Embark on a journey into the iconic universe of Dragon Ball with tattoos that embody the spirit and adventure of this beloved anime. From the mighty Goku to the legendary Dragon Balls, these tattoos give fans a way to permanently showcase their love for the series. Whether you are a die-hard fan or appreciate the art, Dragon Ball tattoos come in various designs and placements, allowing you to express your fandom uniquely and personally.

Significance of Dragon Ball Z Tattoo:

Dragon Ball tattoos resonate deeply with fans, symbolising strength, transformation, and the relentless pursuit of personal goals. Characters like Goku represent perseverance and growth, making Goku tattoos especially meaningful. The Dragon Balls themselves, often inked in vibrant colours, signify the quest for something greater and the magic of possibility. Shenron tattoos embody wisdom and mystical power, while the variety of designs, from small and simple to elaborate sleeves, ensures there is a Dragon Ball tattoo for every fan.

20+ Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Designs:

These tattoos are not just artistic expressions but also a tribute to the enduring legacy and impact of the Dragon Ball series. Dive right in!

1. Dynamic Goku Tattoo Design on the Forearm:

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This Goku tattoo bursts with energy on the canvas of the skin, its size and vibrant colour capturing the essence of Dragon Ball Z’s excitement. Inked boldly on the forearm, it is a powerful piece suitable for any gender, symbolising strength and determination. The intricate details in hues of gold, red, and blue, paired with the character’s fierce expression, make it an eye-catching tribute to the anime’s most iconic hero.

2. A Vivid DBZ Tattoo with Piccolo in Action:

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Inked in colourful hues of greens, reds, and yellows, this Piccolo tattoo is a striking piece of art on the leg. The vertical design is ideal for fans of any gender who appreciate the wisdom and power Piccolo represents. Its rich colours and thoughtful placement make it a standout Dragon Ball Z homage.

3. Super Saiyan Goku Dragon Ball Z Sleeve Tattoo:

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This arm sleeve tattoo glows with the Super Saiyan Goku tattoo in a burst of blue and gold, shining with the Dragon Ball Z spirit. The large, colourful design wraps around the arm, perfect for anyone who feels Goku’s bravery. It is a bold piece that tells a story of power and transformation, a true symbol of the anime’s heart.

4. Goku’s Fiery Might Dragon Ball Z Full Arm Tattoo:

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This tattoo, featuring Goku in full Super Saiyan mode, lights up the arm with fiery oranges and bold blues. It is a large piece that wraps around the arm, making a strong statement for any Dragon Ball Z fan. This tattoo captures Goku’s fierce battle spirit, suitable for anyone looking to draw strength from the character’s unyielding determination.

5. Classic Adventure Dragon Ball Hand Tattoo:

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This hand tattoo captures a classic moment with Goku and friends riding in a car, done in simple black ink. It is a small yet detailed piece that fits neatly on the back of the hand. Ideal for any gender, it is a nod to the lighter side of Dragon Ball, perfect for fans who cherish the series’ sense of adventure and friendship.

6. Bold Black Ink Dragon Ball Goku Tattoo:

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This medium-sized Goku tattoo makes a strong impression with its detailed black shading placed on the arm. The tattoo captures Goku’s intense focus, appealing to any fan regardless of gender. Its bold lines and shaded details bring the Dragon Ball Z character to life, perfect for those who admire Goku’s strength and resolve.

7. A Striking Fierce Warrior Goku Hand Tattoo:

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On the hand lies a dramatic Goku tattoo, his features etched in shades of black and grey. The size is compact yet impactful, suitable for fans of any gender who draw inspiration from Goku’s fierce battles. It is a powerful expression of the Saiyan’s raw energy and unyielding spirit, designed to make a bold statement.

8. Dual Goku and Vegeta Twin Leg DBZ Tattoos:

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Displayed on the legs are matching tattoos of Goku and Vegeta, portrayed in a striking black and grey style. These tattoos are large, making a bold statement down the length of the calves, perfect for anyone wanting to showcase the rivalry and camaraderie between the two warriors. The designs capture the essence of Dragon Ball Z’s epic battles and enduring friendships, ideal for fans who value both strength and unity.

