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We all have faced the dilemma of getting or not getting a tattoo. A single-letter tattoo can be a perfect way to start your journey into the world of body art. This is the reason why many couples get a tattoo with initials. The H letter tattoo designs mentioned in this article will remind you of someone or something and be tiny yet detailed.

Suitable for both genders, you can add other figures like wings, crowns, and flowers to your H initial tattoo as per your choice. Read on to know more about these tattoo designs, and then make your final choice.

Top 20 H Letter Tattoo Designs:

Regarding single-letter tattoo placement, depending on your additions, you can engrave them on the wrist, near the neck, ankle, etc. We present you with the best H letter tattoo designs that help you express eternal love beautifully.

1. H Letter Tattoo With Red Heart:

H Letter Tattoo With Red Heart Save

Small and cute tattoos are pretty popular among girls. The small H letter tattoo looks beautiful with a heart on the side and gives the design a personal touch. The heart is filled with red, adding a realistic feel, and it looks best when engraved on the wrist and neck.

2. Flying H Letter Tattoo:

Flying H Letter Tattoo Save

We all love adding wings to a single-letter tattoo, but many may not prefer them in large sizes. The small and straightforward wings on both sides of the letter H look beautiful and create an angelic look. These types of tattoos are suitable for any gender.

3. Delightful Heart H Letter Tattoo:

Delightful Heart H Letter Tattoo Save

If you are a fan of small tattoo designs with an added style, you can opt for this design. Unlike conventional tattoos, this design includes the letter in the heart line. You can either get it done in plain black or play with a few colours per your choice. Although the design looks simple, it is a great way to represent love.

4. Endearing Tattoo For The H Letter:

Endearing Tattoo For The H Letter Save

This curvy H letter tattoo looks beautiful on the wrist, ankle, or neck. The addition of a small flower at the top of the alphabet gives the design a feminine touch making it a preferred tattoo design for girls. This design looks the best when engraved in a small size.

5. H Letter Tattoo With A Beautiful Pink Flower:

H Letter Tattoo With A Beautiful Pink Flower Save

At the end of the letter H, the pink and white flower is a perfect option for a tattoo inclined more towards girls. Although the design is relatively simple, the hand’s side area, the way it is presented, and the ankle can be perfect spots to get this tattoo engraved.

6. Capital H Letter Tattoo:

Capital H Letter Tattoo Save

If you get a tattoo for the first time, this simple capital H can be a perfect option for both genders. Since no extra elements are added to the design, it can be achieved quickly and doesn’t cost you a lot of money. You can get this tattoo engraved anywhere on the body.

7. H Tattoo With 3D Effect:

H Tattoo With 3d Effect Save

If you think getting a 3d effect in a tattoo is impossible, think again. Although there is a heart present in this pattern, this can be suitable for both men and women since the strokes and filling of the letter is bold and dark. You can engrave this tattoo on the wrist, ankle, or neck.

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8. Small H Tattoo:

Small H Tattoo Save

This design can be a perfect option if you are a first-timer in getting a tattoo. The small H placed on the wrist with ending with a bit of heart looks simple yet stylish. This design looks fantastic on any exposed part of your body and is suitable for men and women of all ages.

9. Unique H Letter Tattoo With A Pulse:

Unique H Letter Tattoo With A Pulse Save

This beautiful H letter tattoo adds a heart on one side, but rhythms are formed between them. This can be a way to look that the letter represents your love for the person on an intimate and personal level. The red and black colour combinations work the best, suitable for both men and women.

10. H Letter Tattoo On Hand:

H Letter Tattoo On Hand Save

One of the popular choices designed for yourself are coupled alphabets. Another unique look of the H and S letter tattoo design makes it perfect for a couple and their name’s initials. This can also mean a way to show your admiration or love for someone special.

11. Cursive H Letter With A Small Heart:

Cursive H Letter With A Small Heart Save

Simple things go a long way is an apt way to describe this H letter tattoo. Although this design is relatively simple, adding a sleek heart looks attractive and chic simultaneously. This tattoo’s perfect combination of bold and thin curves makes it look cute and beautiful.

12. Crucifix H Letter Tattoo On The Back:

Crucifix H Letter Tattoo On The Back Save

Many people love representing their religious beliefs with their personal touch in the form of a tattoo. The crucifix with the letter H in the center can be a Christian doctrine or a symbol of Christ. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the back and is usually preferred by men.

13. Cute H Letter Tattoo On The Ankle:

Cute H Letter Tattoo On The Ankle Save

The ankle placement of any tattoo and the curves and lines present in this tattoo make it a perfect design option for girls. Many people represent their sense of being by getting a small tattoo engraved on their ankles. These tattoos can be an option for women of all ages.

14. H Tattoo Art With Butterfly:

H Tattoo Art With Butterfly Save

Butterflies are another commonly used symbol with a deeper meaning and represent the profound meaning of life. Adding the butterfly to the letter H shows decorative and symbolizes strength and innovation in many religious practices. The pink and white shades used in the design make it stand out.

15. H Letter Tattoo With Wings And Crown:

H Letter Tattoo With Wings And Crown Save

Having a letter engraved inside a heart is quite common, but you can add elegance and uniqueness to this design by adding a crown and wings. These may symbolize the queens of hearts with a free spirit. The grey filling inside the wings makes the tattoo stand out and more inclined towards females.

16. Royal H Tattoo Design:

Royal H Tattoo Design Save

A Crown can be an excellent addition when you want a royal touch to your H letter tattoo. The white and black filling of the letter looks perfect when it is topped with a stylish crown. This tattoo looks impressive in a monochrome tone, but you can play around with colours if you want to.

17. H Letter Tattoo With A Heart:

H Letter Tattoo With A Heart Save

Cursive letters are one of the common fonts for single letter tattoo designs. This is a capital H with curvy additions and a heart symbol. It is a perfect example of combining a personal touch to the design without compromising the style quotient.

18. Stylish H Initial Tattoo Design:

Stylish H Initial Tattoo Design Save

This is another H-letter tattoo that exudes style and confidence with its sleek design. The original alphabet is engraved in bold, and the additional cursive lines around the letter are lighter, giving the wearer a relaxed and sophisticated feel. Women prefer these types of tattoos.

19. H And K Letter Tattoos With Wings:

H And K Letter Tattoos With Wings Save

This capital H and K letter tattoo are perfect for couples with two initial names. The letter H is elevated by adding a wing with beautiful details in a grey shade, making the letter look like a flying swan. This tattoo is suitable for people of all ages and genders.

20. Rustic H Alphabet Tattoo:

Rustic H Alphabet Tattoo Save

This pattern can be perfect if you are a fan of raw kid’s designs for your alphabet tattoo. The letter H is in the heart center with broad strokes, unlike the traditional designs that make it stand out. The use of red paint in between the black heart looks unique and beautiful.


With the H letter tattoo designs list presented in this article, you can make the final choice without further delay. You can infuse a modern touch to any simple tattoo without fussing. Express your heart beautifully by picking a tattoo from the list we provided. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you make the final choice.

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