25 Best Meaningful Hand Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

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Many people wish to make their tattoo not flamboyant and vibrant, but inconspicuous and sophisticated. They often opt to get just a small part of their hand tattooed rather than their entire arm or leg. There are several available designs for hand tattoos. You can get a symbol that has some personal meaning or choose a more general design. You can make it small or cover your entire hand. There are several possible variations!

Getting a tattoo is no joking matter. You must be very sure of your design before you choose to get it inked, for it will be a part of your body forever. Tattoo removing operations are not only painful but also very expensive. So take your decision carefully.

hand tattoo designs

Curious about Hand tattoos? Go here! This is only for curious a person who wants to get a finger tattoo or something small on their hand for the very first time and have little to no work was done!

Different Types of Traditional and Simple Hand Tattoo Designs with Images:

Here are a few designs of hand tattoo designs with meanings that you may choose from.

1. Henna Inspired Tattoo:

Here is something that is out of the box. The tattoo looks more like a mehendi but is a permanent one! It is beautiful with a slight floral pattern and other abstract design that goes all the up to your arms. It is inked in black, however you could get shades of colours on it to make it more attractive. This one is for the ladies out there!

2. The Rough Look Tattoo:

Hand tattoos for men come with a lot of ideas. This one is a total macho look that any guy can pull off. The tattoo is inked in black and has a fierce owl looking down. The owl’s head comes on the biceps and the other tattoo design come around the hands and wrist. It is said to give the look of a dense forest, that has both the ferocious and the calm creatures in them.

3. Tribal Heart Inspired Hand Tattoo:

Here is a beautiful and simplistic heart design tattoo that looks compact and neat. It is a tattoo meant for the women. It has one big heart and two other small ones on top of the bigger one. Below the bigger heart, there is a random design that is neatly done with ink of black. How about something like this?

4. Three Step Heart Tattoo:

This one tattoo is unique and shows the formation of the heart in three steps. The first one, starting from the wrist is the real heart, followed by the heart slowly giving way to the empty one. The last one is a plain simple one. It is inked on pure black with no shades and is intended for men.

5. The Quoted Tattoo for Women:

Didn’t we all at one point, or even probably now, wish to fly and never come back? We bet yes! Here is a one that will rightly capture what we all feel. The tattoo inks about the desire to fly, indirectly directing us to learn from bits and what is left behind. It also has a small ink of a bird towards the end of the quote.

6. The Quoted Tattoo for Men:

Are you a man with a good music taste? Here is something that will speak! For those of you so much into music, here is a good tattoo choice to get inked. One half of the tattoo is a mirror image with the other one, written normally. This will be a good choice for all the music lovers who would like to keep it simple.

7. Dragon Tattoo Design For Women’s Hand:

Dragon on the hand tattoo

Dragons are ancient symbols of power. In the Chinese culture they are considered to be the master of all elements, namely fire, water, wind and earth. They are supposed to be the symbol for magic. In general they are fire breathing mythical creatures who in some tales possess the power of flight while are represented as serpentine creatures in others. Dragon tattoo designs are common yet unique. Small dragons on your hand look cool beyond measure.

8. Small Star Tattoos For Hand:

Star tattoos

Stars and galaxies are another one of the feminine designs. They are often opted for by men, but in those cases they are nothing but embellishments to something more masculine. They give the tattoo a some what magical effect a stream of stars as if pouring out of a wand.

9. A Tribal Hand Tattoo Design For Men’s:

A tribal hand design

A tribal pattern along the side of your hand is an excellent tattoo design. This design is more masculine though it is opted for by both men and women. It makes you look like some kind of secret society member. This is one of the popular side hand tattoo designs for boys.

10. Superhero Hand Tattoos:


Today, there are plenty of superheroes who enchant the teenagers and even enthrall all the grown-ups. Hence there remains a large category of people who got encouraged to ink their hands with amazing hand tattoos for men of batman, Spider man, and other famous superheroes. This tattoo will be unique in shape and color thus giving a dazzling effect on the hands.

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11. Hand Tattoos With Country Maps:


There are some people especially young boys and girls who stay in deep love with their nation. Those people love to adorn their hands with hand tattoos for girls and boys having the maps of their countries and some other significant marks and symbols that are associated with that nation. Country tattoos will become very popular having the symbols at the time of matches as the girls and boys will cheer for the victory.

12. Small Hand Tattoos With Quotes:


Getting the quoted tattoos will make their hands inked covering the entire hand thus making it as an excellent to display. The colors will be quite vibrant thus making it as an amazing appearance on the hands. This is why most of the people love to choose to ink themselves with tattoos on quotes.

13. Bow Hand Tattoos:


This design has awesome shades and enthralls everyone who catches a sight of it and this is really an incredible idea of hand tattoos for men and women. Bow hand pink colored tattoos are very popular form of tattoos that makes a great show of the designs.

14. Palm Tattoo Design For Woman’s Hands:


In general, palms of a hand are the area that expose highly to the outside area and people who want such a design can go with the above tattoo drawn on the palm as this will add beauty and elegance to their appearance by attracting large number of people towards their hands.

15. Hand Tattoos With Safety Pin:


Hand tattoo with an image of safety pin forms a popular style of hand tattoos for girls and it will be looking powerful when placed on the fists. The safety pin symbolizes safety purpose and boys and girls who mostly prefer solitude can pick this option while they opt to get a tattoo on hands. Be sure to get the help of a tattoo professional as they will help you get the perfect finishing and make you look noticeable among the crowd.