9. Vegeta’s Gaze Intense Full Arm Dragon Ball Tattoo:

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On a full arm sleeve, Vegeta is brought to life with a deep gaze, inked in shades of black and warm browns. The large tattoo stretches from shoulder to wrist, a design that fits anyone looking to embody Vegeta’s intensity and pride. It is a powerful portrayal of the Saiyan prince’s spirit, perfect for Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts who admire his complex character.

10. Super Saiyan Bold Leg Tattoo:

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This leg tattoo showcases a Super Saiyan framed in a bold outline, inked in solid black. The design is medium in size, ideal for display on a calf, and speaks to any fan’s admiration for Saiyan power. It is a simple yet impactful piece, capturing the essence of Dragon Ball’s epic transformations, perfect for those who resonate with the Saiyan’s formidable presence.

11. Fiery Super Saiyan Colourful Calf Tattoo:

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In this tattoo, a fiery Super Saiyan Goku ignites the calf with a blaze of orange and red. It is a medium-sized, vibrant design, ideal for anyone who admires Goku’s fiery determination and strength. The use of bold, bright colours captures the intensity of a Saiyan’s power-up, resonating with fans who are passionate about the epic moments of Dragon Ball Z.

12. Capsule Corp Pilot Nostalgic Thigh Tattoo:

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This detailed black ink tattoo on the thigh brings to life the adventurous spirit of Dragon Ball with a Capsule Corp pilot and Nimbus cloud. The large size makes it an eye-catching piece, suitable for any fan who holds a special place for the series’ inventive technology and whimsical elements. It is a nostalgic nod to the innovation and exploration in the Dragon Ball universe.

13. Colourful Goku Forearm Tattoo:

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On the forearm, this Goku tattoo pops with red hair and a playful expression, showcasing the lighter side of Dragon Ball. The design’s medium size fits neatly on the arm, perfect for fans of all genders who enjoy Goku’s fun-loving nature. Its bright colours give it a lively look, reflecting Goku’s cheerful personality and the joy of the anime.

14. Majestic Shenron Leg Tattoo Art:

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This stunning leg tattoo features the majestic Shenron in vivid colours, covering the lower leg in a medium-sized design. Suitable for any gender, it symbolises the awe-inspiring presence of the Eternal Dragon. The vibrant colours capture Shenron’s grandeur, making it a remarkable tribute to Dragon Ball Z’s mystical elements.

15. Fierce and Timeless Goku Tattoo Design:

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This tattoo showcases the iconic Goku from Dragon Ball Z, captured in mid-transformation with a fierce expression. Using a monochromatic ink palette, the design emphasises depth and detail in a relatively small size on the leg. It suits any gender and stands out as a symbol of determination and strength. The placement on the calf makes it an eye-catching tribute for any Dragon Ball fan.

16. Chi-Chi Dragon Ball Z Leg Tattoo:

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This vibrant tattoo features Chi-Chi, a beloved character from Dragon Ball Z, portrayed with a gentle smile surrounded by vivid flowers. The rich colours pop against the skin, giving life to the design in a medium size, ideal for leg placement. It is a design that appeals to any gender, perfect for those seeking a tattoo that combines the softness of floral with the bold spirit of Dragon Ball characters. The artwork honors the series and adds a touch of nature’s beauty.

17. Saiyan Power Dragon Ball Sleeve Tattoo:

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This tattoo sleeve boasts an impressive portrayal of Goku in his Super Saiyan form, along with a smaller image of Vegeta in a dynamic black and grey ink that highlights their Saiyan power and determination. The design stretches majestically from the shoulder down to the wrist, a perfect choice for those wanting a full arm tribute. Suitable for any gender, this tattoo is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Dragon Ball series, capturing the intensity and camaraderie of its characters.

