Top 9 Mexican Tattoo Designs And Pictures

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The Mexican tattoos are becoming very popular these days. You can do these in various styles and also make these suitable according to your sporting ability. These are often called the candy skull designs and usually these are teamed up with various floral and other patterns.

mexican tattoo designs

Best Mexican Tattoo Designs And Pictures:

Below are the top 9 Mexican tattoo designs and meanings that you should definitely try out.

1. Pencil Borer Style Skull Mexican Tattoo Design:

Mexican Tattoo 1

This is a Mexican pencil borer style skull patterns done with associated roses. You can try these easily as these are quite stylish to sport. You can also wear these with other types of patterns. These can be extended to the back with other deigns and also you can extend these to the wrist with other patterns.

2. Skull Mexican Tattoo Design:

Mexican Tattoo 2

This is another girl type skull tattoo that you can do on the side of your body. This can also be done in colors that you are comfortable sporting. These are quite stylish to sport. You can also add flowers to this. This is one of the popular Mexican tattoo designs for girls.

3. Candy Skull Mexican Tattoo Design:

Mexican Tattoo 3

This is another candy skull design. Here this is done with the face of a girl that is how women dress up with various patterns of design on their face. You can try out something like this. This is also done without colors and only black is used in a shaded way with different hues for the design to be prominent. You can however do this with colors and this depends on the person doing this.

4. Women Face Mexican Tattoo Design:

Mexican Tattoo 4

This is another Mexican woman face with candy skull prints on that. You can also try out these types of 3D styles easily on yourself. This is done on the side of the upper hand. You can also do this on the hands. You can also do this on the back or the thighs. If you want something like this in 3D and embossing effects then you should consult a professional artist who is good with 3D effects. They can also give you custom designs made in accordance with this pattern in a customized drawn out design.

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