Bracelet is one of the most beautiful hand accessories that both men and women love. The equal shared attraction towards this accessory makes it suitable for all genders, which is why tattoo artists started using bracelet designs for the new generation. The design ensures that even if you leave the house without extra effort, the tattoo will make you look jewelled.

The designs are restricted to wrists, ankles, arms and other body parts. So, let’s check out some of the finest styles of bracelet tattoo designs for men and women.

15+ Bracelet Tattoo Designs with Pictures:

To get a clearer idea of how you can get your next bracelets tattoos and what they would look like, here are some of the bracelet tattoo designs as follows:

1. Cross Bracelet Tattoo:

The above tattoo is done on the wrist of the hand. It is seen clearly with a tattoo of the cross in it. And it has two circles of bracelets with a cross in them. It is stained with a holy cross in it. It looks beautiful and represents the holiness of the cross. The sacred cross represents people’s belief and love for their respective God.

  • Body Placement: Get this inked on the wrist or the neck.
  • Ink Colour: You can use several different colours for this one.
  • Size: The size of this tattoo should be between small to medium.
  • Skin Tone: Best for fair and medium skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: This style of tattoo is good for all genders.

2. Ankle Bracelet Tattoo:

The above bracelet is done at the ankle. It is seen with a beautiful inking of the house with a rainbow, and some letters are also inked with it. It is nothing but a chain that carries all the things in it. This type of bracelet serves as an anklet worn on the legs. Hence this tattoo is highly carried out by women, especially college teens. This is one of the best bracelet tattoo designs for teenage girls.

  • Body Placement: This tattoo will look good on both ankles and wrists.
  • Ink Colour: A feather can be in different colours or black colour.
  • Size: Small and medium-size should be appropriate.
  • Skin Tone: Colourful tattoo will look good on all skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: Men and women can both pull this off.

3. Flower Bracelet Tattoos:

There are several designs to stain. Flowers are the most beautiful in this world. So for inking a tattoo on the hand, the ankle, or any part of the body, flowers play a vital role. Flowers with twigs look lovely. The above tattoo shows twigs having some flowers attached to every twig.

  • Body Placement: Place this tattoo design on your wrist.
  • Ink Colour: Keep this tattoo design very colourful.
  • Size: The size of this tattoo can be small or medium.
  • Skin Tone: Fair to dark skin; anyone can look good with this design.
  • Suitable Gender: Flowers are loved by men and women.

4. Hand Bracelet Tattoo:

Bracelet tattoos can be done in many designs. Such as butterflies, flowers and chains etc. Likewise, the above tattoo is done as knotting something. The tattoo looks very beautiful with such lovely colours inked with it. This tattoo is inked very nicely so that something is knotted to the arm of the individual.

  • Body Placement: Get this stylish work inked on your arm, wrist or ankle.
  • Ink Colour: Pick black or red as a suitable ink colour.
  • Size: Size should be between small to medium.
  • Skin Tone: Best for fair to dark complexion
  • Suitable Gender: This would look cool on men.

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5. Tribal Bracelet Tattoo Designs:

Some designs will be unique. These designs will be old-fashioned but look new to the present generation. Those are tribal tattoos. These tattoos can be done at the wrist or ankle bone of the foot. The designs will be unique and different. It can be tried by all person who wants to ink a tattoo.

  • Body Placement: This tattoo style would be great on the ankle, wrist, arm and calf.
  • Ink Colour: Black is the most sought-after ink colour.
  • Size: Size can be small or medium.
  • Skin Tone: Tribal designs will look good on all skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: Most men like the structure and design of such tattoos.

6. Charm Bracelet Tattoo:

Tattoos can be done in many patterns. Even the tattoo represents the nature of a person. The selection can say the nature of the person of the tattoo. Charm means which will be very fashionable. Bracelet tattoos can be done charm-wise. The charm tattoo may include any number of things like letters, butterflies, symbols and a star bracelet tattoo. All such type of tattoo comes under the charming group only.

  • Body Placement: This excellent design can be inked on the ankle or wrist.
  • Ink Colour: Keep the ink colour vivid depending on the charms.
  • Size: Limit the size to medium size.
  • Skin Tone: Charms will look best on fair to medium skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: Women are more attracted to and fonder of such designs.

7. Women’s Arm Bracelet Tattoo:

These types of tattoos are seen mostly by women. It has only one emotion included in it. It even attracts observers easily. This is a perfect bracelet tattoo idea for women.

