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22 Best Infinity Tattoo Designs And Meanings

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Infinity symbol means endless. It looks like a lying 8 and is a popular mathematical expression as well. Apart from usage in educational purposes, the symbol has multiple applications in tattoo art as well. People seem to be obsessed with the infinity symbols. People are so mad about this tattoo that they get their feet, wrists, arms, forearms, tattooed with the infinity tattoo designs.

The infinity symbol has a rich and important meaning. It is considered as one of the top choices of tattoo artists when they want to make something creative. Often infinity designs come with quotes which are inspirational, sweet, etc. However, the significance of the tattoo is that it conveys meanings that are closer to rebirth or reincarnation and holds a special place in Eastern culture. Religions like Hinduism and Buddhism also hold high and similar values for the infinity tattoo design. Literally, the design means a ‘never ending loop’ and this could mean a never-ending cycle of birth and death. Forever and limitless are the associated meanings of this and is one of the best positive vibe spreading designs that you can try. This particular infinity tattoo designs are usually not meant for couples.


Where Could You Place The Tattoo?

For all the men out there, if you are wondering where in your body you could get this done, here is our suggestion.

  • Arms: The best place for the men, is probably their arms, especially if you are well built with good biceps. This way, the tattoo will become more noticeable and prominent.
  • Forearms: The other good shot is to try on the forearms. When you wear an arm length tee or shirt, your tattoo will be visible to people and will sit there in style.
  • Back neck: It is difficult for people to notice it when you tattoo here, plainly because men are known to wear clothes that cover their neck. You could nevertheless go for it and flaunt it at your gym!

For the boys out there,

  • Try your forearms, on the downside. So, when you pose for pictures, your tattoo is visible and you don’t have to be scared of your school teacher or college professor finding out!
  • The next best choice for the boys would be their chest. The idea is cool and is also a popularly opted choice by many youngsters. Typically, it is actually possible for you to dress up cool and show your chest, before you start working. Utilize the time!

So, what about the women? Here are some best places in your body that you could think of getting inked.

  • Wrist: The most common and best spot to get your tattoo done is probably on your wrist. It is always visible and thus you will be able to effectively show the world, what you believe in.
  • Neck: The back neck is the next best spot for getting inked. Tie up your hair like a bun and wear a back neck showing top. That’s what style is all about!
  • Ankle: ankle is another popularly opted choice. While it may be less visible, it is probably the best place for those looking for tiny designs.

For the girls, here is our recommended spot.

  • Wrist: For the women or girl, wrist never goes out of fashion. The design will look beautiful every time you just happen to look at your watch for the time. Well, that how you flaunt it!
  • Neck: One side of the neck is a good spot to get inked for the girls. You don’t really have to worry about the office or workspace for now. When you get it in your neck, it is visible and you become the centre of attraction. Sounds like an idea?

Best Infinity Tattoos With Pictures And Meanings:

If you’re interested in infinity tattoo designs then you should go through the list below which contains the best infinity tattoos with photos ideas ever.

1. The Small And Cute Infinity Tattoo:

small and cute infinity tattoo

People like to get small infinity tattoos on their wrists. They look sweet and get the job done as well. Here, we have a beautiful infinity tattoo done on the wrists which is really small and cute and is done with black tattoo ink. This particular tattoo design will be suitable for both men and women.

2. The Double Infinity Tattoos Design:

double infinity tattoo design

This double infinity tattoo design is absolutely mind-blowing. Here, the two infinity tattoos are done, one above the other. The design flaunts extraordinary beauty and can be sported by both men and women. The idea of this tattoo is so wonderful that anyone will easily fall in love with the design and want to get it. The tattoo will look great on the wrist. Girls can, however, get this tattoo on their foot if they want.

3. The Love Symbol Shape Infinity Tattoo Designs:

love infinity tattoo

This is probably one of the most popular infinity tattoo design which is sported by tattoo-lovers throughout the world. The tattoo sports a love vibe which makes it one of the most suitable tattoos for girls. They can sport this tattoo on their wrist or the forearms. The tattoo is small and beautiful at the same time and is rightfully the best infinity tattoo to get on your arms.

4. The Sister Love Infinity Tattoos Designs:

sister love infinity tattoo design

This infinity tattoo design will be suitable for brothers. The tattoo shows how beautiful a breather’s love can be for his sister. In the picture, the brother has tattooed his wrist showing his infinite love for his sisters. The tattoo also has the element of birds which make this design look extra alluring. This is one of the best infinity tattoos for sisters.

5. The Hakuna Matata Infinity Symbol Tattoo Design:

Hakuna Matata infinity tattoo

Hakuna Matata means no worries. This sweet and inspirational tattoo design will be suitable for both men and women. The Hakuna Matata tattooed in the form of infinity simply means that one will be free from all kind of worries about the rest of his/her life. Men can do this tattoo on the arms.
However, women can sport it on their upper arms as done in the picture above.

6. The Colorful Infinity Tattoos:

colorful infinity tattoo

This colourful infinity tattoo has been done on the neck. The tattoo is truly beautiful and one can easily sport it on their feet as well. Black and blue color have been applied on this tattoo and it is one of the most beautiful tattoo designs ever. A criss-cross pattern has been followed while tattooing this design. One cannot simply appreciate his tattoo design enough.

