The uniqueness and tribal styles of Asian tattoo designs are the prominent reasons they are getting more popular worldwide. A group of West Asian nomads called the Ainu are considered the roots of Asian tattooing. However, it is just a theory, and no conclusive evidence is available. Some of the most popular Asian tattoos include East Asian styles from Japan, Thailand and China. Over time very distinct styles have evolved from these regions, which are famous internationally, especially the tribal tattoo designs.

Ranging from fun to spiritual, the Asian tattoo designs mentioned in this article provide you with multiple options. Go through them and choose the one that you love the most. Read on!

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15 Best Asian Tattoo Designs:

Here we have presented you with some of the best and most unique Asian tattoo design options that represent your love for Asian culture gorgeously. Go through the list; furthermore, you can make more additions to make the tattoo more personal.

1. Asian Lotus Tattoo With A Scorpion:

Scorpions have been a significant part of artwork in many parts of Asia as they protect the wearer from illness and evil. At the same time, a lotus symbolizes that despite the state of life and growing from the mud, we all must learn to bloom. Combining these two elements gives the wearer beautiful protection that makes them feel positive. Though the tattoo looks gorgeous in black ink, using colours can make the tattoo look unique.

2. Asian Flower Tattoo On The Back:

The female principle or yin is represented with a moon in Chinese celestial cosmology. This is why moon tattoos are considered feminine and preferred by women of all ages. At the same time, the floral tattoo meaning is multi-layered and changes depending on the culture. This Asian back tattoo has both these elements, which creates a beautiful effect. In addition, the use of colours for the flowers gives the tattoo an authentic look.

3. Asian Dragon Tattoo:

Asian dragon tattoos are believed to promote the overall betterment of manhood and denote strength, compassionate force and insight. This intricate dragon tattoo has a ferocious face and intricate patterns throughout its tail and body giving it an appealing look. Though the forearm can be a perfect place to flaunt the tattoo, the shoulder and back can also be an ideal design that adds a mystery to the design pattern.

4. Funny Asian-Style Tattoos:

If you are looking for a fun element in your Asian tattoo, this cat tattoo can be an understated perfection. In Asian cultures, the symbolic representation of a cat tattoo is the connection with the almighty, understanding and knowledge in Japanese culture. This tattoo features a cat’s whimsical soul while performing human-like activities. This tattoo is a perfect fit when engraved on the arm.

5. Koi Asian Sleeve Tattoo:

Suppose you are looking for a full-sleeve tattoo representing Asian culture. In that case, this Asian Koi fish tattoo can be a perfect option. As per legend, Koi is the only fish to swim upstream, symbolizing bravery, strength and power. Furthermore, in Asian culture, the Koi represents progress and perseverance because it is believed that God turns the Koi into a golden dragon if it reaches the Dragon’s gate. Though this tattoo looks beautiful in black and white, using colours can make the tattoo look very realistic.

6. Asian Arm Tattoos With A Rabbit:

Rabbit is a character that popularly appears in many mythical stories and is considered a symbol of self-devotion and cleverness. In addition, a rabbit is regarded as a spirit (kami) according to Japanese culture. The wearer has gotten a cute little rabbit engraved with thin lines, holding lettuce in its hands, ready to eat. Though the rabbit looks gorgeous in black outlines, using green shades for the lettuce gives it a realistic finish. You can get this tattoo engraved anywhere, irrespective of gender.

7. Asian Tattoos For Females:

This crane tattoo is perfect if you want a feminine touch to your body art. Cranes represent endurance and prosperity in many Asian cultures and are also known as Senbazuru in Japan. These crane tattoos look very mesmerizing, where one is flying, and the other is standing. The tattoo is further beautified with the addition of pink flowers, making the tattoo more alluring. This tattoo looks best on the side of the chest or the upper back, allowing you to cover up if you wish.

8. Asian Devil Tattoo:

If you are looking for an Asian tattoo that wards off bad omens from your life, this Oni tattoo can be an ideal option. This Asian tattoo represents the scary demon that can help you ward off enemies while sending out a message that you shouldn’t be messed with. The tattoo design fills up most of the forearm, and it is a time-consuming process. People who are well-versed in body art choose these types of tattoos.

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9. Funny Asian Cat Tattoo:

In many Asian cultures, a cat symbolizes a connection with the almighty, understanding and knowledge. This chubby tiger is standing on his hind legs with the front legs folded, similar to his hands. If you look closely, the cat’s facial expressions say it all. Unlike the other tattoos, this one is engraved in colours giving the pattern a perfect and authentic look. You can get this tattoo done anywhere on the body, depending on your preference.

10. Asian Tiger Tattoo Designs:

This ferocious tiger tattoo, usually preferred by men, irrespective of age, symbolizes confidence, energy and fierceness. However, this magnificent tiger tattoo with a beautiful outline is slowly readying itself to pounce on its prey. The tattoo is brought to life with detailed sketching and terrorizing eyes. Using colours for the tattoo is optional because the design looks exceptional, even in black ink.

11. Extensive Asian Hand Tattoos:

This is one of the best Asian tattoos that cover the entire sleeve, which is meaningful and beautiful, involving intricate shading of all the prominent elements which play an essential role in Asian culture. This full-sleeve tattoo contains a ferocious tiger on the top and beautiful flowers and bouncy waves. These types of tattoos usually fill up an entire sleeve creating a stunning effect.

12. Traditional Asian Tattoos:

This is one of the best Asian shoulder tattoos that involve a Koi fish. Koi fish represents bravery, strength and willpower, so its popularity is growing significantly. The unique feature of this tattoo design is that the pattern’s background is predominantly black, which highlights the Koi fish, lotus and many other intricate elements. This tattoo covers the shoulder entirely and is usually preferred by men.

13. Butterfly Forearm Asian Tattoo:

A butterfly represents freedom, transformation, and faith while being a long-standing symbol of natural beauty. The reason why butterfly designs are so popular is that, traditionally, they are closely connected to femininity and romantic love. Unlike the many butterfly tattoo designs with floral patterns, this one is done with grey shadings and intricate patterns that make the butterfly stand out. However, you can use multiple colours, too, if you wish to make the tattoo look colourful.

14. Simple Asian Tattoos:

This hand fan tattoo design can be a perfect option for simplicity in what you want. The hand fan design is considered one of the most traditional tattoo designs for women. A hand fan evoked a particular sexual mystery. It was used as a weapon of seduction in Asia for several centuries. Though the tattoo is done in black and can look beautiful, getting them engraved in colours can be a unique output.

15. Asian Snake Tattoo:

In Japanese culture, a snake tattoo is considered a shield against ailment and calamity. This alluring black snake looks mesmerizing and represents fortune, change and knowledge. The snake’s curves and intricate patterns make the tattoo look realistic and authentic. Getting this tattoo engraved near the shoulder can be a perfect place that ensures all the complex elements are visible.


Whether it is tribal tattoos or modern interpretations of the Asian culture, the Asian tattoo designs presented in this article give you ample options. Depending on your preference, you can choose a small or extensive design and get it done anywhere on your body. First, go through the list for inspiration before finalizing one for yourself. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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