15 Best Gemini Tattoo Designs With Meanings

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The Gemini tattoo has been certified as some of the most popular astrological tattoos. They fall in the third number among the twelve zodiac signs. Gemini is dominated by the planet Mercury and its symbolic representation is a pair of twins.The sign of Gemini has been associated with the Greek God Hermes along with two other twin Greek gods; Apollo and Artemis.

gemini tattoo

People belonging to this zodiac sign always desire for some spice in their life. They are diplomats and sophisticated people and can be quite hesitant at times and are known to be lively, intellectual and eloquent. Gemini tattoos can be depicted and interpreted in various ways, depending on the style and pattern the tattoo enthusiast would like to use. Some of the best Gemini tattoos have been enlisted in the following paragraphs.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Symbol Tattoo Designs:

These awesome Gemini tattoos will leave no doubt in observers’ minds as to who you are!. Here are the 15 best Gemini tattoo designs that can be depicted and interpreted in various ways, depending on the style and pattern the tattoo enthusiast would like to use.

1. Gemini Tattoo Design With Stars And Moon:

Star and Moon Gemini Tattoo Design

A Gemini tattoo design that has been highlighted with stars and moon looks beautiful on the skin. The color combinations look attractive and there is a special glow in the tattoo. The look of the tattoo captures the night sky in perfection with the additional elements of moon and stars. The tattoo uses a mix of different colors for highlighting all the elements as in blue, yellow and shades of lavender and black. Being one of the common Gemini tattoos, this is the most preferred one though!

2. Twin Tribal Gemini Fairies Tattoo:


The Twin Tribal Fairy Gemini tattoo embraces the fusion of fairy tales of childhood with astrology and tribal art in a beautiful manner. Thinking about fairies, captures our imagination in the land of magic, wonder and absolute fantasy. These Gemini fairy twins are unique looking with symmetrically designed costumes and the unusual body posture curious enough to attract one to look at the tattoo. In the first glance, it looks like a tribal butterfly, but with keen observation it becomes obvious that it is a Tribal Twin Fairies Gemini Tattoo.

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3. Gothic Script Gemini Tattoo:


When it comes to lettering in tattoo art, the Gothic script is an awesome way to display one’s star sign and create a unique statement of one’s own. Geminis by nature love to explore a lot in creativity and hence by the way of this Gothic Gemini Tattoo, one can explore fonts, merge lots of colors, hues, features, designs and let the ink do the talking for you!

4. Gemini Sisters Tattoo:


Gemini Sisters Tattoo is an intricate tattoo design which makes the ultra-feminine side of the Gemini twins come alive on your skin. Astrological Science studies say that the individual twins are quick witted and if the conversation is slow, the Geminis will lose their desire. For those who view this tattoo with these pretty twins wearing headgear with elaborate detailing, the impression can be unforgettable and can leave a lost lasting effect. Go for this kind of bold tattoo to explore the other side of you!

5. Feminine Gemini Tattoo For Girls:

Feminine Gemini Tattoo

A colorful tattoo that contains the symbol of the zodiac sign Gemini, surrounded by rich and appealing flowers, leaves and shrubs makes the tattoo look very feminine, stunning and absolutely gorgeous . They should be made on the area below your shoulders. This will give you the opportunity not just to flaunt your back but also your tattoo. It is one of the best Gemini tattoos for women.

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6. Retro Gemini Tattoo:


This particular tattoo takes one back to the retro era with tarot cards, symbols and images and one gets instantly hooked and mesmerized with one look at the tattoo. The tattoo is mysterious too. One can come closer to experience the calmness of the eyes and flowing mane of Gemini twins leaving one mesmerized. One can really be at peace with this really artistic and earthy Retro Gemini tattoo.

7. Gemini Tattoo With Birth Date:

Birth Date Gemini Tattoo

You can always show off your birth by making this awesome and fabulous looking Gemini birth date tattoo. It shows the picture of a brick-like structure made in the shape of the Gemini symbol with a long sash surrounding it that has you birth date written on. The idea seems pretty clever and innovative.

8. Gemini Lower Back Tattoo:

Lower Back Gemini Tattoo

A simple yet attractive Gemini tattoo carved on your back is guaranteed to look stunning and gorgeous. The symbol of Gemini made in two different shades with the moon surrounding it will give you trendy and fashionable outlook. This idea has become more popular among women. This is the best Gemini tattoo for girls.

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9. Fire And Water Gemini Tattoo:

Fire and Water Gemini Tattoo

This tattoo shows the assimilation of two entirely different elements fire and water. The splashing waves in blue and the flames in hues of orange and yellow look really fresh, interesting and attractive. This is one of a unique Gemini tattoo catching up the trend in today’s time.

10. Small Gemini Tattoo On Foot:


If you are a Gemini who wants to be subtle and simple then go for this miniature tattoo that says Gemini in a very stylistic font. The diminutive tattoo is usually kept black in color for that minimalistic look. The tattoo is done by only keeping the sign in mind with no other elements, features or design. This tattoo is most suitable for people who generally like to keep their ink hidden.

11. Blue Designed Gemini On Shoulder:

Blue Designed Gemini

A Gemini Tattoo that has been designed in the color blue, has the symbol of this zodiac sign and has an arrow passing through it holds special significance. It symbolizes the personality of a typical Gemini personality, which is social, determined and extremely adaptive.

12. Gemini Twin Tattoo Design:

Twin Gemini Tattoo

A twin Gemini tattoo is a special symbol of Gemini. It represents the union of two distinct individuals which also in a way reflect the personality of an individual falling under this sign. It also conveys a message about the one who wears it and also speaks volumes about them.

13. Unique Gemini Tattoo For Men:

Unique Gemini Tattoo

Some tattoos look excellent because of the usage of various styles and patterns. A Gemini tattoo which has several intricate designs such as twinkling stars and curved lines will really looks amazing on the person who gets it inked. It looks creative and stands as a symbol of expression.

14. Floral Gemini Tattoo On Neck:

Floral Gemini Tattoo

A floral Gemini tattoo has a very feminine look in the design and most commonly tattooed by women. The Zodiac sign has been very creatively incorporated within two beautiful pink flowers, thereby giving it a nice and fresh look in terms of a tattoo. Women get this done mostly on the back of the neck, wrist etc. for that charismatic look.

15. Gemini Wings Tattoo:


The winged Gemini is a unique body art combining wings with the Zodiac sign. The tattoo shows the Gemini sign with colored wings on either side. The wings show sign of freedom and liberation. The bright colors add to the dynamic personality trait of Geminis. The winged Gemini is sure to add to the personality of the person wearing the tattoo.

Geminis have a quality that is mutable with a positive charge. One born with the Zodiac of Gemini will have a smitten heart and a secretly wandering mind. If you’re rocking a Gemini tattoo, you are telling the world a few things.

With these Gemini tattoos, the world knows a lot about you and your passion for new things. You are also saying that you are crazy, creative, enigmatic and mysterious. As boredom is dominant part of your personality, your energy is ever changing and evolving into something new and exciting. Create a statement of your own with these bold tattoos!


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