15 Best Chest Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

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Keeping it fashion front and trendy, the newest hub for tattoos is the bare skin of the chest area, a common place that would definitely need a little color with the various designs. Usually when we say tattoo, we speak of a certain western culture infiltrated to the worldly cultures making tattoos one of the front runners to the list of body art and decoration. In fact, tattoos have been named the most common form, though permanent but everlasting form of body art. What happens when your one of a kind ideas are portrayed on your chest skin is a wonder thought that lies within this article and its various kinds.


The chest tattoos have always remained trendy among men who have a beautiful body texture. But this days, even girls carry such tattoos and increase their fashion statement.

Best Chest Tattoo Designs:

Below are the 15 best chest tattoo designs for men and women as follows.

1. Folk Lore Chest Tattoos:

Folk lore Tattoo

Tribal ideas are quite an inspiration if we speak of how well to address the inner wilder beast in you through the form of inking yourself. This intricate chest tattoo is inspired from a Japanese tribal art form where the chest houses the delicately inked sun while the patterns roll down to the very end of the arm. Tribal art at its best is always a welcoming sight, intriguing yet so humble.

2. The Darker Side:

The darker side Tattoo

A dominant skull defines the core content of this chest tattoo which speaks of the dark side and the powers that it possesses. The skull shaded into a dark appeal has angel wings on its back, widespread while the use of red on the under layers of the art brings out the sinister feel to the look.

3. Guardian Angel Chest Tattoo Designs For Men:

Guardian angel

Much like the dark side, this is yet another mythological reference speaking of guardian angels. This is a humble tattoo with a deeper inner meaning where with the simple portrayal of wings a beautiful message has been given out. What attracts the look more is the intricate shading of the outspread wings. This is one of the popular chest tattoos for men.

4. The Owl Chest Tattoos:

The owl Tattoo

Indeed a unique one of a kind, the owl in this chest tattoo is executed in the shades of golden brown and black giving it a rich feel while the middle of the chest houses its body, the wings outspread and beautiful. The ink looks more alluring owing to the detailed face art of the owl.

5. The Collarbones Touch:

The collarbones touch

Now the collarbones touch is a classic chest tattoo style implicated by drawing a line of calligraphy words across the collarbones, starting from one and ending at the other. This tattoo is an example of the much common style where the calligraphy ends in two blooming passion roses.

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