23 Best Tattoo Quotes With Images

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Tattoos are marked as permanent mark on the body. Even tattoos are stained for temporarily also. Tattoos are marked in various styles and designs. Tattoos are done in various models and it touches almost every part of mankind life. It is done in objects which are used in daily life. It can also be done in living and non living things. It can be done in animals, plants and carvings etc.


Tattoos are done in message oriented also. Through tattoos mankind even stains some of the quotes which they follow. The quotes may be related to education, tradition, rituals and some practices they follow etc.  Quotes are general sayings which are said by great people. These quotes are even extracted from various holy books.  Quotes will be very short and sweet which easily generates a thought in reader mind. Tattooist suggests their ideas with the help of tattoos and quotes.

In olden days tattoos are stained with the pigment inserting into the skin epidermis. But in the present generation tattoos are stained with the tattoo machine which reduces procedures and accessories majorly risk to human health. Traditionally tattoo are created by cutting designs into the skin and rubbing wound with the ink, ashes or any other agents.  Other procedures of tattoos are like by using sharpened sticks which are made from bones of animals. These sticks are used as needles by tapping the ink into the skin tattoo designs are created by tribal’s.

Quotes Stained as Tattoos on Body

In moderns days specialized needles are used for creating tattoos. By using highly verified machines tattoo designs are stained. This is an electrical method of tattooing. Tattoo designs may include lot of styles like flowers, animals, natures etc. These tattoos will b combinational of one to other. Some include quotes, sayings, pictures, words, images and sentences. These are represented as message passing to others in stylish manner.

An ingredient for making tattoo is an edible ink. In olden days can you imagine how ink is created? The people collected all nut ashes and these ashes are blended with coconut oil to produce an ebony ink. In present days tattoo artists mix all the varieties of inks which will create their own unique pigments. Now a day’s tattooists are using carbon based pigments which have commercial tattoo applications.

Tattoo sayings and tattoo quotes are becoming popular in present world.  People who have such tattoos vary from teens to make statements which represents that there are fans of Hollywood stars.  A quote teaches something new to person. This is one method of passing messages to the viewers.  It is method of remembering the important quotes, words, sayings or any other valuable words in their life. These tattoos may be permanent or semi-permanent.

Quotes Stained as Tattoos on Body1

Important elements to be followed before tattooing are design of tattoo, design in which color, font size of words or images and major part is in which language it must be written. Language may be of any country but tattoo must be done in stylish manner.

Quotes may be of ancient sayings, followers of ancient people, quotes on rulers, their policies, related to our body parts, art and artists, love, grief, good bad, conformity, motorcycles, self related, beautiful carvings etc. In this world so many quotes are represented in the form of sayings, messages, proverbs sayings etc. Through these quotes they represent themselves. Some of quotes are followed for a glance view.

Best Tattoo Quotes With Pictures:

The following are the categories of tattoo quotes which are majorly seen between the people. Some of the categories of quotes will be stated for different type of quotes. Here we present 23 best tattoo quotes with photos that should be inspire you.

1. Love Quote Tattoos:

Tattoo Quotes1

Love is eternal. It is part of life. In this world every individual experiences the love from birth to death. Love brings lots of changes in one’s life. Love is a feeling to be felt. It is shown and experienced by individuality. From parents to better half love will be experienced. Love in teen stages will bring changes in life. This love may help for good carrier settlement or will decide a person without carrier at all. So person will stain a tattoo with quotes of love. Some examples of love quotes are, “Love is the history of a woman’s life; it is an episode in men”, “We are all born for love it is the principle existence and it’s only end.” etc. These quotes will be stained with combinational of images.

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2. Humor Quote Tattoo:

Tattoo Quotes2

Humor is a kind of expression of one’s individuality. It includes laugh, grief, cry, angry, kindness etc. According to Indian theory humor consists of nine different scenarios of a person. Any quote related to these nine different feelings of person comes under humor category. Some quotes of these humors are “So many books, so little time.” The quote will be very short but quote meaning will be very extraordinary. The quotes will give very excellent meanings to viewers.

3.  Life Tattoos Quote:

Tattoo Quotes3

There are even quotes on life. Life is very important for every person. Every person will have only one life. Life is a memorable gift given by god for every individual. Life teaches us good and bad. It experiences different kind of people their natures everything. Great people have given various quotes on life. Some examples of life quotes are: “Life is not about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.”, “Life is not a problem to be solved, it is reality to be experienced.” etc likewise many quotes were present which have meaning in them.

4. Wisdom Tattoos Quotes:

Tattoo Quotes4

Wisdom is defined as quality of having experience, knowledge, taking good judgments and quality of being wise to others. It gives nature of thinking to do well to others.  These all comes under wisdom. There are lots of quotes regarding wisdom. One among them is “If you cannot be positive then at least be quite.” It has beautiful meaning in it.

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5. God Quote Tattoos:

Tattoo Quotes5

God is a creator of world. People have no words to express about him.  Any person in this world is depended on god directly. God has given beautiful sayings in holy books. One quote regarding god is “One step if individual begins then god comes to us with more steps to reach us to attain goal”. This is suitable for both men and women.

