25 Best Diamond Tattoo Designs With Meanings

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11. Diamond Tattoo With A Crown:

Diamond with a crown

When we have chosen that we only want diamond tattoo designs for the next tattoo sessions we can get a lot of choices to fix on and these thoughtful tattoos are some of the best. Diamond is the most precious gemstone of all times and the crown on top of the diamond piece represents this thing very well. The diamond here is not very shiny but has a bluish tinge to it and below it the gleams are shown coming out. The crown detailing is however done is an awesome way with all the curves of the same size and at the right places.

12. 3D Diamond Tattoo Pattern:

3D Diamond tattoo

Real diamonds are expensive and they are extremely precious too. How about getting an equally precious diamond for yourself which will become a part of you forever? These kinds of diamond tattoos for girls are ways in which you can make that piece of diamond all yours. The perfectly cut diamond sits all the more perfectly in the back side of your neck and looks amazing with that shadow effect. The big chunk looks quite expensive and the best part is that no one can even snatch it away from you.

13. Blue Diamond Tattoo On Wrist:

Blue Diamond

First of all it is a diamond, second it is a 3D diamond and last but not the least it is a blue diamond. When a tattoo ticks all the boxes perfectly, you should not waste any more time and get this diamond wrist tattoo done as soon as possible. This is one of the best diamond tattoos and it looks more than just gorgeous. This one is above all diamond tattoo meanings and the look of this one ignores all needs to know any further meanings. The finesse and color are just too good and it is one ‘Perfect’ piece of gemstone.

14. Diamond Ribbon Tattoos On Hand:

Diamond with a ribbon

When we are talking about diamond tattoos for girls certain embellishments are always welcome and if those are in the form of girly stuffs then they are even more welcomed. In this particular diamond ribbon tattoo we have a nice ribbon which is fixed up with a beautiful red diamond which acts as a small clip. The ribbon is knotted nicely and the diamond holds the knot in place. The use of bright colors make this tattoo look all the more beautiful and the size is extremely convenient too.

15. Pink Diamond Tattoo With Cupcake:

Diamond cupcake

Innovation is a very important part of tattoos and diamond tattoo designs such as these prove this fact true. This very colorful tattoo pink design looks absolutely girly and very cheerful. The cupcake detailing with the pearl beaded necklace elaboration makes it look elegant and the cupcake detailing gives it a bubblegum finesse. The maturity of the pink diamond along with the cuteness of the cupcake makes it a very thoughtful design presented in an extremely light manner.

16. Multi Colored Diamond Tattoo:


In spite of the fact that diamonds are usually drab, diamond tattoos can  be accessible in a wide varieties of hues. The shading has a tendency to depict the intention  of the owner of the tattoo or whatever message they are attempting to convey. A red tattoo, for instance, is connected with affection, passion, love or lust.

17. Diamond With Roses Tattoo:


Along with diamonds the flowers are also the most preferred choice for tattoos and the super combination of these super elements creates the mesmerizing diamond tattoo designs. At certain   times it is utilized for the excellence and different times it has a typical intending to the individual who choose it. Every is aware of the fact that a standout among all the flowers are the roses which are loved by everyone . The importance of these are truly up to anybody and whatever conclusion they may append to it however they are delightful tattoos regardless of what the significance.

18. Blood Diamond Tattoo:


Taking after the motion picture, Blood Diamonds’ that highlighted the agony of individuals in Africa and what number of individuals pass on to get best diamond tattoo designs , a few people have chosen to get tattoos either in dissent of the killings that go ahead to fulfill the longing for jewels or to show solidarity with those affliction due to the inhuman trading of blood diamonds.

19. Magical Diamond Tattoo:


In ancient times it was believed that if you wore a diamond with you it would protect you from evil forces and give you strength to overcome your fears. The Indian diamond throne of Buddha became a symbol of the center of the universe and infinity. Traditional Diamond tattoo designs have also been linked to magic as it is rumored to have incredible magical energy. In the Middle Ages only priests and emperors were able to wear them and legends state that Satan could not bear the sight of the light that was bore of the diamond’s brilliance. This is one of the good diamond tattoo designs for women.

20. Diamond Skull Tattoo Designs:


It portrays as the skull is being enlightened by the diamond. The craftsman made an extraordinary showing with regards to with differentiating and making the hues cooperate. It’s cool how you can in any case see the skull through the red light on the back of his head.

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