15 Best Peacock Tattoo Designs And Meanings

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11. Multi-Color Peacock Shoulder Tattoo:

Peacock tattoo designs 2

The abstract tattoo of the peacock with its majestic tail would make a beautiful tattoo on your arm. Keep some lines bold while the others thinner and spread the tail in ratio to the width of your hand. This is important for the tattoo to have the look and the effect you desire. Otherwise this is one tattoo you can feel free to add and experiment with.

12. Peacock Low Black Tattoo For Women:

Peacock tattoo designs 5

This would make an amazing tattoo of peacock feather for your lower back waist and is a pretty choice. Peacock feathers are detailed and add a lot of depth and meaning to your tattoo. You can make a bunch of feathers or just three together.

13. Peacock Feather Tattoo:

Peacock tattoo designs 1

A beautiful peacock feather makes an ideal tattoo. This design is extremely pretty and can be drawn anywhere you wish on the body. To your advantage, is the design of this tattoo, which altered anyway or placed any where, will look equally beautiful. Although the one thing that you have to keep in mind in that, the more abstract lines you use around the feather, the more the beauty of the feather design gets hidden. This type of tattoo designs peacock feather perfectly suitable for women foot of the leg.

14. Orange With Violet Feather Design:

Orange with violet feather design 14

In this tattoo, the feather of peacock has been designed and decorated with multi dark color inks along with some abstract theme designs. These are quite a sensitive feather design giving the unique look ahead of other designs. After getting tattooed this design, wearing a short dress will give you very striking and gorgeous look. These kinds of tattoo designs of peacock feather are very feminine and suitable for women and teen girls.

15. Inspirational Peacock With Feather Tattoo:

Peacock tattoo designs 8

This unique peacock tattoo design is simple and graceful. You can place this one anywhere you wish without affecting its appearance. Add shades and different tones to this one. You can also add your name to it. Most of the young girls are sport this type of peacock tattoo designs.

Peacock tattoos are also a great symbol for a specific turning point in a person’s life. It is always best to go with the smaller design for someone who doesn’t want to get a huge peacock tattoo design opting for a smaller one.

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