Have you ever heard about Hamsa tattoos? The Hamsa tattoo traces back thousands of years to modern times, first known to be discovered within the Mesopotamia and Phoenician ancient civilizations. Many believe you can obtain protection against the foreboding evil eye by getting a Hamsa tattoo design. The hand of Mirian, Aaron and Moses’s sister and the Hand of Fatima are some of the other identification of the Hamsa hand.

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Let us go through this article to learn more about the Hamsa tattoos and various designs you can look into before getting one for yourself. Read on!

Top 15 Hamsa Tattoo Designs:

People wear a Hamsa tattoo design or symbol to bring happiness, luck, health and good fortune into their lives. The hamsa hand is also referred to as the Hand of God, protecting the wearers from the evil eye.

1. Hand Of Fatima Tattoo:

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Regarding hamsa tattoos, the eye figure is the central element. You can make the eye pattern as realistic as possible to exude many feelings beautifully. Depending on your taste, you can add symbols or letters of your choice to make it more personalized. You can give the eye a more shady or smokey effect making it more noticeable, which will keep the enemies away.

2. Unique Hamsa Tattoo:

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This is a simple yet unique hamsa tattoo design that involves a combination of geometric patterns encased in the traditional hand design. However, unlike the other hamsa tattoo designs, this one doesn’t have an eye in the centre. Instead, the outline of the hand has bold dots, which highlight the tattoo beautifully. If you want a clear finish, go for black ink, but you can use a bit of colour to add a colourful effect.

3. Simple Hamsa Tattoo On The Back:

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If you are looking into a straightforward hamsa tattoo design, this one on the back is the perfect option. The design is sleek and uses thin lines that look beautiful. Women usually prefer these types of procedures, and this pattern allows you to cover yourself up when you want to while showing it off as you see fit.

4. Hamsa Forearm Tattoo Design:

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The Hamsa tattoo design looks the best when engraved on the forearm. There is a realistic and beautiful-looking eye in the centre of the hamsa pattern. At the same time, the fingers and the flowers are filled with grey shading, which further highlights the eye. The display of the tattoo on the forearm gives you to display your spiritual inclination beautifully. The addition of the intricate lines below the hamsa tattoo looks like jewellery.

5. Hamsa Traditional Tattoo:

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Suppose you are looking for versatility in your hamsa design patterns. In that case, incorporating watercolours into them can be an ideal option. Along with the technical application of the intricate patterns, the addition of watercolours adds to the beauty of the design. The vivid blue and pink colours across the black ink combine the spiritual meaning of the evil eye. The bold lines and intricate patterns used for the hamsa tattoo stand out against the use of colours in the background.

6. Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo On The Palm:

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Minimalist tattoos are perfect for sensitive, elegant, and stylish body art pieces. This Hamsa tattoo on the palm is pretty unique because of its placement. Although this design doesn’t have too many intricate details, whatever patterns are present, it looks pretty realistic and straightforward. The method uses bold lines with an eye in the centre which seems pretty accurate. The wearer believes that the eye protects them from the evil eye.

7. Hamsa Tattoo With Lotus Flower:

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Using linework in body art has been gaining popularity. This Hamsa tattoo design is pretty and looks elegant on the arm of the wearer. These designs are usually preferred by those who want to represent their spiritual beliefs. The use of simple geometric patterns in combination with traditional henna style principles creates a flowing design that looks beautiful.

8. Small Hamsa Tattoo Near The Thumb:

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Whether it is coloured or black ink, this simple yet elegant Hamsa design on the fingers is an excellent option. This design is small and doesn’t take too much to engrave. Even this tiny hamsa hand has a small eye in the centre, yet it doesn’t have too many intricate patterns. Adding cute little lines under the writing gives it a feminine touch.

9. Sleek Hamsa Back Tattoo:

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The flower design at the base of the hamsa tattoo is a popular pattern choice worldwide. This design has several intricate patterns, making it even more special. In addition, the eye is placed inside the lotus, which looks realistic and beautiful. Unlike the other designs, this one has cute leaf-like patterns on every finger. You can add elements as per your choice to make it more personalized.

10. Colourful Hamsa Shoulder Tattoo:

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Suppose you are a fan of colours and want to incorporate them into your tattoos. In that case, this colourful hamsa tattoo looks exceptionally beautiful. The floral patterns and colours add a meaningful and powerful element to the design. Whether you add a full flower right in the middle of the hamsa hand or in the eye’s centre, the result is a feminine design. Furthermore, you can convert and play with the florals making them even more special.

11. Cool Hamsa Tattoo Design:

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The use of a bolder, fatter, inky black depiction is the highlight of this Hamsa tattoo design. Although this work is similar to linework but with deeper lines. These bold lines with subtle shading used in the tattoo give you a deeply saturated look to the design. The blue eye in the middle of the hamsa hand showcases earth elements. This tattoo is usually suitable for women because of the use of curvy lines and floral elements.

12. Bold Hand Of Fatima Tattoo Meaning:

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This hamsa tattoo can be an ideal solution if you are a fan of using bold and thin lines in your body art. The hamsa hand has an eye in the centre encircles followed by leaf patterns on all sides. The fingers have leaf vines embossed beautifully. Depending on your preference, this tattoo looks excellent when engraved on the arm or back of the neck. Although you can use colours, this tattoo looks best in black ink.

13. Hamsa Hand Tattoo Design:

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This hamsa flower tattoo on the arm has precise and intricate patterns. The design creates an optical illusion with some geometric shaping and gives it a 3D depth. Including the moisture to the lashes, the portrayal of the eye is pretty realistic and spot-on. Including a beautiful lotus below the hamsa hand displays conceptual tattooing and beauty.

14. Hamsa Eye Tattoo With Watercolours:

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This is yet another colourful hamsa tattoo that uses multiple colours, but this design blends in the colours beautifully. There is an eye in the centre of the hand with floral petals around it, adding a feminine beauty. Adding an OM symbol on the fingers creates a spiritual awakening for the wearer. You can choose the colours for the hamsa hand as per your choice to add a personal touch.

15. Hamsa Om Tattoo Design:

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Whether it is a lotus flower, intricate linework, or delicate shading, these Hamsa hand designs represent Eastern symbols. The use of droplets, swirls and shapes is a bonus that adds to the beauty of the plan. This design is dominated by shading work, which gives the tattoo a bold look and finishes. Additionally, the wearer has added an OM design which increases the spiritual value of the design.


Suppose you want to add an authentic tattoo design to your body art. In that case, the Hamsa tattoo design can be an excellent option. The Hamsa tattoo designs presented in this article combine ancient traditions with a touch of modern symbolism. Therefore, go through the list and choose the design that suits your taste and personality. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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