If you were looking to get an O letter tattoo design inked on your body, you have come to the right place because we have curated the list of the beautiful O letter alphabet designs exclusively for you. Many people prefer to get a single-letter tattoo because they occupy little space and express tons of emotions. It is also a cost-effective option and works well if you are a first-timer.

This list can be a one-stop solution when you want to get a fancy tattoo but want something small in particular. It gives you options for you to choose from for an excellent addition to your body art.

Ten Best O Letter Tattoo Designs:

O letter tattoo designs look excellent anywhere on your body if you know what you expect from the pattern. The wrist, forearm, neck, and calf are prominent places one can get a single-letter tattoo. You can either leave the tattoo simple as it is or add elements like flowers, leaves, stars, hearts, wings to enhance the look of the design as per your preference.

1. Stylish O Letter Tattoo With A Small Heart:

Hearts are an integral part of the tattoo world, whether it is a miniature or great design. This beautiful cursive letter O on the wrist looks beautiful, and the addition of a tiny heart on the letter adds a personal touch to the pattern. The wrist can be a perfect placement to get this single-letter tattoo where you can show it off.

2. O Letter Name Tattoo:

This name tattoo is a personalized option for people who want to get a pattern done with the name of their loved ones highlighting the letter O. The addition of two beautiful pink flowers at the end of the tattoo adds a feminine touch to the pattern. The use of sleek and cursive letters makes it stand out, and usually, females prefer these types of tattoos.

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3. Bold O Letter Tattoo:

If you are a fan of bold letters, this O letter tattoo design can be a perfect option for you to try. There are no elements added to this design, making the alphabet O stand out all by itself. The black ink is used to create dark lines which look exceptional on anyone irrespective of gender. If you are unsure of the color black, you can experiment with other colors.

4. Floral O Letter Tattoo Design:

If you are a fan of florals, this O letter tattoo can be a unique design option. The use of different colors to depict beautiful flowers, leaves, and vines makes the tattoo stand out. This tattoo is colorful and exceptional when engraved on the wrist because you can show it off with pride. But you can also get it done anywhere else on your body as per your preference.

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5. Simple O Letter Finger Tattoo:

Finger tattoos are a perfect way to get a single-letter tattoo engraved and never go out of style. Since the wearer has the letter O engraved on the middle finger, it stands out, unlike where people get it on the ring finger. In addition, the use of thin and small font looks perfect on the finger and blends in beautifully. Another unique feature of this design is that it is suitable for all genders.

6. X O Tattoo Design:

This is a couple’s tattoo where one person gets the letter O, and another gets the letter X engraved, and it comes out looking beautiful when the hands come together. The design looks fantastic on the wrist of the wearer, giving it a stylish and elegant finish. You can leave the letter without any embellishments or add elements as per choice.

7. Intricate O Letter Tattoo Design:

If you are a fan of detailed and exuberant designs for a tattoo, this O letter pattern can be an excellent option. The design looks perfect on the bicep area because the area enhances the beauty of the tattoo. The color combination used in this tattoo is mellow. But you can use different colors as per your preference.

8. Sun And Moon Tattoo Design:

This is yet another couple’s tattoo with the letter O in the shape of the sun on one person’s hand and a crescent moon on the other person’s hand. This combination represents the two sides of a day is day and night, which can be a beautiful representation of two different personalities that come together in a relationship. Again, this tattoo looks exceptional on the wrist area, irrespective of gender.

9. Regal O Letter Tattoo:

If you feel a single O-letter tattoo is small for you, this tattoo that has One written in capitals with the addition of life and love makes it a meaningful tattoo. This design means the wearer has a thought process of one life and one love for the wearer. The wrist is the perfect area to get this tattoo engraved that fits the space beautifully and gives you a chance to show off.

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10. Simple O Tattoo:

This O letter tattoo on the ankle has a line through the letter O, which resembles a mathematical symbol, or it can also mean null and void. Depending on the perception of the wearer, the meaning of this letter changes. Nevertheless, it is a cool tattoo that combines the beauty of English letters and the uniqueness of maths into one pattern.


We hope you got inspiration from the fantastic ten O tattoo designs presented in this article. You can customize every design as per your personal preference and get it in the place you feel the most comfortable. Make sure to choose a design that satisfies you because a tattoo is permanent, and every person’s taste is different. Let us know if you found this article helpful!

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