Pig tattoos are not that commonly heard. But people do have them and there are so many designs in which one can get a pig tattoo. They can be small, big, scary, adorable, etc. also they can be made anywhere and can also be twisted.

Best and Stylish Pig Tattoo Designs:

Let’s see the different styles of pig tattoo designs which will give a tremendous look to the girls and boys.

1. Cute Small Pig Tattoo:

The pig tattoo may not sound good to have but if you have a look on this then you might change your thinking. This small pig tattoo on foot is very adorable to have. If you wish to have a traditional pig tattoo then you might defiantly want to have this.

2. Action in a Fly Pig Tattoo:

The flying pig tattoo is also one of the pig tattoos which look great. Although its meaning is different and is usually used as a phrase. It means something that will not happen.  This might also give an impact on people who have it.

3. Happy Smiley Pig Tattoo:

This pig tattoo is very happy and jolly. People who want to have a happy and jolly feeling might get this tattoo for themselves. This happy pig makes you happy all the time and gives you the feeling of love.

4. Angel Type Pig Tattoo:

Another thing that can be done with the pig tattoo is to have an angel pig tattoo.  It looks very cute to have an angel pig tattoo. Angel is a symbol of a guardian, a protector and making this tattoo will give a positive impact.

5. Chinese Symbol Pig Tattoo:

The Chinese people have a different meaning to this. They have animal zodiac signs and pig is also one of them. Many people who believe in the Chinese zodiac might get a Chinese pig tattoo. It symbolizes the Chinese zodiac sunshine qualities in a person who makes it.

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6. Female Pig in Tattoo:

This is another pig tattoo which is popular. The female pig tattoo designs look very cute and girlish on anyone. Mostly it is for girls or people who like this kind of soft tattooed pigs art. Girls can surely have this cute little pig tattoo.

7. Simple with Casual Pig Tattoo:

There are many pig tattoos and people choose according to their choice. This black pig tattoo is very simple. It may or may not be complete, but it will still give you a pig tattoo. It looks very elegant and maybe just a design instead of being a replica.

8. Animated Style Pig Tattoos:

Pigs are also used as a character in Disney as well. There were many stories in which pigs where there so this tattoo is for those who love the animations. This pig tattoo looks very cute and is a nice way to keep the character alive.

9. Rough Look Pattern in Pig Tattoo:

This tattoo is a bit dangerous and for those who wish to have a bad kind of tattoo. This is the pig skull tattoo that may scare people and give you a gangster image. For those who love something daring or bold, this pig tattoo is for you.


There are so many ways in which one can have a pig tattoo. These can be twisted a bit to make it more interesting or creative. There are huge varieties of pig tattoos which will look good no matter what. Such type of tattoos shows your simplicity of behaviour as per astrology. So feel free to try these and you might love it more when you have it.

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