7. The Black Infinity Tattoo Design For Girls:

black infinity tattoo design for girls

Apart from legs, girls also like sporting infinity tattoos on their back. Here, we can see a cute black infinity tattoo done on the back of the girl in the picture. The tattoo is so alluring that any girl would fall for it. People will admire you a little more than they did earlier just for this tattoo.

8. The Infinity Initials Tattoos For Women:

infinity initials tattoo for women

Infinity tattoos with initials are really attractive. In this picture, the tattoo design with initials look very beautiful on the wrist. The design has been intended for women mainly. You can wear this any kind of occasions.

9. The Anchor Infinity Tattoo Design:

anchor infinity tattoo design

Believe it or not. The anchor infinity tattoo design is one of the most mainstream tattoo designs ever done. Here, we can see a beautiful quote written just below the anchor design which say, “Love anchors the soul”.

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10. The Infinity Tattoos With Birds:

infinity tattoo with birds

Both men and women highly prefer the infinity tattoo designs with birds. The birds tattoo implies the freeness character and so peaceful also. The birds make the design so look so amazing. It is probably one of the best tattoo designs done on the wrists. Such tattoos can also be done on the neck, upper arms, etc.

11. The Family Love Infinity Tattoo Design:

family love infinity tattoo design

With the help of this tattoo design, one can show off the love for his/her family. This is one of the best tattoo designs with beautiful meanings. The tattoo means that we can never love our family enough. Each and every family member has a special place in our heart and this tattoo just brings out that love in the form of tattoo art inked permanently on the body.

12. Simple Infinity Tattoo On The Feet:

Small infinity tattoo on the feet

These small infinity tattoos are basically done by beginners who just want to get the feeling of ink on their body. If they feel good about it, then they go for doing more ink jobs on their body parts. This design can be easily done and is actually tattoo design for teenage girls. Here, we have a beautiful combination of sweetness with ink. It is one of the best infinity tattoos for best friends.

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13. The Name Infinity Tattoos Design:

name infinity tattoo design

This is another popular form of tattooing with infinity designs. Here, two names are used on each side of the lying 8. It is one of the most popular infinity tattoo designs for both men and women. Mostly this kind of tattoo flaunt by couple and lovers.

14. Mother Love Infinity Tattoo Design:

Mother love infinity tattoo design

This is a brilliant way of showing love for your mother. Get this tattoo and show your mom to make her day awesome. Getting this tattoo would definitely prove what an awesome child you are.

15. Cool Infinity Symbolic Tattoo On The Wrist:

small infinity symbolic tattoo on the wrist

This beautiful infinity symbol tattoo is one of the sweetest tattoo designs ever. It will be appropriate for both men and women. One can easily painted this cool infinity tattoo any part of the body. This is one of the popular small infinity tattoos for girls.

16. Infinity Feather tattoo:

This one is inspired to keep it ‘light’. The feather symbolizes the lightness and tattoo is done on black ink with shaded areas in between. The contrast of shades in the centre and at the tapering ends, makes this a beautiful infinity tattoo that you definitely must try.

17. Infinity Tattoo on Finger:

How about a cool infinity tattoo on your finger, that is just plain simple and beautiful? This tattoo is beautifully inked in between the finger, on the ring finger. It is jet black and is a good contrast to your skin color.

18. Infinity Tattoo on Hand:

How about something fancy on your hand? This infinity tattoo on your hand is beautiful and depicts how one wants to truly be light and fly away like a bird. The tattoo encapsulates the right feeling and is done beautifully in black ink. The entire tattoo alternates in dark and light shades, and this contrast is a beauty to admire.

19. Infinity Tattoo on Foot:

This one is done on the foot and is evidently visible. The tattoo puts the word ‘believe’ on loop and depicts how we all believe in one another in the world. The wordings can be changed if you like, to what you like and believe. It gives a beautiful and unique appearance to the infinity loop.

20. Tribal Infinity Tattoo:

One of the classy tribal infinity tattoo is this one! This small infinity tattoo is inspired from tribal ideas and has dark shades of black. It has a lot of strokes than the usual one and is inspired to look dark and deep. You can try this design on your arms or forearms and is sure to leave an influence on others.

21. Infinity Flower Tattoo:

Here is a beautiful infinity flower tattoo that has mix of several colors. The red and black contrast well, making it look attractive and the green color is an eye candy. The rose on the end is done beautifully, making the tattoo look crisp and neat. Try this mix of colors for a change!

22. Infinity Butterfly Tattoo:

Another cute tattoo idea is to have a butterfly one. The tattoo has the butterfly design, along with small wordings written. It is inspired to look light and can be best done on the wrist or hands. You can make it big and customize it the way you like, for added effects and liking.

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There are many infinity tattoo designs available for both men and women, but these set of tattoos are unique and different from what you have come through till date. These are admired by tattoo artist and it will help you shaping your personality as well. Simply get any one of them and confidently rock it.