Swallows are one of the smallest and most beautiful birds available in the world. Their size symbolizes that even the greatest things can be found in the smallest packages. Getting a swallow tattoo shows that you want to flaunt how special you are. If you come across a swallow in your day to day life you will notice that the bird is really sweet and calm and will not hesitate to make friends with you. That is the main part of getting a swallow tattoo. It shows that you have the traits of this wonderful bird, loving and caring and friendly.

Best Swallow Tattoo Designs With Pictures:

Today, the swallow tattoo has emerged as one more popular design for men and women in these modern times. Given below are some of the most famous swallow tattoo designs with images and meanings you can pick from for yourself, tattoos are permanent so pick wisely.

1. Swallow With Dandelions:

Swallow tattoos are designed for women which give a rich meaning. Girls love to swallow tattoos as they can be both their traditional and their cute designs. In this design, the dandelions and swallow birds are usually connected with each other as they symbolize change and freedom. The swallow birds flying from the dandelions flower indicates freedom and those who get tattooed this image will have the inspiration against their problems, which will give them peace mind of them. It can be coloured with black and the petals of the dandelion that scatters and fly with the swallows. This is one of the swallow tattoo designs for women.

2. Skull Swallow Tattoo:

In this, Skull with swallow tattoo design represents that the man does not have any fear about anything. This design swallow has no flush and feathers. Make your tattoo unique from others by selecting these kinds of tattoos. Swallow tattoos can be attributed to the qualities and associated with the skull design in a dainty and elegant manner. This proves the man as a tough fighter. This type of chest Swallow tattoo designs meaning originated from the British origin in the earliest stage of sailing. Swallow birds were one of the popular birds to show off their sailing experience and express their hope to come home safely. It is one of the popular swallow tattoos for men.

3. Swallow With Quotes:

In this tattoo, two swallow birds are flying and it has quotes that can be inked with dark black colour. Like this, you can choose any kind of quote and tattoo on your body. These swallow tattoos on the man chest will indicate an inspirational feel for the people. Swallow tattoo designs with images are available in different varieties. You can choose your own design and gets tattooed using those amazing pictures of the swallow bird. Swallow tattoo designs for men can be tattooed on their chest but now the placement of tattoos that are inked with back, neck, behind the ear and will show the man’s strength and power.

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4. Blue Swallows Design On Legs:

In this tattoo design, the swallow bird was coloured with dark blue and sky blue ink and designed with pretty wings that give cuteness to that person. Blue swallow indicating positive things happening in our life will be the best ever. So there remains a hope that people who get tattooed with this will become positive thinkers.  For this reason, only, many individuals do opt for this kind of swallow tattoo to symbolize their life status.

5. Swallow With Anchor:

In this tattoo design, the swallow with anchor will be worn by the sailors as a lucky charm as they believe that it can bring them home back home. The anchor symbolizes the sea, and the rope and flowers give hope for sailors. This coloured tattoo anchor is tied with the rope where the rope will be picked by the swallow, signifying if the sailors get affected by any kind of conflict then they can be saved by the swallow. If sailors drowned in the sea, the swallow would carry their departed soul to heaven. In this way swallow, tattoo bears a great deal and symbolic significance for the sailors.

6. Blue And Chirpy Swallow On Neck:

This tattoo symbolizes fun and happiness. That’s why the name blue and chirpy. This swallow tattoo design is one of the most famous tattoo designs available today and can be made by almost every tattoo artist but be careful as this tattoo is a colour tattoo and requires fair to moderately fair skin. Dark skin makes it difficult to support colours and will cause the colour to fade over time. But your tattoo artist will know this therefore be necessary adjustments will be made.

7. Comical Swallow Tattoos:

The comical swallow is a more new school tattoo and requires a long sitting to complete because of the intricate colors and deep design. The tattoo artist must be experienced with a strong sense of his job. It is a delicate piece and requires plenty of attention.

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8. Dream Catcher Swallow Tattoo:

This tattoo is to give you good luck for the rest of your life. Sort of like a good luck charm. It is world-renowned and what is better than two swallows holding up to your happiness. Keep your spirits lifted at all times to deal with your problems with a strong will.

9. Angel Swallow Tattoo:

The angel swallow is also world famous because of the distinct halo around the swallows head. It shows innocence and enlightenment and is quite a work of art. This type of tattoo is mostly preferable by teenage girls and middle-aged women.

10. Lovelorn Swallow:

This tattoo has two distinct meanings. One meaning could be a swallow who is in love with past grief and can be made by a person who has just met the love of their life, or the other meaning could be an emotional swallow who has been hurt and can be got by a person who has been emotionally hurt in any way. It is up to you to discern it in your own way. That tattoo with swallow is the beauty of art. This is a good swallow tattoo for girls.

11. Leg Swallow Rose Tattoo For Girls:

The swallow and the rose is a unisex tattoo and is famous for its great artwork. The swallow and rose originated in the late 1980s even though tattoos were not considered very social at the time. It is a sign of peace and enlightenment and is a spectacular piece of art. This is a very beautiful swallows tattoo design on legs.

12. Shoulder Swallow Tattoo:

Since the ancient period, swallow tattoos are considered to be a traditional design and remain a pretty and unisex choice. These types of tattoos are expected to be an important style of understanding the meaning and the history behind them. Get these mere fashion and beauty aspects to swallow tattoos as deeper as below. In the above picture, the cute swallow bird is tattooed on the shoulder perfectly.

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13. Laced Up Swallow:

A more tribal tattoo, this piece of art can be accomplished by mostly all tattoo artists at a reasonable rate so if you do not have a ton of cash to splurge on your swallow design but still want one then this is the tattoo to get. It is worth the wait. This is the best swallow tattoo for guys.

14. Swallow In Love:

A swallow in love tattoo shows or symbolizes your newly found love or your deep love for your counterpart. The base colour is pink but if you want you can ask your tattoo artist to experiment a bit with colours. It will enhance the beauty of this design.

15. The Dual Swallows Tattoo:

For a newlywed bride, this is a perfect tattoo to get to show your husband how much the union means to you. The origins of this idea are unknown though it is still world-famous. The two swallows show the bond between two lovers and the lock and key that binds them in this bond. Most of the love couples sported this type of swallow tattoo.


The swallow tattoos have been an incredibly popular choice for body art fans as it naturally lends the question that what swallow tattoo meaning could apply to you. You can choose the best from thousands of bird species and before getting it, make sure that you are getting the right tattoo as sometimes, the swallow bird is mistaken for the bluebird. Always, before pretending to put on a tattoo, either you or your tattoo artists should know the right colours and patterns that are needed to ink accurate and attractive swallow tattoo designs.

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