Are you born under the Cancer zodiac sign? People born under this sign are loyal, imaginative, tenacious, and caring for the people around them. You can show your love and feel on your surface by choosing one of the best Cancer sign tattoos mentioned in this article.

Many things can be considered tattoo ideas for the Cancer zodiac sign, such as the signs’ relationship with the sun and moon, loyalty, the crab symbol, etc. We have put together some impressive Cancer tattoo collections you can look at before choosing one.

16 Best Cancer  Zodiac Sign Tattoo Designs:

People born under the Cancer zodiac sign are good at picking up details like other water signs. The collection of minimalist, artistic to loud, and big Cancer tattoos provides you with several options to look at before landing on the perfect tattoo option.

1. Crab Cancer Sign Tattoo:

This is one of the best tattoo ideas for the cancer zodiac, where the crab’s artistic representation is done meticulously. Although it might look simple, the design looks beautiful, and sometimes leaving them simple will work wonders. You can call it a day while getting a simple illustration of this crab tattoo on your body. You can get this design done on the body parts with a large surface area.

2. Attractive Pink Crab Tattoo On The Back:

This is one of the best cancer crab tattoo designs that incorporate the beauty of colors instead of black ink. Overall, the crab is done in a reddish-pink hue, giving it a feminine touch. The wearer has a moon incorporated into the design, which is the ruler of this zodiac sign. This tattoo also has a sixty-nine symbol on the top area of the crab.

3. Cancer Zodiac Star Tattoo:

Another simple zodiac sign cancer tattoo design where the constellation is is represented exceptionally. No matter what your sign, constellations are a great way to get a tattoo. This tattoo sign incorporates the constellation pattern with stars, and there is a sixty nine pattern on the side, creating a perfect synchronization. This tattoo looks beautiful when done on the limbs.

4. Cancer Sign Tattoo On The Shoulder:

If you are looking for minimalistic cancer sign tattoo ideas, this one can be a perfect addition to your body art. You can easily hide this tattoo because it is pretty minimal. This design suits you the best for you if you’d rather keep it simple rather than anything boisterous. The usage of big lines makes it a superior design, and it looks good anywhere on your body.

5. Cute Cancer Tattoo On The Leg:

This cancer symbol zodiac tattoo represents the glyph in such a way that it looks like a crab. There are two cute little claws in front of the design give the design look like a crab. The wearer has gotten the tattoo engraved near the ankle using thick lines. Since the tattoo is cute and simple, you can get this tattoo done anywhere on your body, irrespective of gender.

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6. Cancer Symbol Inside A-Sun:

The simple 69 symbols are inked inside the sun, giving this simple tattoo a tribal cancer zodiac finish. The wearer has to use sleek lines with black ink, but if you wish, you can experiment with colors to give the design a unique and personal touch. The tattoo is gender-neutral and therefore is suitable for anyone irrespective of age.

7. Floral Cancer Constellation:

Constellation tattoos are pretty popular irrespective of the sign. This is one of the best cancer zodiac tattoos for females because of the cute tiny flowers instead of stars. Of course, the floral patterns make it an apt choice for a girly, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look crafty on boys.

8. Colorful Crab Tattoo Design:

This is one of the best cancer zodiac tattoos that will help you grab anyone’s attention in an instant. The crab design is done in greyish shadings with a 69 symbol in the center. The unique feature of this design is the use splash of blue and red colours in the background of the crab that elevates it to another level. The blue hue gives the tattoo a natural look because it resembles water.

9. Cancer Sign Tattoo With Paintbrush Strokes:

If you cannot decide whether you want a simple or extravagant tattoo design, this zodiac cancer sign tattoo suits both moods beautifully. This cancer glyph tattoo is carved onto the wearer’s hand, and the romantic traits of a Cancerian are represented with cute little stars all around. The paintbrush strokes are used for engraving the glyph pattern to look elegant for anyone.

10. Impressive Cancer Tattoo On The Arm:

This cancer zodiac tattoo photo is a perfect example of a design where the sixty-nine symbols are inked inside a circle that looks like a moon, the ruler of this zodiac sign. The unique feature of this tattoo looks like a cute little locket, and the wearer has got it engraved near the ankle. The vertical representation of this tattoo makes it look beautiful on limbs.

11. Cancer Zodiac Glyph Symbol Tattoo On The Wrist:

This cancer zodiac sign tattoo design on the wrist might look pretty straightforward, but instead of single lines, the wearer has chosen double lines making it stand out beautifully. The medium-sized tattoo looks best when done on the arm, wrist, neck, etc. You can either engrave the tattoo in medium-size or small size as per your personal preference.

12. Detailed Cancer Tattoo On The Calf:

This is a cancer sign tattoo that exceptionally incorporates the beauty of nature and constellations. The glyph sign is attached with claws creating a beautiful centrepiece. The constellation of the cancer tattoos is placed in the center. The word cancer is written in cursive letters on top of the crab. The tattoo looks good when done on the calf, shoulder, or bicep.

13. Ankle Cancer Sign Tattoo:

This cancer sign tattoo reminds you of your genesis simply and most efficiently. Get this classic cancer symbol tattoo engraved near the ankle, which also looks like a music symbol. This tattoo also looks beautiful when inked on the nape of the neck, wrist, and back. It can fit into small spaces, perfect for your body art.

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14. Intricate Cancer Tattoo On The Arm:

This intricate cancer astrology sign tattoo on the wrist looks exceptional on anyone irrespective of gender. The center of this entire tattoo is a glyph symbol covered by small dots beautifully forming patterns. The tattoo also incorporates a crescent moon, the ruler of the cancer sign. This design looks when done in black ink because there is minimal scope for colours.

15. Bright Back Cancer Tattoo:

If you are a fan of colors and want to incorporate all those colours into your cancer zodiac crab tattoo, this one is the perfect example. The crab is done in a bluish-green hue with yellowish tones to it. Another elevating factor of this design is the addition of a beautiful flower in the crab’s claws. Women usually prefer these types of designs because it has a feminine touch.

16. Robust Cancer Tattoo On The Bicep:

If you are looking for an extensive cancer sign tattoo, engraved on the shoulder is a perfect example. The glyph symbol is done in thick lines with claws protruding, giving it a finish that looks like a crab. Although men and their shoulders usually prefer these tattoos, the back can be the perfect area to engrave this pattern. This design has a tribal tone with a crab symbol inside it.


We hope you like the list of Cancer zodiac sign tattoos presented in this article, making it easier for you to choose one. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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