25 Best Meaningful Hand Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

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Many people wish to make their tattoo not flamboyant and vibrant, but inconspicuous and sophisticated. They often opt to get just a small part of their hand tattooed rather than their entire arm or leg. There are several available designs for hand tattoos. You can get a symbol that has some personal meaning or choose a more general design. You can make it small or cover your entire hand. There are several possible variations!

Getting a tattoo is no joking matter. You must be very sure of your design before you choose to get it inked, for it will be a part of your body forever. Tattoo removing operations are not only painful but also very expensive. So take your decision carefully.

hand tattoo designs

Curious about Hand tattoos? Go here! This is only for curious a person who wants to get a finger tattoo or something small on their hand for the very first time and have little to no work was done!

Different Types of Traditional and Simple Hand Tattoo Designs with Images:

Here are a few designs of hand tattoo designs with meanings that you may choose from.

1. A Feather Tattoo Design On Hand:

A feather hand tattoo

A feather tattoo is simple yet elegant. It represents the delicacy of a feather along with the power of flight of the bird it belongs too. you can make your feather black and grey or you can make it colorful to specify which bird the feather belongs to. It is one of the best hand tattoo designs for girl.

2. Tattoo Words On Fingers:

Words on your fingers

Letters and words are the simplest tattoo designs. There is no mistaking its meaning. You choose the emotion you want to ink your body with, give it a name and then get the letters tattooed on your fingers separately or get the word tattooed together on some other part of your hand! You can introduce variations in this tattoo too! You can choose calligraphy letters, or some simple text. You can add color or keep it black and so on.

3. A Bracelet Hand To Fingers Tattoo:


Another typical hand tattoo is a bracelet covering your entire hand. You can make it lavish or tribal. Either way it makes your hand look ornate and heavily accessorized.

4. A Small Paw Print Hand Tattoo Design:

A small paw print

You can get a small paw print along the side of your hand to remind you of some favorite pet of yours or to show your love for wild animals. This kind of a tattoo is not too attractive but it looks cute and has a certain depth to it which normal flamboyancy lacks.

5. Small Flying Birds Tattoos On Hand:

Small flying birds

You can get black silhouettes of birds inked along the side of your hand. These look pretty and feminine. Thus, it’s opted for more by girls than guys. A flock of birds together symbolize the power of family. It represents loyalty and love. It is one of the cutest hand tattoo designs for females.

6. Small Butterfly Hand Tattoo:

Small butterfly tattoo

A butterfly is another design that is chosen more by women than men. It looks pretty and beautiful. You can make it attractive by adding colors to it or elegant by keeping it a simple black outline.

7. Dragon Tattoo Design For Women’s Hand:

Dragon on the hand tattoo

Dragons are ancient symbols of power. In the Chinese culture they are considered to be the master of all elements, namely fire, water, wind and earth. They are supposed to be the symbol for magic. In general they are fire breathing mythical creatures who in some tales possess the power of flight while are represented as serpentine creatures in others. Dragon tattoo designs are common yet unique. Small dragons on your hand look cool beyond measure.

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