to butterflies. It is also a symbol of freedom and togetherness. This tattoo makes the hips look more sexy and beautiful, just as the butterfly is. It is one of the cool hip tattoos for women.

11. Feather on the Hip Tattoo:

This kind of excellent hip tattoo design for girls is becoming popular these days. The feather symbolizes freedom, desire and courage. This kind of tattoo is mostly carried out by women who are ambitious and living on their norms. This tattoo attracts girls who want to achieve higher goals and are set free for so. This tattoo was also highly popular among tribal tattoo designs.

12. Hip Anchor Tattoo:

These kinds of sexy tattoo designs for women’s hips are widely carried out by women passionate about ships, the sea, oceans, the life of pirates etc. These kinds of tattoos symbolize stability, hope, faith, etc. This tattoo can also be a dedication tattoo to someone important in one’s life. This tattoo can be made with various colours or simply black ink. It looks beautiful when given dark and light shades. This is one of the best small hip tattoo designs for girls.

13. Portrait Hip Tattoos:

These kinds of hip tattoo designs are getting popular among women, especially in America and Africa. This tattoo gives a beautiful message with the help of a girl’s portrait and roses. The colour combination used in this tattoo gives it a marvellous look. The first portrait of the girl indicates see no evil; the second portrait indicates hear no evil, while the last indicates say no evil.


Hence, seductive or sexy hip tattoos for girls are getting trendy to give a bold look. Such beautiful tattoos are only opted for by girls, but a few tattoos are also carried out by boys, such as skull tattoo designs, anchor tattoo designs etc., on the hips. So select a proper tattoo according to your texture and make your hip go seductive and attractive.

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