25 Best Diamond Tattoo Designs With Meanings

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Diamond is a word that originated from the Greek language and means ‘invincible’. This draws attention to the fact that the diamond is the hardest substance on the earth. But in a more general sense, diamonds are associated with wealth. The most expensive jewellery is fraught with diamonds of all sizes. It is the prettiest of all gemstones and is thus pretty pricey. People wear and buy diamonds not just because it looks good, but also because it shows off their wealth. Thus diamonds are the universal symbol for wealth and supremacy.

diamond tattoo designs

Diamond tattoos like the real ones look good but cost far less than the real ones! They are worn by both men and women alike.

Different Types of Diamond Tattoos with Meanings and Pictures:

Numerous more disclosures about this valuable pearl will be made which will make you and put that most precious smile. Here are a few of the best diamond tattoo designs with images and meanings available for both men and women.

1. A Simple Diamond Tattoo On Wrist:

The most common kind of diamond tattoo is a simple black diamond outline. You can make it small and wear it in an inconspicuous manner on the inside of your wrist or you can make it large. It generally symbolizes wealth and power. Sometimes its chosen as a replacement to the real diamonds which are not affordable for all. It is one of the best ever diamond tattoo designs on wrist.

2. A Melting Diamond Tattoos On Head:

A melting diamond is a unique and a different design. Its quite uncommon and looks excellent. This rose color diamond is bound to attract people’s attention as it has a rare individuality to it.

3. A Red Diamond Tattoo Design:

Diamond tattoos need not always be color less. You can make them any color you want. But the best choice would be red. Red diamonds look eerie and otherworldly. These tattoos make the gem look more precious than a simple black outline, thus emphasizing that it portrays wealth and prosperity.

4. A Diamond With Wings Tattoo:

It is not necessary for you to use a diamond alone in your design. You can other elements to it. an excellent choice for this purpose is wings. A diamond idea with wings suppresses any notions of avarice which a diamond tattoo may have. It gives the concept of wealth an angelic look. What more could one ask for!

5. White Diamond Tattoos On Finger:

You can get a white diamond as your tattoo design too. If one isn’t enough for you, then you can go ahead and get many of them. Just white diamonds on fingers without any other embellishment looks excellent too! it easily brings across your message to people without making your tattoo look gaudy or extra ornate. This is one of the popular diamond tattoo designs on finger for girls.

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6. Diamond Hand Tattoo In A Jewelry Box:

If you wish to display and image of wealth as a collection of jewels and gems then diamonds and pearls in an oyster shaped jewellery box is the perfect design for you! It looks good, can be made colorful and can be varied according to one’s specifications too.

7. Diamond Tattoo With Words:

A traditional diamond with symbolic words along with it is also an excellent tattoo design. The words help you specify the particular meaning of the diamond you are going for, preventing the onlookers from misinterpreting your design.

8. A Tattoo Diamond With Embellishments:

A diamond chest tattoo can be made with birds, floral patterns, pearls and other such adornments to make the design more attractive and colorful. Sometimes its heighten the message the design wishes to express. It also makes the tattoo more conspicuous, a purpose which might not have been fulfilled by a sole little diamond – however sparkly it may be.

9. A Black Diamond Tattoo On Arm:

A black diamond arm tattoo is another excellent choice for a tattoo design. It symbolizes its general meanings and its blackness represents a kind of red The blackness of the diamond may well represent that even diamonds are not beyond decay. Elliousness that is characteristic of tattoos. It may also symbolize that you considered wealth to be tainted.

10. Diamond Leg Tattoo With Gleaming Rays:

Diamond with gleaming rays

We all know how much a real diamond shines and this shine is very hard to show in the form of diamond tattoos. This tattoo has however showed this in a very creative manner. Here you will see a 3d solitaire with rays coming out from it in black shades. These are the rays which come out from a perfectly cut solitaire after light falls and reflects from it. This is a very smart way to express the fact that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ and a solitaire is then a girl’s soul sister of course. The shading of this tattoo is where the skill is expressed here.

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