  • Body Placement: You can place this elaborate design on your arm, forearm, or calf area.
  • Ink Colour: This style is mainly inked in black and shades of red and black.
  • Size: The size of this can be significant with intricate detailing.
  • Skin Tone: Such designs are best for fair to medium skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: Women are fonder of such extravagant designs.

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8. Chain Bracelet Tattoos:

A bracelet tattoo is nothing but a one-in-chain model only. It means any multiple designs of chains are inked on the wrist or ankle of the body. It will be simple but looks dignified. The chain may consist of keys, crosses, letters, designs, etc. This is an appropriate hand bracelet tattoo.

  • Body Placement: Best suited for wrist and ankle area.
  • Ink Colour: Black with hints of other colours will look perfect.
  • Size: The size of this tattoo is most suitable as small.
  • Skin Tone: Best when inked on light skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: Women and men equally like this style of design.

9. Henna Bracelet Wrist Tattoos:

The Henna Mehndi designs inspire these kinds of wrist bracelet tattoos. They give a marvellous effect when inked in tiny designs with dark black colour. Such tattoos can also be carried out as temporary designs on the wrists. This kind of tattoo design is trendy among college students worldwide. It originates in India and is also popular as a temporary tattoo design.

  • Body Placement: Will look best if placed on a wrist, forearm or ankle.
  • Ink Colour: Black is a classy choice of colour.
  • Size: The size can be small to big with elaborate detailing.
  • Skin Tone: Looks incredible on all skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: Women love this style of design.

10. Pretty Bracelet Tattoos:

This kind of bracelet tattoo is made on the legs to give it an anklet look. The design includes a small string filled with tiny circular beads and a heart in the centre. At the end is a pretty small feather. Teens highly carry this tattoo to give their look a lovely touch. These kinds of tattoos are also counted as seductive for lovers. This kind of tattoo can also be given an exciting look, but it has its beauty in black shades. It is one of the best bracelet tattoo designs for middle age girls.

  • Body Placement: This design will look catchy on the wrist, ankle and arm.
  • Ink Colour: Choose the classy black or add a little colour.
  • Size: This looks best when done in small to medium sizes.
  • Skin Tone: Apt for light to medium skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: Women are fonder of such designs.

11. Simple Bracelet Tattoos:

This is a simple tattoo design for a wrist bracelet. The tattoo includes three simple strands or strings. The first string is dark; the second is given a lighter shade, while the last one is created with the help of several dots. The dark-to-light combination use of colours makes it a unique piece of art. Girls make such tattoos in colleges or working women. They look fabulous when taken off to parties in casuals. This is one of the perfect bracelet tattoo designs on the wrist.

  • Body Placement: This intricate design will look best on the ankle, wrist, and neck.
  • Ink Colour: Keep it simple with black.
  • Size: Most suitable in tiny to small sizes.
  • Skin Tone: The design is best for lighter skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: The detailing and design are apt for women.

12. Ankle Bracelet Tattoo With Letters:

Lovers mainly adopt this ankle bracelet tattoo design. The tattoo is a combination of linework along with the letters of the lovers. These types of tattoos are highly made in couples. Using various fonts with beautiful curves and colours gives your tattoo a unique, cute and lovely look. This is one of the excellent pairs of ankle bracelet tattoo designs.

  • Body Placement: The ankle and wrist is the appropriate spot.
  • Ink Colour: Ink colour can be black or shades of black.
  • Size: Keep the size small to medium to make it look more effective.
  • Skin Tone: This tattoo will look good on all skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: The design is fit for all genders.

Few More Latest Bracelet Tattoo Designs 2022:


  • Since bracelet tattoo designs can be done on many body parts, select and finalise the part you want to get inked.
  • If you want to get inked on the wrist, make sure that you choose a design that fits in your wrist area.
  • Choose dark-coloured ink as the wrist, arm, or ankle go through a lot of movement, leading to ink fading and discolouration.
  • You can choose a design similar to a charm bracelet to add multiple favourite designs to one tattoo.
  • Pick a trusted tattoo artist, as the wrist and ankle are sensitive and should be handled with needles carefully.


The wrist is one of any individual’s most noticeable body parts, as it is easily exposed. Hence people love to get inked at the wrist to make it easily eye-catchy. Also, simple bracelet tattoos give a beautiful look when placed on the wrist. Bracelet tattoo designs can be customised or created depending on the personal requirement and consist of multiple elements. This tattoo has gained popularity as one of the important designs in tattoo fashion and culture.

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