25 Half and Full Moon Tattoo Designs and Meanings

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Moon tattoos are very cool and beautiful also. When it comes to feminine tattoos, the moon tattoo designs top the chart. They are popular and have been related to different cultures, myths and beliefs. They also stand as a representation of fantasy as fairy tales are often associated with it. There are thousands of tattoo patterns to choose from and has been a very popular demand among women. Even though it is mostly the ladies who wear this tattoo design, men have also started to ink them recently.

Different Types of  Moon Tattoo Designs with Names and Pictures:

There are different types of moon tattoo designs from that we give 15 best tattoos with images and their meanings for you. Now you can follow any one of your best.


1. Full Moon with Tree Tattoo Design:

Moon and the trees

Japanese tattoos are some of the most beautiful tattoos and this is just another example of such Japanese tattoos. While new moon tattoos are the most common ones, this one is very different from the rest. When you look at it first, it will confuse you with the look because it does not look like a moon at all. Here the branches of the tree are seen clearly in the light of the moon and thus the part is illuminated. The scene shows the moon is behind the branches and so the borders are not very clearly visible.

2. Moon Phases Tattoo Designs on Neck:

Faces of the moon Tattoo

Moon is the symbol of calmness and peace and this tattoo is one of the best where it has the features of all the faces of moon including a new moon tattoo as well. Here the faces of the moon have been shown in the correct order one after the other in a vertical way. The moon faces are done on the back of the neck and this is another factor which makes it even more attractive. It is because the back neck tattoos are very easy to flaunt.

3. Moon and The Raven Tattoo on Arm:

Moon and the raven

This new moon tattoo has a lot of inner meaning if seen properly with the colour of the moon being blue and the raven sitting on a branch from behind which the moon can be seen. Ravens are usually birds which are a party of all kinds of black practices and these are of course done on the dark nights after which the new moon appears. So, this particular tattoo depicts a little thrill and mysticity with such a scene.

4. Musical Note Moon Tattoo:

Musical note moon Tattoo

Like we have said earlier also, you are spoil for choice when it comes to moon tattoo designs and so we present yet another one especially for the music lovers. Just like a moon tattoo can be made by forming a pattern with stars or butterflies, this beautiful one can be formed by making a pattern out of a number of musical notes. These musical notes are set in a way that it looks like a crescent moon and the colours are added in a beautiful way to the extra patterns made to elaborate the design.

5. The Lazy Cat Moon Tattoo for Female:

The lazy cat

A moon tattoo portrays calmness but who knew it can be used to create a sassy yet chic look with less complication and even lesser intricacy. The moon here is given the color blue signifying coolness in temperature around it where the cat in its leisure time is having a fine rest. The hanging paw and the laid back tail suggests the comfort of the cat being at par with the soft clouds that float by. This is also an excellence for a back tattoo or maybe a leg tattoo.

6. Moon and Star Tattoo Design for Girls:

Star and Moon Tattoo

This is a typical idea for a moon tattoo. We have always pictured and seen the night sky studded with beautiful white sparkling stars surrounding the moon. They make the sky look picturesque and are very pleasant in sight. Even as children, we drew the star and moon close to one another. Thus, the star and moon tattoo is a very known and simple tattoo design. A variety of colours and designs can be used to make the tattoo look stunning and gorgeous.

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