6.  Money Tattoo Quote:

Tattoo Quotes6

Money is one which runs the world. Money is very precious for every person on the world. It decides ones position among all. It represents status of a person. To lead life in earth human needs money. There are many quotes regarding money one among them is “The lack of money is the root of all evil.” This tattoo quote is very impressive and beautiful also. This is a good tattoo quotes for men.

7. Tattoo Quotation On Death:

Tattoo Quotes7

Every living being must leave the world in at one stage. It completely divides one person from all. It is said that death never comes with intimation. Death breaks relationship with all loved beings. “The fear of death follows from fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

8. Happiness Quotes Tattoo:

Tattoo Quotes8

Happiness is good for health. Being happy will make person to forget all grief and sorrows. Every person in this world tries to live happily. It comes when person gets satisfied. One quote regarding happiness is     “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

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9. Poetry Quote Tattoos:

Tattoo Quotes9

Poetry is a way describing about one thing or human in beautiful manner. A poet describes an object within few words in an extra ordinary way. One quote about poetry is “You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts.” This quote has fewer words but have excellent meanings.

10. Education Quote Tattoo:

Tattoo Quotes10

Education is very important for individual; Education makes a person to be dignified. It taught a person good and bad. One quote is “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” To read this quote a person must be educated. There are various quotes which are available in education.

11. Inspiration Quotation Tattoos:

Tattoo Quotes11

Every human will inspire by one or the other. The words will inspire for good in the life. They create a good nature, set goals in the life. The words which inspire make us some special in crew. One quote which inspires a lot is “Don’t think or judge, just listen.” These contain fewer words but have great meaning.

12. Time Tattoo With Quotes:

Tattoo Quotes12

Time is very important in universe. Anything may stop in the world for few seconds but time will never stop for a second to take rest. A quote on time for an example:  ”Time is precious waste it wisely.” Person who understands the quote wisely will follow the quote. This is one of the best tattoo quotes designs for men.

13. Success Quote Tattoos:

Tattoo Quotes13

Success is fruit of hard work. Success can be gained in one way or the other. Once success is reached every hard is lost from memories.  One quote says that “Success never comes to you, you go to it.” These short and simple quotes are stained at any part of body.

14. Failure Quote Tattoos:

Tattoo Quotes14

Every human experiences failures in their life. Every individual will taste failure at least once in their life. When they got they failed, strong desire is created to achieve it. Keeping in point of view many quotes were read. Winston Churchill says that “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. It is one of the best tattoo quotes designs for women.

15. Friendship Tattoo Quotes:

Tattoo Quotes15

Friendship is the word which sounds good to listen. A friend is person to whom we share all our feelings. And friend is one who will be with us for all works. “True friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget”, this quote touches the heart.

16. Freedom Quotation Tattoos:

Tattoo Quotes16

Freedom has multiple meanings. It is defined as state of being imprisoned or enslaved. Tattoos can be stained with the image which gives meaning of freedom is required, freedom was given after longer time. You can sport other freedom quotes like that “Freedom is oxygen to soul.”

17. Music Quote Tattoos:

Tattoo Quotes17

Music plays a vital role in life. Music makes a person to forget all tensions, worries and feels free of all tensions for heart. Tattoo can be stained with the musical instruments with amazing quotes which touches heart. “The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought”, is one quote which illustrates the feel of person. It is one of the popular tattoo quotes for girls.

18. Fiction Quote Tattoo:

Tattoo Quotes18

Fiction is defined as literature of prose and novels. It describes imaginary events of people. Quotation of fiction will reach straightly to viewer who reads it.  Fiction also describes which something invented or untrue. “Fiction gives us second chance that life denies us”, is one quote for an example of fiction. This is one of the popular tattoo quotes for boys.

19. Motivational Quote Tattoos For Girls:

Tattoo Quotes19

Every individual needs to motivate by themselves when they are degraded. When they are in depression if they read motivational quotes it will change their life. One quote as an example of motivational is “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Here the quote that is “she believed she could so she did” is perfectly suitable for girls. It is the cutest tattoo quotes for females.

20. Courage Tattoo Quotes:

Tattoo Quotes20

Courage is defined as the ability to do something which frightens ones bravery.  A person needs courage to achieve goal in their life at any cost. Courage makes person very strong.  Tattoo quotes of courage are very short and simple. One quote for sample “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

21. Trust Quote Tattoos:

Tattoo Quotes21

Trust is a feeling which every individual to carry in their life. Any relationship stands in trust to each other. It is belief building between two people and organizations etc. One quote which touches heart is “Trust takes years to build seconds to break and forever to repair.” These are majorly experienced when trust was broken between two people.

22. Desire Tattoo Quotes:

Tattoo Quotes22

Every human must have desire in their life.  Desire makes a person to work hard, learn new things. Meet new people to reach their destiny. So, one quote regarding desire is stated as,” Your desire to succeed must surpass my desire for you to succeed”, when this is read lot of meaning could be understand.

23. Morality Quote Tattoos:

Tattoo Quotes23

Every experience will teach us some moral to our life such never repeats the mistake. One quote for moral is,” A moral lesson is better expressed in short savings than in long discourage.” This is the best tattoo quotes for ladies.