Originally dog tags were started worn by people in the nineteenth century that were made in wood and metal pieces hang on the neck with a chain. Gradually the new age and fashion brought the tattoo style and people loving their dogs started engraving the dog tag tattoos on their bodies in the memorial of their dogs.

The militants especially love their trained dogs and in order to identify their dogs they have dog tags and in their memory, they also engrave the same dog tags.

Best and Stylish Dog Tag Tattoos:

Let’s find here with mentioned awesome dog tags tattoo designs to change your styles and fashion.

1. Lovely Dog Tag Tattoo:

Not only men but women also love the dog memories that are very close to them. Women can get a dog tags tattoo on the back shoulder. The watchdogs that usually take care of the family and the house can be symbolized with house keys attached to the dog tags.

2. Dog Chain Tag Foot Tattoo:

Dog tag tattoos on the foot are chosen for the purpose of the loved dog memory. The house dog often carries chains with them. People can engrave god-tag tattoos with chains attached to them and a design that hangs from the ankle to the foot.

3. Forever Dog Tag Tattoo on Arm:

The forever dog tag tattoos are the most desired and personalized theme of a tattoo. Dog tag tattoos on arm can be special as it always stays in front of the eyes and can be easily seen. People can add designs of a slogan such as a name or the feeling for the dog they love.

4. Cool Dog Chain Tag Tattoo on Ankle:

Cool dog tag tattoos on ankles are largely made by women loving their dogs. The dog tag hangs from the ankle to the feet as if it’s a real piece of jewellery. Adjoining designer charms the tattoo design looks adorable with memories.

5. Military Memorial Dog Tag Tattoo:

Memorial dog tags tattoos are the tattoos that are made in the memory of loved ones. Written with the name of the dog and the sweet things of the dog tattoo idea is made marvellously beautiful. The small tattoo can be anywhere on the body, even on the wrist or the neckline.

6. Forearm Dog Tag Sleeve Tattoo:

Tattoo dog tags are made by many people for many reasons. Some people love to engrave their entire hand sleeve with the memories of the dog. An army officer dog that won many battles can be remembered with the battle memories made on the hand with the tattoo.

7. Colored Dog Tag Tattoo on Leg:

Cute dog tag tattoos are also made by people who love dogs and not only if their dogs are no more. Such cute dog tags are loved by everyone. Women and men can make such tattoos with coloured inks.

8. Outer Forearm Dog Tags With Wings:

Dog tag tattoo forearm on the outer side with beautiful fillings of the wings and name of their loved dog looks incredible. The place of the dog tags tattoo on the outer forearm can be a perfect place to highlight the tattoo.

9. Dog Chest Tattoo on Left Chest:

Dog tag tattoos on the chest are made by people who love their dog up to the extreme. Making the memory stay very close to the heart people engrave the dog tag tattoo on their left side of the chest, which is very near to the heart so that they can remember their loved dog forever, looking like a chain and pendant of dog tags the tattoo is made noteworthy.


People join other memories with the dog tags on the tattoo-like joined hands, the name of their battle won, or many loved things that the dog used to love a lot. People write slogans with the dog tags and even write the names of their dogs on the tags.

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