18. Dynamic Duo in Action Dragon Ball Z Leg Sleeve:

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This leg tattoo captures the essence of Dragon Ball Z with Goku and Vegeta in action, depicted in striking full colour. The design is medium-sized, wrapping around the calf, and showcases the characters’ iconic outfits and powerful stances. It is a design that suits fans of any gender, embodying the spirit of rivalry and partnership. The tattoo is a moving piece of art for enthusiasts who want to carry the energy and excitement of the series with them.

19. The Mystic Gohan Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Design:

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The tattoo features Gohan in a mystical design, with a fusion of subtle purples and deep blacks, creating an aura of power and mystery. Sized to fit comfortably on the calf, it is an artistic take on a beloved character, suitable for any gender. This ink captures Gohan’s intensity and potential, enveloped by cosmic elements, making it a profound statement for fans who relate to his depth and growth throughout the Dragon Ball Z series.

20. Saiyan Showdown Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Design:

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This bold, full-colour tattoo captures a dynamic battle scene between Goku and a rival, likely Vegeta, in an electrifying display of power and movement. Placed on the side of the torso, it is a large piece that wraps around the body, offering an expansive canvas for the action. The vivid blues and oranges are true to the Dragon Ball Z palette, making it a striking choice for any gender, especially fans who appreciate the epic confrontations of the series. This tattoo is a statement piece that brings the excitement of Saiyan battles to life.

21. Master Roshi and Goku’s Dragon Ball Tattoo Small:

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Featuring the wise Master Roshi and a young Goku with his trademark milk bottle, this small, black-ink tattoo captures a nostalgic moment from Dragon Ball’s early days. Placed on the calf, it is a subtle nod to the series, suitable for any gender and ideal for fans who prefer minimalist designs. The simplicity of the tattoo highlights the characters’ enduring appeal and the foundational training days that shaped Goku’s journey.

22. Super Saiyan Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Design:

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This black and grey tattoo showcases a Super Saiyan, possibly Goku, in a fierce and powerful stance, with energy crackling around him. The medium size is perfect for the calf, capturing the intense energy and drama of the transformation. This tattoo’s style is versatile, making it suitable for any gender and particularly appealing to fans who appreciate the raw power and emotion of the Dragon Ball Z series. The dynamic lines and sharp angles add to the sense of movement and strength within the design.


In the world of tattoos, Dragon Ball designs offer a unique opportunity to channel the power and passion of this iconic anime series. From Super Saiyan Goku to the awe-inspiring Shenron, these tattoos encapsulate the essence of Dragon Ball Z in ink and artistry. Whether you opt for a vibrant leg tattoo, a bold arm sleeve, or a playful forearm piece, these designs resonate with fans of all genders.

Dragon Ball tattoos are not just ink on the skin.They are symbols of strength, determination, and the enduring legacy of a beloved anime. So, let your fandom soar to new heights with a Dragon Ball tattoo, and become the real-life Saiyan you’ve always admired. Which tattoo design did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.


1. What Size Should I Choose for My Dragon Ball Tattoo?

The size of your Dragon Ball tattoo depends on your personal preference and the level of detail you desire. Medium-sized tattoos, like forearm or calf designs, are popular choices as they strike a balance between visibility and intricacy. However, if you want to make a bold statement, consider a larger sleeve or leg tattoo. Smaller designs, like hand or back placements, are perfect for subtle tributes.

2. What’s the Symbolism Behind Shenron Tattoos?

Shenron tattoos symbolise more than just the Eternal Dragon.They represent wishes, dreams, and the mystical in life. When you ink Shenron, you carry a piece of that enchantment with you, a reminder of the power of desire and the journey to fulfill it. It is like wearing a wish on your skin, making these tattoos a unique and captivating choice for fans.

3. Can I Combine Different Dragon Ball Characters in One Tattoo?

Absolutely! Combining characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Shenron in a single tattoo is a creative way to showcase your love for the series. These mashup designs can tell a story of camaraderie and adventure, reflecting the intricate relationships in Dragon Ball Z. It is a fantastic way to encapsulate the essence of the anime and create a one-of-a-kind tattoo.

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