Tattoos can be styled in any design and form that appeals to your eyes and heart and adds a sparkling look to your attire. The footprint tattoo design leaves an impression of your soul in that image. These footprint tattoo designs have significantly deeper meaning and hold symbolic meaning also. Footprint tattoos can be designed to remember any special occasion and a tribute to your relationship.

15 Stylish Footprint Tattoo Designs:

Let’s look at the top 15 different and unique types of footprint tattoos with pictures.

1. Footprint Tattoo Design with Name:

This is one of the simple and beautiful design on the arm. This small cute footprint design with a name and date in the middle adds extra charm to the wearer’s arm.

2. Ankle Footprint Tattoo Designs:

This is one simple and elegant footprint tattoo design depicted on the ankles, and this type of design is generally crafted by mothers only. In the ankle tattoo design, two small footprints are inked; under that, the child’s name is quoted in a cursive pattern displaying the mother’s love towards her child.

3. Sensational Footprint Tattoo Designs:

Here is a beauteous footprint tattoo design that covers your whole arm and lends you a striking appearance. Here the footprint design is depicted vertically near the wrist, symbolising the wearer going on an infinite journey.

4. Musical Footprint Tattoo Designs:

This is an outstanding design and a remarkable way to depict your tribute to loved ones in a musical way. The plan covers the whole back, and along with a large footprint, a couple of names and date is engraved with musical notes. This is an excellent way to dedicate your love and affection to your beloved.

5. Heart Shape Footprint Tattoo Designs:

This is a marvellous way to portray the world about your love and feelings. In this image, a tiny heart is an outline inked with different shades of blue and a cute paw print depicting the wearer falling in love and moving towards a new era of her life.

6.  Personalized Baby Footprint Tattoo Designs:

Styling feet print tattoos on the arm; the wearer has to endure a lot of pain while getting it styled. This is a heart-touching tattoo design and a compelling way of dedication.

7. Footprint Tattoo on Leg:

This tattoo design depicts that the wearer can adapt to any situation; this design is simple and beautiful. Suitable for both men and women.

8. Family Footprint Tattoo Designs:

The vibrant colour combination of the footprint and the waves beneath it also lends a splendid look to the wearer’s imagination and personality. This is a colourful and brilliant way to portray your family member’s name and footprint.

9. Poetic Footprint Tattoo Designs:

This is a brilliant footprint in the sand tattoo design covering the expecting mother’s ankles and the foot, the tiny adorable, small prints carved with a heart-touching message scripted on it. This type of tattoo is impressive and even depicts the true love of a mother for her forthcoming child or baby.

10. Memorial Footprint Tattoo Designs:

This tattoo design is an amusing way to depict true friends. In the design, below the footprint, the name of the friends is scripted, a surprising way to depict your friends’ value in your life.

11. Footprint Tattoo on Wrist:

On the wrist cute outlined footprint tattoo. This is a simple yet affectionate tattoo design on the wrist for people who love footprint tattoo designs.

12. Deer Footprint Tattoo Designs:

This is a unique image of the moving footprint of deer designed on the stomach giving a radiant look to the wearer’s belly. As deer is well known for its loving and kindness, the wearer of this tattoo wants to display that she also has a caring heart like deer. This tattoo would be visible only when you dress up with low-waist jeans.

13. Marvellous Footprint Tattoo Designs:

This tattoo is generally designed by fathers or mothers wherein small darlings footprint is designed with her name scripted below. This type of small-footprint tattoo is prevalent as it depicts the arrival of new persons in their families.

14. Animal Footprint Tattoo Designs:

Image Source: Shutterstock

This is the footprint image of an intelligent and wise fox or cat who can survive in any situation. The sharp nails add a more killing look to the idea, and this type of tattoo can be designed by anyone who loves foxy or cat footprint tattoos. This is a simple pet footprint tattoo for belief for people who love the simplicity and also believe in it.

15. Butterfly Footprint Tattoo:

This enticing design gives a striking and distinctive appearance to the wearer’s shoulders. In this, the butterfly is tattooed in an artistic way looking like the footprint, and in the centre, you can script the initials of your loved lender for a charming look.


Footprint tattoos can be depicted on any body part by both men and women, irrespective of any restrictions. These tattoos can be big or small or cover a whole part of the body, depending on your choice. These tattoos lend a very soothing and charming appeal to the wearer. So pick one for yourself and add a more mesmerizing look to your persona.

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