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16. Panda Small Hand Tattoos:


Panda small hand tattoos are very common among both men and women as they can come up with various designs and shapes. These tattoos are generally small in size due to their provided canvas but, it will be quite stylish when inked with an incredible 3D tattoo design.

17. Miscellaneous Hand Tattoo For Men:


Though there are varieties of tattoos available, Miscellaneous Hand Tattoo for Men is really an amazing kind as the dark and mysterious themes indulged in these hand tattoos will mesmerize everyone who looks at this with a fabulous image. It was quite amazing to see the dark color strokes that wrapped the hands with the splitter design. This is one of the perfect hand tattoo designs for guys.

18. Tiny Tattoos For Men On Hand:


Tiny tattoos for men are becoming a mainstream and the designs created for this will be very interesting. Today, most of the people prefer to go with this style as this will be pretty look being small in size.

19. Hand Tattoo With Heart Design:


People who want to get the new design of tattoo can enjoy with this tattoo design which has the paw prints printed inside the heart shaped design. This design is a unique design that makes you stand ahead of the crowd. You can also get this tattoo in multi colors.

20. Horror Hand Tattoo Design:


Tattoos have a wide collection of horror tattoos as it dilates its designs to every niche of life. Horror tattoos on hand are pretty popular including its designs and textures. These types of horror tattoos can be inked on hands for catching the people’s attention and often make them feel thrilled.

21. Cool Hand Tattoo For Guys:


Tattoos are available in different options and often, they do pander different objects of nature like sun, moon, stars and butterflies etc. as each of them will symbolize different meanings thereby narrating a tale. Tattoos with flies on hands mainly signify hope, optimism, and happiness. Having these tattoos ion your hand will make you look splendid with its unique strokes and shades.

Simple and Easy Hand Tattoo Designs:

22. Mehendi Hand Tattoo Style:


Lovers of tattoos will opt for a huge category of tattoos as they want to predict them in their own style. They also prefer for some floral designs that showcase by offering a huge choice of designs and colors. Simple hand tattoos with floral Mehendi designs will look captivating with its amazing petals and swirls. This type of tattoo in hand will look stylish covering the entire hands can be flaunted together in gatherings.

23. Sparrow Tattoo For Hands:


Colorful tattoos for men on hand with an image of sparrow looks spectacular on hands when they are tattooed with a robust and dynamic colors. These tattoos will be adorned with art strokes and radiant colors shades which make it highly enticing. This simple tattoo in hand can be easily embossed on hands as they are available in a variety of designs.

24. Traditional Hand Tattoos With Lord Ganesh:


Traditional Hand tattoo with Lord Ganesh will look amazing when it is inked on hands as the scripture of Lord Ganesh will give both a traditional and devotional meaning. People who get these hand tattoo designs will get revealed with the symbolized meaning of devotion to themselves. Getting the tattoos of this Holy Scriptures will also reflect the personality and your traits toward reading holy books.

25. Hand Tattoo Verses From A Holy Book:


There are many followers of holy books who choose to place the pious verses tattoos on hand as those verses will have a deep meaning that significantly watches them by keeping their mind and body fresh. Thus, tattoos for men on hand came into the world of tattoos having huge followers the verses from their holy books of religion on the hands.

26. A Feather Tattoo Design On Hand:

A feather hand tattoo

A feather tattoo is simple yet elegant. It represents the delicacy of a feather along with the power of flight of the bird it belongs too. you can make your feather black and grey or you can make it colorful to specify which bird the feather belongs to. It is one of the best hand tattoo designs for girl.

27. Tattoo Words On Fingers:

Words on your fingers

Letters and words are the simplest tattoo designs. There is no mistaking its meaning. You choose the emotion you want to ink your body with, give it a name and then get the letters tattooed on your fingers separately or get the word tattooed together on some other part of your hand! You can introduce variations in this tattoo too! You can choose calligraphy letters, or some simple text. You can add color or keep it black and so on.

28. A Bracelet Hand To Fingers Tattoo:


Another typical hand tattoo is a bracelet covering your entire hand. You can make it lavish or tribal. Either way it makes your hand look ornate and heavily accessorized.

29. A Small Paw Print Hand Tattoo Design:

A small paw print

You can get a small paw print along the side of your hand to remind you of some favorite pet of yours or to show your love for wild animals. This kind of a tattoo is not too attractive but it looks cute and has a certain depth to it which normal flamboyancy lacks.

30. Small Flying Birds Tattoos On Hand:

Small flying birds

You can get black silhouettes of birds inked along the side of your hand. These look pretty and feminine. Thus, it’s opted for more by girls than guys. A flock of birds together symbolize the power of family. It represents loyalty and love. It is one of the cutest hand tattoo designs for females.

31. Small Butterfly Hand Tattoo:

Small butterfly tattoo

A butterfly is another design that is chosen more by women than men. It looks pretty and beautiful. You can make it attractive by adding colors to it or elegant by keeping it a simple black outline.

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Many people who choose to get a tattoo will opt for getting a hand tattoo and the reason behind is that, along with face and neck, the hands are some of the most constantly visible body parts. Getting a hand tattoo will make a very public statement about your personality and interests. In addition, if you want to have access to thousands of printable simple hand tattoos, you can participate in tattoo forums, can watch tattoo videos and search for the best tattoo studios that are closest to you in numerous different countries. Also, try to view some tattoos pictures which are uploaded by other members as these will be available exclusive for tattoos on hand lovers. Through a simple search on the internet, you would get a lot of options to look at. After searching, stumble on perfect hand tattoo designs that you have been looking for!

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