Nowadays, people like to sport elephant designs as tattoos. You can do various stylish formats of these designs. You can do these with floral prints, or you can do the circus or designer stylish large scale types. These are mostly girl type patterns, and you can also do these in a tribal format. These elephant tattoo designs should be customized by your pattern artist, who can guide you accordingly as to the colours and the design’s size and can draw out a customized pattern for you.

Aside from their religious connotations about the characteristics of an animal, a tattoo enthusiast may also choose an elephant tattoo. Get this tattoo inked on your wrist and ankle without lessening its quality. Go ahead choosing a good tattoo artist with the following suggestions.

Unique Elephant Tattoo Designs:

Below are the top 15 elephant tattoo designs for men and women with meanings and images that you should try and take inspiration to customize your design.

1. Abstract Elephant Tattoo Design:

Abstract elephant tattoo design has the theme coloured with dark black and vibrant orange colour ink. It has been designed like rangoli designs. If this tattoo gets inked on your body, it gives a unique look and fashionable one. The elephant tattoo designs are rapidly gaining popularity among males, and it takes a closer look for girls showing the power and strength of a man. Most of the men prefer to get elephant tattoos that suit their tastes and preferences. These tattoo designs are available in a variety of designs depending upon their face and look. Apart from the strength, the look of the elephant is considered a symbol of wisdom.

2. Amusing Elephant Tattoo Design:

In this elephant tattoo design, the size of the elephant looks cute and simple, shaded with dark black colour ink. This tiny elephant tattoo design is suitable for men and women looking for something smaller and more subtle than others. It looks like a cartoon style elephant and pretty. This tattoo makes you smile. The texture of this tiny elephant was too impressive. More girls are preferably done these kinds of tattoos on their bodies to show their beauty unique and impressive. Before getting these tattoos, get to know about the elephant tattoo designs meanings.

3. Mind-Blowing Baby Elephant Tattoo Design:

In this tattoo, two elephants with their trunks in the heart shape are the special ones as this can be a loved one resembling the feel of love and affection. These two elephants pointing having their tusks above give a meaning of good luck for the people. It provides a mind-blowing and unique look when compared with the other tattoos design. It’s entirely designed with dark colour inks. It’s a special tattoo design for lovers and couples to worn this tattoo design. Girls and teenagers especially prefer elephant tattoos as it has a mixture of catchy designs. It is a cute elephant tattoo design.

4. Elephant Trunk Ganesh Devotional Tattoo:

The “Ganesh” devotional and traditional tattoo designs have the popularity as it insists the picture of a God. In ancient culture, most people hope that if they shared their wishes and needs with elephants, they would directly reach God via the elephant. So they had worn these kinds of elephant tattoos on their body. It gives peace and a holy look for the people. The elephant face has been designed with a god’s face and decorated with ornaments that give a catchy and appealing look.

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5. Elephant Head Tattoo Design:

This is a girl type elephant that has floral prints on it. You can also get similar designs done quickly on your body. If you want to get patterns that you can easily sport and are also large scale so that the designer effect can be properly done, you should do something on the side like in the image above. The design has been done on the side of the thigh. You can also get these done at this position.

6. Family Affair Elephant Tattoo Design:

These tattoo designs give a bunch of love to an elephant’s family. Here is an elephant family which stands one behind another, portraying the theme of “my family”. In this design, a daddy and mummy elephant has two baby elephants that are kids of them and linked with watercolour shadows. This tattoo inked with a white line outline gives that something extra to make it special. Most people get the addition of this family tattoo design that gives a unique and beautiful look.

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7. Traditional Elephant Tattoos:

This is a very large scale traditional form of an elephant tattoo that has been done with colours that are very easy to sport. If you want a large scale, you should do it in this stylish format. When you try to go with the small scale tattoos, remember you should select the tattoo with simple designs without any complexity. This is one of the most demanded elephant tattoo designs for women with decoration.

8. Big And Small Elephant Tattoos:

This elephant design has been done with black ink and proper shading and shadowing effect. Though there are multiple designs available, getting tattoos with black colour will always be good luck, which is why most people love to have these tattoos on their bodies. This is done on foot, and almost any person can sport this easily. Floral prints can also be sued for these formats. The tattoo of both the mother elephant and the baby elephant is one of the excellent elephant tattoo ideas on foot.

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9. Divine Elephant Tattoo Design:

This is a painting type tattoo of an elephant. This is also very artistic and is like a painting. If you want to do a very creative elephant tattoo design, then you should do something like this. This is also very colourful and easy to sport. Also, the plan is quite small and therefore easy to hide. You can get these customized as per your taste from your professional artist.

10. Modern Elephant Tattoo Design On Back:

Elephant tattoo designs have a variety of designs on the web, and the most incredible elephant tattoo artwork is the one shown above, which you can see all the year as this gives a genuine and beautiful look. Elephants are the largest mammals to walk the planet. It has a weight of pounds. This elephant tattoo has a variety of styles depends on their poses and sizes. In the above design, a small tiny elephant is named a “modern” elephant drawn with a bit of red piano, gives a charming look and shows the theme of elephant interested in music.

11. Small Elephant Tattoos:

This is a pencil and shadow format elephant tattoo that you can do on a small scale. If you do not want large-scale designs and want something easy to sport and design with a 3D effect, you can get tattooed with this image, which will be unique and traditional.

12. Lotus With Elephant Tattoo On Hand:

This is a large scale elephant tattoo with a lotus flower. This is a design pattern, and you can get customized similar artworks. It is beautifully done on the hand with an outstanding look. The colours used for this elephant tattoo design is the perfect combination.

13. Colorful Elephant Tattoo On Leg:

This is a small drawing type of elephant tattoo. This is small and very colourful like done with crayons. You can ask your artist to guide you accordingly as to the colours and also the customized design. You can do this on a smaller scale, and you can also do this on a larger scale.

14. Tribal Elephant Tattoo Design On Sleeves:

This is a real like full shaded arms tribal tattoo design of an elephant. This tattoo holds great meaning to the person who wears this, and for starters, it resembles a symbol of God as the elephants are considered very sacred of all elephants. This is very artistic to the sport. Here the pattern of the elephant is intricate, and the background is a lotus flower is a perfect idea. This is one of the most famous elephant tattoo designs for men.

15. Circus Elephant Tattoo Designs:

This is a circus elephant tattoo that has been done on a large scale. If you want to get something done in a customized format on a large scale, you should do something like this. These are also very creative, and you should take the advice of your pattern expert and get these customized. The artist can also guide you accordingly about the colours and also about the size of the design.


With elephant tattoos as popular as other animal designs, women’s can be more loved to get these tattoos. Unlike the other tattoos, an elephant tattoo can be chosen to brandish an elephant tattoo design that was usually done because of their attachment to the animal interpretations. But, when concerned with the ladies, there are only a few tattoo patterns available, and through online sites, you can get the best out of those, and males are crazy to get this tattoo as this will make them more masculine connotative.

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