Top 9 Cover Up Tattoo Designs And Ideas

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We agree the new craze in the youth section today is tattoos; however tattoos have been around for as far as I can remember when in the ancient days people would through painful measures get permanent art etched on their body. Back in those days, the numbers were counting and limited but now the tattoo craze has spread like a forest fire throughout. As human we are born to make mistakes and even a permanent mark such as a needled drawing can be covered up for better.

Best Cover Up Tattoo Designs:

Here are the 9 best cover up tattoo designs and ideas for men and women as follows.

1. The Diamond Mistake Cover Up Tattoo:

The diamond mistake

Young and dumb, we fall in love, we expect it to go all the way to the point where our future flashes bright in front of us only to be broken down by the strong misconception that has washed over us making us believe it will last. The same happened with who fell in love with Isaac and now the beautiful diamond is wrapped once again in search for a lone heart.

2. The Flowers Perfected Cover Up Tattoo:

The flowers perfected

The tattoo initially started as a simple little red rose comical in nature with two little green leaves on either side. There was also a little butterfly in the near vicinity progressing towards the flower. It is miracle how beautifully two roses filled in purple have covered up the previous comical tattoo. This is one of the best cover up tattoo designs for women.

3. The Dragon vs. The Fish Cover Up Tattoo:

The dragon vs the fish

The initial picture was a beautiful scaled Chinese dragon scrawling up the back breathing gusts of fire and smoke from within himself. However, this was not what she had in her mind back then and hence a beautiful cover up followed. Here in this picture is a beautiful fish in scales of ice and royal blue with slight pink shaded flowers.

4. The Beautiful Open Tulips Cover Up Tattoos:

The beautiful open tulips

It started with a simple blob of paint work as a tattoo depicting some element but that did not have to wait long since the baby tattoo is here beautifully covered by these open flowers. Check out the precision with which the beautiful petals have been created and shaded.

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